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Happy 52nd National Day Singapore!

09/08/2017 Leave a comment

Today, as a Singaporean, I celebrate Singapore’s 52nd year as an independent nation. I feel proud of our country. So with this I wish all my fellow Singaporeans…happy National Day. Majulah Singapura!

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Happy National Day Singapore 2016

09/08/2016 Leave a comment

Today we celebrate our 51st national day, our 51st year after separation from Malaysia. Happy Birthday Singapore!

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Happy SG50 National Day my fellow Singaporeans!

09/08/2015 Leave a comment

That is rights. Its Singapore’s 50th birthday and may the SG50 celebrations be loud and clear! Majulah Singapura to all my fellow citizens celebrating National Day!

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Lee Kuan Yew – Firing a chief is very simple

08/08/2015 Leave a comment

I have always loved this speech by Mr Lee Kuan Yew, from 1984. he said VERY categorically, and I can agree with him wholeheartedly:

Everything works, whether it’s water, electricity, gas, telephone, telefaxes, it just has to work. If it doesn’t work, I want to know why, and if I am not satisfied, and I often was not, the chief goes, and I have to find another chief. Firing the chief is very simple

Read this article here by the website and you will see. I know that there are places out there in the world that will kill for the infrastructure that Singapore has but we are the only country paying these ministers and CEOs top dollar – and they fail. Read the article. It will explain how we, or rather I, feel.

This is the eve of National Day. It’s fitting that such a speech should be publicised now.

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Fly the Singapore Flag with pride

30/07/2015 Leave a comment

I got this image courtesy of and the reason I am putting it up on my blog is because a couple of days back, I bought myself the Singapore flag and wanted to display it outside my apartment. The problem is that my apartment has got no hooks to fasten this flag to so I had to get a couple of them. Two minutes of drilling with my trusty Bosch rotary hammer gave me two holes on the wall outside my window to mount the hooks that my flag will be mounted on. It is getting close to National Day. This is my country so I will display my flag.

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Happy National Day 2014, my fellow Singaporeans!

09/08/2014 Leave a comment

I would like to wish all my fellow Singaporeans a very happy 49th National Day.

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Happy National Day Singapore

09/08/2012 Leave a comment

I would like to take this opportunity to wish all Singaporeans a very happy National Day.

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