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Renkus-Heinz speakers for sale at Cash Converters

20/04/2017 Leave a comment

I was at one of the many Cash Converters outlets here in Singapore and noticed these Renkus-Heinz speakers on sale. In case you guys and gals want to know what Cash Converters is, they are a buy and sell store and the world’s largest second-hand dealer…according to what I read on the Internet. In any case, they were being sold for a fraction of the price they were originally bought at. It might be a good buy for someone starting a small events company. Need to test them out first though!

Galaxy Audio Hot Spot speakers

29/01/2017 Leave a comment

I remember back in the early 1980s, a sound-contractor had installed many of these Galaxy Audio Hot Spots (that is the name for them) in my church to act as monitors. Now I personally loved these speakers because I personally thought that these speakers sounded great. Apparently, these speakers were / are so popular, that Galaxy Audio apparently still make them. I wonder how much they cost and how robust they are because I personally would love a couple of these in my house!

Electro-Voice KS115 15″ Klub speakers

16/01/2017 Leave a comment

I am not new to these EV Klub passive speakers actually. I have seen them used in many different places. I have also seen the EV Klub Series amplifiers used in events. What I do not know about these speakers is their schematics, something I am pretty particular about when I rent speakers. I do not know their wattage, I do not know how heavy they are. The reason I do not have any info is because I have yet to come across info on them. Information is very spotty in the least. I am sometimes even tempted to call these EV Klub series fake EVs because of the lack of info. But I have been led to believe that these are meant for the Asian market, for the Asian karaoke market to be more precise

In any case, I used these speakers for a wedding a month back. Not too bad, they held up well but I was afraid to push them. Other than that, they sounded pretty good and I dare say that for small events, they will do the job nicely.

********** EDITOR’S Note **********

I managed to get a screen shot from a PDF online after searching for them. Looks like they are similar in design and wattage to the Yamaha Club Series speakers. One plus I will give to them is the cabinet that is made out of plywood!

BAUHN powered speakers

14/01/2017 Leave a comment

A friend of mine took a picture of these speakers for sale in Cash Converters Singapore. They were being sold at $450. Now, I do not know about you but speakers like these at that price are a total rip-off. First of all, this brand called Bauhn. I have never heard of them before. So I went on the internet and did a search for the company. Apparently, it is a company from Australia and they sell all manner of electronic goods, just like Altronics and Dick Smith used to do. These speakers are powered, as I said, with 10″ woofers and a pretty simple mixer behind. I suppose these will do the job but seriously, what happens if one of these break down? How do you fix it? Who do you send it to for repairs? Australia? I bet it would cost more to send it down there to be fixed than to buy a new pair

So I told my friend not to waste his time with speakers like these. Look for more reputable brands. And that is another thing when shopping for second-hand goods…you never know how much the previous owner has used them. Buy with care, or as I always say…caveat emptor!

Peavey 115 International Series III loudspeakers

11/01/2017 Leave a comment

There was a time in the 80s when I really wished that I had a pair of these in my speaker inventory. These things may be huge but they were perfect as far as three-way speakers went. Another thing is, these models were not available in Singapore but they were pretty popular overseas. The driver compliment was a 15″ Black Widow woofer, a CH3 horn with a 22A driver handing the mids and a HT94 tweeter. Even now, when I read forums, people always say that these were some of the nicest sounding speakers that Peavey made. They were also available in oak (oak cabinets that is) should you require to use them as part of your hi-fi setup at home (Mancuso’s The Loft anyone?) for parties. Lovely speakers. Oh well, I can only dream. Maybe I might come across these in the future. If I do, I would snap them up…no questions asked

The original Peavey SP2 speakers

24/12/2016 Leave a comment

I still have a pair of the Peavey SP2ti speakers, which were the improvement over these oroginal SP2 speakers. Back in the 80s, many mobile discos had them. Oh sure, there were people who shunned them, saying that these speakers were cheap. Bu then again, most of the people who said this were simply snobs in my eye. These speakers could “handle the biz” as they say…and were not too expensive either. A two-way speaker, with an enclosure made out of plywood, sporting a 15-inch Black Widow speaker for the lows, a 22A driver with a horn for the highs. Many people who bought these speakers also bought the Peavey CS 800 amplifier to drive them. It was like a match-made in heaven literally!

I have used these speakers many times in the past. They did not disappoint. The may look old, jaded, far under-powered by today’s standards. But back then, when you are a kid running your own mobile disco, not having much money after spending all that money on vinyl, inexpensive speakers like these were a godsend. They were used as the disco speakers in the old NCO mess in Beach Road. Many places including churches and houses of worship had these very same speakers installed on their premises. Yep. Peavey had a winner with these SP2s

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Jamo Pro200ex loudspeakers

11/11/2016 Leave a comment

A few years back, when I was spinning in this bar, they had these speakers as monitor speakers. These Jamo speakers were OK. They sounded pretty good and they did their job. I read many articles and reviews on many websites on the Internet and most people tended to diss these speakers. I mean, if you really think about it, I suppose it is because these speakers were relatively inexpensive. They also use piezo tweeters and I for one dislike piezo tweeters. Let us just say that they are not exactly known for their durability and they can sound pretty harsh when pushed. But as monitors in that small bar, they did the job and I can safely say that I was more than happy with them.

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