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Dell Inspiron 14 3462

17/04/2017 1 comment

I bought this new notebook for my wife. I ordered it online for what I thought was a great price. When ordering it, I requested that I would be willing to purchase the Dell OS restore CD (an optional extra) for it. I sent in my purchase on the website, everything was ordered and then I waited for this to be delivered. On the day it was delivered, I checked the contents of the package and lo and behold, the CD I ordered was not there. So I called up their support hotline, and was transferred to Dell Malaysia. That is when the nightmare started. I was shunted from department to department to department, waiting up to an hour on the phone. When I reached the final department, I was kept on hold and then unceremoniously cut off. So I sent a complaint email to the relevant department and after that, I started getting results. Someone actually called me back and I got someone promising me that they would send the OS recovery USB drive to my house. I said that I would pay for it because that is what I requested for in the first place but they said that they would waive off this charge as a gesture of goodwill.

Other than that, I love this laptop. I paid a good price for it and I was very happy for what I paid for. My wife is going to have this notebook installed with a new SSD drive and Windows 7. Let us see how that works out.

********** EDITOR’S NOTE **********

Well, here is the skinny. To install Windows 7, you have to change the boot from UEFI Secure Boot on to Legacy Secure Boot Off. After that, and after what took a long while, Windows 7 was able to boot from the Dell Windows 7 DVD. Notice I said DVD. That is because these idiots that made this computer have USB ports that seem to be having issues with USB drives. The issue becomes apparent when you boot up the the damn thing. Nothing can be used. Even the USB. So Dell lied to me…again…saying that Windows 7 can be used. Looks like I have to break out my Ubuntu Live DVD and try it that way.



Dell LA90PS1 PA-10 90 watt power adapter

23/03/2016 Leave a comment

When I first bought my Dell Vostro laptop computer in 2007, I was at first complaining about the monster power supply that they have me for the laptop. Not only was it bigger than most of the laptop adapters I had seen, it was also pretty heavy and it was not fun to lug around a heavy backpack with this and the equally heavy Vostro laptop. But you know something? It must have been made of good stuff because today, almost 9 years later, the original Vostro laptop that it came with is dead but this adapter, it is still ticking AND it is providing power for my Dell Inspiron N5050 laptop too. Not only that, I think it is going to outlast this laptop as well.

I wonder. What is in this power supply that makes it so reliable all these years? I have no idea. maybe it is because it almost never gets switched off. maybe they are made of stronger materials inside like a proper transformer instead of a switch-mode power supply. I have no idea. All I know is, it is robust and has stood the test of time. Looks like when I get a new notebook, I will probably still be using this!

Oh. And if you are wondering about the power supply when I bought this Inspiron N5050? Well, it ha stayed in the laptop bag and only used when I bring this laptop offsite. Thanks Dell. Please make more great adapters like these will ya?

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Dell Inspiron 1525

20/08/2013 Leave a comment

A customer of mine brought in this PC to be fixed. It brought back memories of my old Dell Vostro 1400, a laptop that was with me for four-and-a-half years. The familiar styling, the wi-fi button at the right side of the laptop…memories. This computer was running Windows Vista and it had to be reloaded because the operating system was corrupt. After the reload, everything was working fine. It is just a bit slow because it is only running on 2Gb of RAM. I love this laptop. I would buy it in a second if the owner wants to sell it.

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Dell Vostro 260 desktop

02/09/2012 Leave a comment

I am thinking of getting this desktop for home use. It only costs about $599 and does not come with a monitor. However, it does come with Windows 7 Professional 64-bit and 2Gb of RAM. Hard drive is a 500Gb model and knowing Dell, it will be a piece of shit Seagate. But it is pretty cheap and I am seriously considering it for use at home and relegating my Dell Inspiron laptop to DJ duties. Looks like I will have to weigh my options…should I get this or get all the necessary parts together and build my own PC?

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Issues with new Dell Inspiron laptops

03/09/2011 Leave a comment

I was looking at this new Dell Inspiron 14. Pretty good deal for the price. I was just about to order it after customising it and then the penny dropped:

It looks like Dell does not ship the Windows 7 restore discs anymore. What happens when my hard drive dies, like what happened when I got the Dell Vostro I am using now. The bloody hard drive only lasted 8 months before the Seagate drive went tits-up. What happens to my recovery partition then? I can buy a hard drive but what the hell am I going to do for a reload? I think that Dell needs to seriously look at this fault of theirs. I mean, I am willing to pay for the the disc, which should only cost about $5 but the option to purchase it is _just_not_there. What gives Dell?

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Dell Inspiron 14R

20/06/2011 Leave a comment


I wanted to get this for my wife. Besides its relatively low cost, it packs a lot of bang for buck. While I admit that the build could be a lot sturdier, for less than $1000 Singapore dollars, you get a machine with Windows 7 Home Premium, 2Gb of RAM (4Gb on some models) and with multiple colours case-wise. Knowing my wife’s penchant for all things colour ful, this just might be the notebook to get. Her old notebook, a HP-Compaq has seen better days and I might say, better years. Time to thrash that sucker and give her this!

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