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England – 2 Sweden – 0

08/07/2018 Leave a comment

Really a fantastiic game of football duting the World Cyp 2018 semi-final as England beat Sweden. After the final whistle blew, Marcus Rashford went straight to his Manchester United team-mate Lindelof, who played for Sweden, to console him. They may be rivals, country-wise, but the Manchester United spirit lives on. Class act Rashford and Glory Glory!


Chelsea vs Manchester United

19/05/2018 Leave a comment

This is going to be an epic final…and I cannot wait. Will Hazard be in Herrera’s pocket again? Will Fellaini come out to thrash his Belgian teammate Courtois? It awaits early tomorrow morning in the Emirates FA Cup final!

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Manchester United – 2 vs Arsenal – 1

29/04/2018 Leave a comment

We face Arsenal at Manchester United in half-an-hour’s time. It will be a historical one because it will be Arsene Wenger’s last appearance as an Arsenal manager at Old Trafford. I sincerely hope that Manchester United give him a Guard of Honour send-off. It will be fitting for a man who has managed Arsenal for 22 years.

In any case, other than wishing Mr Wenger all the best, I sincerely hope that we win too!

———– EDITOR’S NOTE ———-

It looked like both ex-players of the respective clubs (Mkhiratyan and Sanchez) were on a mission. The first goal was by Paul Pogba after Alexis Sanchez’s header hit the post and rebounded to Pogba who slammed it home. Manchester Finished the half at 1 – 0. When the second half started, Henrikh Mkhitaryan scored the equaliser and then both teams were level at 1 – 1. Then Mourinho made a tactical change and Fellaini came on. It was a change that worked because he headed the ball in in the 90th minute! And that is how it stands…Manchester United — 2 and Arsenal — 1. It is a pity Arsene Wenger could not go out on a high note but hey, that is football for you!

Manchester United – 2 Tottenham Hotspurs – 1

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What a game it was in this FA Cup semi-final. Spurs opened the score in the 10th minute. Eriksen sent a ball through to Alli who scored a lovely goal. Man, was I pissed. What in the hell were our back for doing I wondered. I did not need to wait long because in the 25th minute, Alexis Sanchez scored! Yeeha! We were even at 1 – 1! And that is how the first half ended.

I had to listen to Alan Shearer talking in the game analysis segment during half-time. He said that Manchester United were terrible in the first 20 minutes. I agreed with him on that. Then he said that after that, Manchester United dug their heels in and as a result, they evened out. All this time, when they were showing replays, I already made up my mind that Sanchez was going to be the Man Of The Match. But no, I told myself. It is just half-time. There is another half coming soon

The second-half started with Spurs trying to penetrate but no chance. Somehow, Smalling and Jones had stepped up their game and kept Harry Kane very quiet. It is almost as though Harry Kane was invisible! I was looking for something to happen and in the 62nd minute, it did. Sanchez again! Kicks the ball to Lukaku, Lukaku kicks it to Lingard but Ander Herrera intercepted it. GOAL!!! 2 — 1!

And that is how the game ended. There were some close shaves. Harry Kane nearly scored and Dier’s shot hit the United goal post. However, a win is a win. We are off to Wembley!

Manchester City – 2 vs Manchester United – 3

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In about an hour’s time, we will see the second derby match today with Manchester City vs Manchester United. The earlier derby match between Everton and Liverpool turned out in a stalemate of  nil all draw. We are not going to let Manchester City go up on a high. We have to win at all costs. So keep the red flag flying high!

********** EDITOR’S NOTE **********

We played terribly in the first half. Vincent Kompany opened the score-sheet for Manchester City in the 25th minute, taking advantage of a corner kick. Then five minutes later, that ugly shit Gundogan scored in the 30th minute! I was really, really pissed. You mean, just like that we were going to hand the Premiership title to Manchester City on a silver platter? Twice I looked and it seems that the centre backs were ineffective. I blamed Smalling for that because it really looked like he was the one who fucked up. When the half-time whistle blew, I told myself: “Jose had better give these fellas a talking to!”

The second-half started and I was hoping that we would in the very least end up in a draw. Then in the 53rd minute, it happened. Sanchez gets the ball. Kicks it to Herrera who chests it into Pogba’s path and Pogba scores! Yeeha!!! 2 – 1! I was elated! I mentally told the team…come on guys…one more at least! Pogba must have heard me because two minutes later, he scored a second! I was going crazy with delight. It was the 55th minute and we had 35 minutes to score at least two, I told myself. And then it came. In the 69th minute, is was as though Smalling, to make up for his bad defending in the first half, scored the third! That is it, I told myself. Game, set, match! And that is how we ended up with Manchester City – 2, Manchester United – 3. What a derby! Manchester is RED!

Manchester United – 2 vs Liverpool -1

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It is going to be an epic showdown tonight…in about an hour’s time. Today we take on Liverpool at Old Trafford. It is the return leg. Let us give them hell!

———- EDITOR’S Update ———-

What a game it was! Marcus Rashford started with a fantastic goal in the 14th minute. I remember screaming like crazy when he scored that fantastic goal. De Gea punts the ball from goal, it lands near Lukaku and he feeds Rashford, who humiliated Trent Alexander Arnold and shot it past Karius. But it did not end there. Te minutes later, Marcus Rashford scored another one…an almost carbon copy of the first goal! I was in hysterics already and all of a sudden (I was watching this in a pub) the Liverpool fans were very quiet. Then we nearly had a third after a failed acrobatic kick from Juan Mata (The Special Juan) missed. But I will give him props for trying.. And that is how the first half ended…2 – 0

The second half was a bit bad because Bailly scored an own-goal. So the score was 2 – 1. In the second half, Liverpool were really pressing United but United did not let them get very far. And the three attackers namely Mane, Firmino and Salah? All of them were neutralised. Salah was neautralised by Ashley Young…totally shut down. Everywhere Salah went, Ashley Young went. And that was how the score ended… 2 – 1. Glory Glory Manchester United!

Manchester United – 1 vs Manchester City – 2

11/12/2017 Leave a comment

In about half-an-hour’s time, the Manchester Derby is going to commence, at Old Trafford. It is going to be Manchester United vs Manchester City, Jose vs Pep. Let us see how it pans out.

———- EDITOR’S NOTE ———-

Well we lost by two goals. The first goal was scored by David Silva shortly before half-time before Marcus Rashford pulled one back. Then in the second-half, Otamendi scored for City. And the assists for these two goals? Our very own Romelu Lukaku. Rio Ferdinand was right when he said: