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The new Apple iPhone being trolled

23/09/2017 Leave a comment

As you probably know, Apple just launched two new iPhones recently. There was a lot of flack on this because they made one of them, the iPhone X, the most expensive iPhone to boot. So without going into details, I will just leave this here

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The flimsy Apple Lightning iPhone charge cable

21/10/2016 Leave a comment

About a week ago, my wife was complaining that her iPhone was not charging. I asked her if her cable was OK. She admitted that her cable was slightly frayed. So I took a look at it and confirmed it…the plug near the Lightning side had :cracked” and the internal wiring was showing. That is what I have always hated about Apple and their cables…they break too easily and are very expensive to replace. The new cable is going to cost my wife about $20. So for now, she uses her iPad cable to charge her iPhone. Come on Apple. Can you guys at the very least forget about aesthetics and make a charging cable that lasts longer than this?

Setting the iPhone date to Jan 1 1970 will screw it up

15/02/2016 Leave a comment

If you see this on a Facebook feed or Twitter, do not do it. It takes some time to actually go to the date of the phone and set it to 1970 so do not even thing about it. Check out what was tweeted below:

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Apple iPhone 6

12/09/2014 Leave a comment

I saw this on the Internet recently and I thought it too good not to share. Yep. Apple without Jobs is like (fill in your own cliché here). Thanks to Ron Amadeo from Arstechnica who made this. I agree with everything he said. So much for “Think Different”

Apple iPhone 4S lost all contacts

13/06/2013 Leave a comment

This picture above is exactly what my wife is facing now. When I went to the Apple forums, trying to find a solution to help her, I saw many, many angry posts, all trying to find out why the premium that they pay for Apple products, would just lead to a Contacts List go tits-up just like that. So far, no concrete solution to this. My wife is angry.And with good reason. I would be angry too if this had happened to me. That is one of the reasons why I do not have an iPhone. I use a Motorola Defy Android phone that allows me to store contacts on the phone as well as on the SIM card. The Apple iPhone does not allow you to do that. All your contacts are stored on the iPhone and if your iPhone starts getting wonky, like what happened t my wife’s iPhone, you lose all your contacts. Some people will say things like: “Ah, you must back up your contacts every now and then” Granted. That is a valid argument. But why can’t Apple allow you to store your contacts on your SIM card? I swear, Apple iPhones suck

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Pioneer VSX-522-K audio receiver

06/04/2013 2 comments

I installed this monster of a receiver in a restaurant the other day, more like a couple of days back. The owners wanted a sound-system in their restaurant and so, two Yamaha speakers were put up in the restaurant with this Pioneer receiver to power it. When I first unboxed it, the first thing to catch my eye was the size of the transformer, that I could see through the grill of this receiver. It looked pretty big and I must say that this thing was fairly heavy, giving it some credibility, in a world made of cheap stuff and plastic these days. When I got back, I decided to do a review of this and a visit to the Pioneer website came up with the specifications:

  • Front speakers: 125 watts per channel
  • Centre speaker: 125 watts per channel
  • Rear speakers: 125 watts per channel

Looks like all the speaker outputs are able to push 125 watts per channel so this receiver deserves the hefty transformer inside the thing. When I put it on, there was a soft click as the relay inside did its thing. As the restaurant will be using this as a source of playback music, I will highlight the most important use of this receiver, which is relevant to the restaurant. That thing is the USB port in the front of this receiver. According to the Pioneer website:

The VSX-522-K is certified “Made for iPod®, and iPhone®*”, letting you enjoy music from your iPod/iPhone. The included cable allows direct USB connection to the front panel, providing battery charge for your devices. It is also compatible with video playback from iPod/iPhone.* Available features depend on iPod/iPhone model

And that is what we did last night to test the unit out. We hooked up the iPhone to the USB port and it was able to play music back digitally. Lovely sounding and powerful. It also charges your iPad and iPod, or iPhone if you want to hook it up. The big knob on the left is meant for input selection and the knob on the right is the volume control.

There are lots of other features on this receiver that were not relevant to the restaurant I was installing it in but nevertheless, good to know. I dare say would make it an ideal receiver for your home. These features are:

  • MCACC Intelligent speaker calibration
    Surround speakers can hardly be ideally positioned. MCACC therefore analyses the existing sound field using a microphone (included), just like a sound professional, and adjusts the sound timings to precision-tune the system to your room.
  • Advanced Sound Retriever
    The VSX-522-K features the Advanced Sound Retriever, which restores the output of compressed audio — such as WMA, MPEG-4 AAC, and MP3 — to the level of CD sound. The Advanced Sound Retriever creates new signals to restore the minor details left out during the compression process.
  • Auto Level Control to level your sound experience
    Often, you need to manually adjust the volume between different media sources because one is louder than another. Auto Level Control detects the difference and adjusts the volume for you automatically.
  • Deep Colour
    The VSX-522-K supports 36-bit Deep Colour, featuring smooth gradation steps with more accurate precision of brightness and colour information, resulting in superbly detailed, natural colour.
  • x.v.Colour
    The VSX-522-K supports x.v.Colour, which almost doubles the range of colours (known as the “gamut”) that can be accurately captured, and reproduced on a compatible display, thereby more closely matching the natural characteristics of the human eye. *”x.v.Colour” only available for playback of discs recorded with AVCHD devices.
  • High-definition audio with DTS-HD Master AudioTM and Dolby TrueHD
    Besides Dolby Pro Logic II, the VSX-522-K supports DTS-HD Master Audio™ and Dolby TrueHD which are the highest quality audio formats available, provided by the huge capacity Blu-ray Disc to complement its high-definition videos. These new-generation audio codecs bring you the equivalent of the original soundtrack, just as intended by the creator.
  • HDMITM (3D, ARC)
    The VSX-522-K features 3D technology. You can enjoy the latest 3D Blu-ray Discs and broadcasts by combining the AV receivers with a 3D compatible Blu-ray Disc player, game console, or tuner (STB) and display via HDMI connection. The Audio Return Channel (ARC) feature allows a TV with built-in tuner to send audio data “upstream” to the AV receiver via HDMI — so there’s no need for a separate audio cable. Enjoy full-digital transfer of high definition audio as well as up to 1080p video signals by HDMI connection.
  • Auto Power Down
    The AV receiver will automatically turn off after being left uncontrolled for a certain time set by the user.

A feature-packed receiver. Pioneer has always made some good stuff and I dare say that this would be great for the restaurant.



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Compatible Europe iPhone USB charger

03/04/2013 Leave a comment

I bought this USB charger online from well, an online B2C portal and got it for a very cheap price. How cheap you may ask. Try $3 Singapore. Yep. That is the price for this tiny charger that I can carry about in my pocket and charge the mobile phone if need be. It looks like the iPhone charger that comes with iPhones in Europe but that is where the similarities end. This is a compatible adapter.  I cannot wait to get my grubby hands on it and test it out!

********** EDITOR’S NOTE **********

Well, it finally arrived and I have had the chance to test it out. It certainly does not charge an iPad but it does power my little TP-Link nano Router. If it is able to power my little router, it should be able to charge my Motorola Defy phone. To be honest, I have not tried it on the iPhone because I do not own one. But for $3, it’s small size cannot be beat.

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