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Samsung Armani phone

21/09/2011 Leave a comment

I seem to remember one of my friends having this Samsung Armani phone back then, maybe a couple of years ago. I mean, I had seen it on websites and magazines, and to some extent, was fascinated by the design. It is after all a designer phone, with cool lights emanating from the buttons and this neon-like strip at the side of the phone giving it an aura of sorts. But that was the only good thing about the phone. It has a 3.2 megapixel camera with no flash, you could put an SD memory card into it to bump up the storage, and it came with an AMOLED display. That was all that was good about it, feature-wise. Who knows, now with the proliferation of touch-screen phones, Armani might just team up with Samsung again to launch another one

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Ericsson GH388

05/09/2011 Leave a comment

This, my friends, is the very first mobile phone I got. The Ericsson GH-388. Come to think of it, I have yet to find another phone which was as durable as this. It had everything a mobile phone of that era had. What was also good about the phone was that was pretty small and could slip pretty easily into pockets. The only reason why I changed to a Nokia after a while was because of the battery…it was a nickle metal hydride battery and Ni-MH cells back in the day (more than a decade ago egads!) did not last very long and had a memory effect. I switched to a Nokia because the Nokia had lithium-ion cells that lasted much longer. Imagine, with the Ericsson, I had to carry the charger all over the place as the battery eventually only lasted half a day. Getting bigger battery cells just did not make sense. And the battery needed to be removed from the mobile phone while charging and as a result, you could not receive any calls. But in spite of all its limitations, I still miss this phone.

The Nokia 1200

30/08/2011 Leave a comment

I have had this phone for about three years now. It is a very basic phone. Does not contain a camera or anything else but it does contain a flash-light and it has a battery that lasts for a very long time before the phone conks out. It has a mono screen and it only cost me about $40. In a nutshell, a bare-basic mobile phone…very useful for the frequent traveller who needs a cheap phone for prepaid card use in another country or as a second phone for most people. The only thing bad about it was the very rubbery keypad but other than that, it does the job and very well indeed.

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Samsung Galaxy R

13/08/2011 Leave a comment

It seems only recently that Samsung released the Galaxy SII, the successor to the very popular Galaxy S. But lo and behold, here comes the new Galaxy R. The main differences is that it comes with a Nvidia Tegra 2 dual-core processor, and it runs Android Gingerbread 2.3 to boot. The only downside is that it does not come with the same AMOLED screen that can be found on the SII. According to this CNET Asia article, it comes with a 4.2-inch Super Clear LCD touchscreen instead. It was first released in Sweden where for some funny reason, it is called the Galaxy Z there! Hmmm…maybe an upgrade for me but this Motorola Defy suits me fine now.

Sanyo Eneloop Batteries

12/08/2011 Leave a comment

In a previous post, I was talking about this rather novel emergency mobile charger that I bought in Japan. I decided that I needed some rechargeable batteries to charge it and in yet another article, I was waxing lyrical about Sanyo Eneloops. Well, I got them today, for the princely sum of $39 which includes a charger. These Eneloops were ready to use right out of the box and what can I say, so far they are charging my Motorola Defy with no issues. True, it is not charging as fast as when it is plugged into an electrical socket but in an emergency, when you need power when your smartphone runs out of juice, these Eneloops should be  strong candidates

Emergency phone charger

10/08/2011 1 comment

Ever have one of those days when your mobile phone just runs out of juice? Well, it happened to me today. What we normally do in situations like this is to make sure your phone battery is well and truly charged before you leave home. But what about those times when you just forget to plug your phone in the charger? Well, that happened to me last night. So I am glad I had this thing handy. I bought it in Japan for about 1000 yen, which works pout to be about $15. It came with three disposable batteries in it but I think I will go and get myself a few of those Sanyo Eneloop rechargeable batteries because I have exhausted these.

Motorola Bravo pager

28/07/2011 Leave a comment

Hands up, all you people that had a pager at least once in your life. Then again, hands up those of you who had THIS pager above, a Motorola Bravo 16. I still remember when I got it in 1989. It cost me $300 then, a princely sum for a pager, but was one that would be with me for almost ten years. One of the reasons why I liked it is because it was hardy and strong…and it was out before cellphones were  even available to the masses. This was the inexpensive way of keeping in touch, but one had to rely on pay-phones being handy when paged. All this disappeared when the mobile-phone appeared and I got my very first mobile phone in 1997, but that is a different story. But I still remember this pager and how it served me well.. I hope my Motorola Defy serves me as well as this Motorola Bravo did!

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