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Cable ties from Mustafa shopping bags

13/05/2017 Leave a comment

There is a store in Singapore around the Serangoon Road area named Mohamed Mustafa. It is a very big shopping complex started years ago by this trader from India. The wife and I always go there t buy our groceries, appliances…in fact everything. That is because Mustafa (the pet name it is called) sells everything. And when you pay for your purchases, the plastic bags are tied up with these white cable ties, which are very useful. I have a whole bunch of them and I have used them for many projects, after removing them from the shopping bags. They are not too hard to “unravel”. So re-use them. They can be very useful

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Fair And Handsome

20/03/2017 Leave a comment

I was at Mustafa’s the day before yesterday with my wife and while we were shopping, I came across this advertisement for a brand of face wash named Fair and Handsome. When I was done laughing at the name, I notice the advertising spiel next to it. That brought out another gale of laughter as I saw that. Ah these fellows. Really made my day. Gotta hand it to them! Laughter is after all the best medicine!