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Seetronic PowerCON plugs

30/04/2018 Leave a comment

I have been very pleased with Seetronic and their range of items. I posted a while back about Seetronic XLR plugs and why I use a lot of them. I recently came across Seetronic and their range of PowerCONs and I think that they would be a good and more affordable replacement for the Neutriks. I have just asked the local distributor of they have stock for these. If they have, I am going to snap them up

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Plastic XLR connector

16/07/2017 Leave a comment

I was at a client’s place and when setting up their system, i noticed this XLR plug that was supposed to be connected to a microphone. It all looked ok until I tried to unscrew the clamping screws. I was quite surprised to find that the screws were molded…they were not real screws. You can see in the picture here that they are plastic and part of the casing. As a matter of fact, the whole XLR connector barrel was made of plastic! That is what happens when you buy cheap stuff from China folks…you get stuff like this that frankly, is just shocking. needless to say, i changed it to a Neutrik one and I was immediately a lot happier. So beware folks. you have been…how shall i put it…informed.

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Belden 1813A microphone cable

23/06/2017 Leave a comment

I have been using Belden cables for my microphones for years. The only other brand that I think that can match them are probably Canare cables. Both of them are equally good and I have never had any of them fail on me. I just managed to get myself some Belden cable the other day and these are going to be made into signal cables for powered speakers. I am going to terminate them to some Neutrik XLR connectors and I will be rocking!

Seetronic XLR connectors

07/05/2017 1 comment

Yesterday afternoon, I was installing and soldering some new XLR connectors at a client’s place, I soldered some new XLR connectors and removed the old ones. I thought nothing of it till I got back home and then I looked at the connector a bit closely. These connectors were not Neutriks! I thought they were all they time! They look like Neutrik XLR connectors, fell like the Neutriks but they are not. These XLR plugs are made by a Chinese company named Seetronics. From what I read on Amazon, they have been having some good reviews there. People are saying that they work like the Neutriks for half the price. I do agree, somewhat. They do feel solid and they seem to do the job with no issues. I wonder where in Singapore they sell these?

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Yongsheng RCA plugs

04/02/2017 Leave a comment

There are many types of RCA connectors on the market. Many of them are good and many are simply garbage. Most of the time, I either use the ones from Rean or Neutrik. Then I came across these Yongsheng ones. Apparently, these Yongsheng ones, I was told, are the REAN of Asia. I came across a couple of them and I must say that they are built pretty well. I will try them on an installation first and we shall see how they go

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XLR plugs from CPC UK

17/07/2016 Leave a comment

Most of the time, when we are fixing or terminating XLR plugs, the brand in question is almost always Neutrik. That is why while I was at a customer’s place a couple of days back, and they asked me to terminate a new XLR plug for them, they gave me this packet, with a new XLR plug inside it. Apparently, they had some spare ones from CPC UK  and they wanted to use them first. So I said no worries and proceeded to do the termination. This XLR plug, in my honest opinion, was not built as well as the Neutriks. I do not know how to describe it but it does not have the quality that Neutriks “ooze”. But all that being said and done, this plug was soldered on the old cable (the old XLR plug had lost its rubberised ring) and it was put back to use.

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Spare XLR cables and plugs

20/05/2016 Leave a comment

Just last week, I was stripping down the training room of a client’s place. That training room had a huge video wall, complete with a good audio setup. So when we stripped, we had to cut off all the cables and I had these left over. Talk about a haul! Neutrik XLR plugs and Speakons! This will come in very handy when I have installations next time…I can simply reuse these cables and they are spun! They are still in very good condition. Looks like being a “garbage collector” has its uses!

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