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ELv 70v speakers

09/02/2018 Leave a comment

I have been looking around for this brand of speakers here in Singapore but I cannot seem to find them. I saw these speakers being installed in a half-constructed school project and I must say that they sound pretty good for what I was told was the price they were bought for. These will be useful for other projects I have where one needs to buy a helluva lot of speakers for corridors and the like.

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Loudspeaker with a bulb

19/01/2018 Leave a comment

To be honest, I took this picture about 5 years ago in a club that I was retrofitting with a new sound system. Speakers with bulbs are not new…they have been around for years. What the bulb does apparently is to “absorb” the extra power the speaker does not need and this lights up. I do not know how it does it but it does apparently. Thus, the bulb serves two functions. One I have listed and the second function, well, it serves as a warning that you are over-driving the speaker. I just do not know what brand or model of speaker this is. Anyone who reads this blog, just let me know if you do will ya? Thanks.

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Monster Sony speakers

29/11/2017 Leave a comment

I came across these speakers in a shopping mall sometime last week. I wonder if it is a refresh of their old line of speakers that was simply laughable. It certainly looks the part. When I had a look behind the speaker, the thin speaker wires and the wires to control lighting behind the woofer were still present. Looks like this is still a novelty and it is just not worth it. If you are looking for something to power your next event, get something else.

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Sound-system for a small pub

30/06/2017 Leave a comment

One of my friends opened up a small pub in the Katong area and I went down to it a couple of weeks back to check it out. It was a small pub with a moderately good sound-system. He had settled for the Delta Audio brand for his pub. Now that brand is pretty famous in Singapore. Many small event companies here in Singapore use their speakers and sound-systems because they are relatively inexpensive, and do the job. But many sound suppliers are lamenting the fact that Delta Audio speakers are trash and their speakers are copies of the Nexo PS series speakers.

In any case, the only thing I could see as far the sound system was concerned, besides the two 12″ speakers fastened to the corners of the pub near the ceiling, was this Delta Audio mixer below:


Now I am very particular about my mixers. Mixers are the heart of the system. Mixers can be the difference between what sounds good and what sounds bad in the system. I had used Delta Audio speakers and amplifiers before but I had never used their mixers so I cannot really speak up for them. But then again, all my friend was using of this mixer was hooking up an old iPad to the mixer, using a Y-cable. Spotify was playing all the songs and I must say that the $10 subscription fee he pays to Spotify each month seems pretty worth it. I finally managed to see the amplifier that was powering his speakers. It was a Delta Audio A-series amplifier and it was stacked under the mixer in a cabinet. The sound? Well, all I can say that it sounded very clear and I was very pleased with it. You do get extra bass when you place your speakers in corners and I think that my friend took advantage of that.

If I had advice to give to any other people who are setting up a small bar, and want a sound-system that will not break the bank, check out the Wharfedale Pro one that I posted above. It costs less than $900 and it includes a powered mixer and two 12″ speakers. It should do the job with more than enough music power to drive the place.

Renkus-Heinz speakers for sale at Cash Converters

20/04/2017 Leave a comment

I was at one of the many Cash Converters outlets here in Singapore and noticed these Renkus-Heinz speakers on sale. In case you guys and gals want to know what Cash Converters is, they are a buy and sell store and the world’s largest second-hand dealer…according to what I read on the Internet. In any case, they were being sold for a fraction of the price they were originally bought at. It might be a good buy for someone starting a small events company. Need to test them out first though!

Galaxy Audio Hot Spot speakers

29/01/2017 Leave a comment

I remember back in the early 1980s, a sound-contractor had installed many of these Galaxy Audio Hot Spots (that is the name for them) in my church to act as monitors. Now I personally loved these speakers because I personally thought that these speakers sounded great. Apparently, these speakers were / are so popular, that Galaxy Audio apparently still make them. I wonder how much they cost and how robust they are because I personally would love a couple of these in my house!

Electro-Voice KS115 15″ Klub speakers

16/01/2017 Leave a comment

I am not new to these EV Klub passive speakers actually. I have seen them used in many different places. I have also seen the EV Klub Series amplifiers used in events. What I do not know about these speakers is their schematics, something I am pretty particular about when I rent speakers. I do not know their wattage, I do not know how heavy they are. The reason I do not have any info is because I have yet to come across info on them. Information is very spotty in the least. I am sometimes even tempted to call these EV Klub series fake EVs because of the lack of info. But I have been led to believe that these are meant for the Asian market, for the Asian karaoke market to be more precise

In any case, I used these speakers for a wedding a month back. Not too bad, they held up well but I was afraid to push them. Other than that, they sounded pretty good and I dare say that for small events, they will do the job nicely.

********** EDITOR’S Note **********

I managed to get a screen shot from a PDF online after searching for them. Looks like they are similar in design and wattage to the Yamaha Club Series speakers. One plus I will give to them is the cabinet that is made out of plywood!