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Micro-usb to lightning cable adapter

11/08/2017 Leave a comment

I bought a couple of these micro USB to lightning adapters recently. The reason I did was twofold. For one, my wife has an iPhone and an iPad. These Apple lightning cables are not cheap and they tend to get spoilt pretty easily. So rather than shell out about $15 per cable (I jest you not. That is how much the cheapest some of them cost) when they get broken, I bought this adapter. In this way, I can use some of my micro USB cables to charge my wife’s iPad. Secondly, these things are small. I lost one of them recently and their small size made looking for them almost impossible. So I bought another one a few days back. The cost? $3.90. Ad that is a fraction of the price of those Apple cables. So do what I do…get one of these and use existing micro USB cables to charge iPads, iPhones ans what not. They work really well!


Apple iPhone 5 Lightning Connector

14/11/2012 Leave a comment

A few years ago, a consortium of mobile phone makers decided to make a common standard for their respective charges to reduce wastage in this world. They all decided on a micro-USB interface. But not Apple. It is all about thinking different, as far as they are concerned. But in my eyes, you either think different to benefit mankind in general or not think different at all just to please your own proprietary selves. That is what I hate about Apple. When the iPhone 5 came out, they had a whole new interface made for the iPhone 5. It is called the Lightning connector, like the one pictured above. Now it seems that everyone who has a device that allows him or her to plug their iPhone into needs to get a new device. Examples are iPhone and iPod docks and the like. One could always get an adapter like one that is featured at the left of this but that is besides the point. To me, its bullshit but people will pony up eventually and get one.

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