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Nice light for my mum’s house

16/01/2018 Leave a comment

A couple of weeks back, I wrote about how I wanted to get a new light for my mum’s place. I chanced upon this light while walking around Haji Lane a couple of days back. I thought that this would be the perfect light to get for her. It looks nice, has this “old feel” about it and I dare say, it can handle the weather elements. Now all I have to do is to find a reliable and reputable dealer who sells this kind of lights online. I have to get a light that is at the very least IP65 rated so that it can withstand the unforgiving weather Singapore has.

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Bike wheel chandelier at Haji Lane

19/05/2017 Leave a comment

Well, I am a biking enthusiast after all and while the wife and I were walking down Haji Lane, this “chandelier” of sorts caught my eye. Thinking of this, it ain’t too difficult to make. Something to think about perhaps when I redo the lights at my house?

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Carpark space indicators

29/03/2016 Leave a comment

have you ever gone to a sheltered carpark, looking around for a place to park? It can be very frustrating I know, especially if you are in a hurry. That is why I found that these empty carpark lot indicators are a boon. All you have to do is look for the green LED lamp above a lot that shows that it is empty. When you park your car in this lot, the LED changes from green to red, so that people from afar can see that it is occupied. This is a very good invention and I must say that it has saved me lots of time cruising around looking for a parking lot. Whoever invented this simple but effective solution is a genius.

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