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Indonesian military guy says that fire-starters should be shot

08/08/2017 Leave a comment

I saw this in the news on Channelnewsasia and I totally agree with him. According to the article:

JAKARTA: A military official in the Indonesian province of Jambi said on Saturday (Aug 5) he has ordered that anyone who deliberately sets fire to forest areas be shot, as authorities struggle to contain fires that cause choking smoke in the region.

Five Indonesian provinces have declared emergencies because of forest fires, according to Indonesia’s disaster mitigation agency (BNPB), with the number of hotspots steadily increasing in many areas over the past week.

The BNPB is working with many government branches, including the military, to contain the fires. Indonesian media have reported that authorities in the neighbouring province of South Sumatra, also on the island of Sumatra, had issued the same order.

“This is to stress a point to the people, who have been warned many, many times,” said Colonel Refrizal, commander of the forest fire task force in Jambi. “(This is) to show our firmness and seriousness.”

Every year, we are faced with thick haze from burning plantations in Indonesia as their owners clear the land using “slash and burn” methods. These methods cause lots of people in the surrounding areas to have severe respiratory problems and can even result in death. So will this work? Maybe.

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Basuki Tjahaja Purnama aka Ahok, Governor of Jakarta

14/05/2017 Leave a comment

See this guy in the picture above? His name is Basuki Tjahaja Purnama. He is commonly known as Ahok, and was the Governor of Jakarta. Why am I making a post about him? Simple. Because he has been wrongly accused of being blasphemous. I will explain why.

Ahok was put on trial in December over accusations that he insulted Islam while campaigning for re-election. He apparently sparked controversy in late 2016 after quoting a verse from the Quran to prove to his supporters that there were no restrictions on Muslims voting for a non-Muslim politician. Mr Purnama, who is an ethnic Chinese, and a Christian one at that, has been sentenced to two years in prison. Therefore, by convicting Governor Ahok of blasphemy, Indonesia disgraces itself, violates human rights and ignores Islamic teachings.

I have been reading about this governor and what he has done. He has launched many successful programs, benefiting the poor, Apparently, he even tried to cut out graft by introducing a new unit that would act as a one-stop service unit to help potential investors with their queries and cut red tape for new businesses. So from what I see, this is politicized..this jailing and detention. Damn sickening because I have seen with my own eyes how corrupted many officials are in Indonesia.

I wish you all the best Mr Purnama. There are many that support you and I am one of them.

Indonesian gamelan gongs at Malay Heritage Centre

29/09/2016 Leave a comment

While passing through the Malay Heritage Centre a couple of weeks back, I happened to come across this gamelan orchestra that was playing there. In case you guys do not know, gamelan orchestras hail from Indonesia and the music is pleasant to hear, especially when those gongs are struck. I am just sad because I missed the preformance and I waited a while longer to see if it would begin again. Sad to say, they had finished and their instruments were only for exhibition. No worries…there will be e next time

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The haze is back

27/08/2016 Leave a comment

This was a picture taken this morning and it looks like the bloody haze is back. Those bloody plantation owners in Indonesia are the cause for this haze period and given how corrupted the whole damn country is, no amount of talks with these recalcitrant people will end this issue that we face every year. Oh well. Time to break out the face masks again

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Looks like the Indonesia haze is back again

29/03/2016 Leave a comment

When I got off the air-conditioned bus this afternoon, I thought the air smelt a bit smoky. So I fired up my air quality index app on my trusty Android phone and this is what greeted me…the air in the unhealthy range. Looks like those land-clearing Indonesian bastards are at it again. here comes the asthma attacks, the poor visibility and out will come the N95 masks. Yep. The Indonesia haze is back again!

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The haze reached a level of 462 last night

20/10/2015 Leave a comment

Two things happened last night. One of them was that I was nearly hit by a car who beat the red light as I was crossing the road. Secondly, the haze, courtesy of Indonesia, reached unprecedented levels of 462 last night. The near-miss I am not so worried about but the choking haze from these slash-and-burn bastards in Indonesia really get my goat. I remember feeling that the smog was thicker than nrmal last night when I went down to buy dinner. I could really smell the choking  and acrid smell of smoke. It was not as pronounced as yesterday. That is when I came home with dinner, looked up the websitte that measure the haze and saw this reading.

In any case, looks like the haze is going to last till the New Year, or so I heard. Thse bastards will mever, ever learn.

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Jakarta claimed Singapore would claim credit for helping them combat haze

10/10/2015 Leave a comment

Remember the Michael Bolton song, when it starts, he sings: “I could hardly believe it, when I heard the news today” Well, I can tell you I could scarcely believe the news myself. It’s about the haze that has been blanketing Singapore and most parts of Malaysia and Thailand. I read the article in the Today newspaper, online, and this is what it said:

Indonesian Cabinet Secretary Pramono Anung said that Jakarta had earlier rejected Singapore’s offers of assistance to combat the transboundary haze crisis in the region because it was concerned that the city-state would claim credit for solving the problem, even while the officials were worried about the rapidly deteriorating situation.

Now I find that bloody stupid. In the first place, who started the bloody haze by burning their forests? Who did not give a rats ass about the countries around them, or for their own citizens for that matter? And when Singapore offers help to fight the haze, the Indonesian government say this is the reason why they rebuffed Singapore. Bloody idiots. Why on earth would we claim credit for helping you stop something that YOU, Indonesia, started in the first fucking place?

Honestly. This is stupid. Really, really stupid.

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