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Panasonic ET-LAD7700L Projector Lamp

01/10/2016 Leave a comment

Just the other day, I had to replace 4 lamps in two Panasonic PT-D7700 projectors. These projectors had lamps that expired and because of that, had to be replaced because the projectors had a message popping up on-screen saying “REPLACE THE LAMP”

On hindsight, I seem to remember that the lamp-hours in the projector was not reset to zero so maybe that was triggering the projectors to switch off. But no matter. The lamps were replaced, the projectors were showing a brilliant picture and all is well.

That being said, the projectors are now EOL or end of life. It is getting more difficult to find replacement parts for them. But until my client decide to buy new ones, we will have to fix these ones that are constantly breaking down.

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Panasonic LED TV VIERA TH-32C400S

29/05/2016 Leave a comment

Bought this new TV yesterday afternoon. Yes, I got sick of my old JVC TV that had lost its ability to play sound. So I went down to Courts Singapore and nought this Panasonic TH-32C400S 32″ LCD TV. That is the picture I took at Courts and that is the price I paid for it, which is $349. Not a bad 32″ TV, with the same mounting points at the back, so I could re-use my wallmount bracket. I tried it and for the money, it is a very good buy. It works just fine and I can use my Android box again to see my movies. Oh…and my old TV? Sold it away for $20, on the same day! Yep…now I can watch my TV again!

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Panasonic PT-DW100 DLP projector

19/09/2015 Leave a comment

These past few weeks, I have had to install quite a few of these Panasonic PT-DW100 DLP projectors. Besides weighing a ton, these projectors actually project quite a decent image. I was surprised to find out that all focusing and zooming can be done via the remote. There are four bulbs in this projector and I must say that changing those bulbs is not the most pleasing thing to do, especially when one needs to change them in a hurry and the bulbs that are being replaced are hot. But its a very good projector image-wise and I kinda like it. If it weighed less, they would be excellent!

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Panasonic energy-saving lights

26/10/2014 Leave a comment

I have just finished changing all the lights in my house to these Panasonic energy-saving lights. They are not too expensive either. Most of the bulbs that I get are the low-wattage ones, and the cool daylight ones. They are much cheaper than the Osram’s or Philips that so adorn the shelves of many a DIY or hardware shop. Here. So next time you are in the market for energy-saving lamps, get these Panasonic ones. They are really worth it

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Panasonic Lumix external charger

01/08/2014 1 comment


One thing I love about my Panasonic Lumix camera is that it has its won external charger, kind of like the Canon cameras of old. It is not like Sony DSC-P2, where I had to physically hook up the camera to the AC adapter and charge it. I have had this Lumix camera for 6 years and I am not about to change it now. It still rocks!

I do not know why people do not make external charges…be it for the mobile phone or or for cameras, especially for cameras. Think about it…having the external charger with a backup battery will make sure that your device will always have juice. I know that professional SLD cameras do come with external charges but it would be great if all cameras, point-and-sghoot and DSLR alike, come with external chargers

Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-P2

30/01/2014 1 comment

I bought this camera in 2002. This was a time when I needed to get a digital camera as I was sick and tired of using the old Olympus camera that my workplace had. It cost me about $600 then…pretty pricey but I liked it because…it was a Sony! Unfortunately, I do not feel the same about Sony nowadays. But anyway, back to the camera. It was all of 2 megapixels and only had a 16Mb (yes, you read that right…16 megabytes) proprietary Memory Stick. But it lasted me six years. In 2008, I bought my Panasonic Lumix and that camera has been with me since then, replacing this Sony Cyber-Shot. But this camera brought back lots of memories and I will always remember it and the fantastic photos it took, even though the photos were pretty small. Thanks for the memories Sony!

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Mistral MSH1 instant water heater

13/11/2013 3 comments

Just yesterday, while my wife was having a shower, the Panasonic instant water heater gave up the ghost. Upon dismantling it, I found out that the circuit breaker was a charred memory of its former self. This will not do I thought, and I went off in search of a new water heater for my bathroom. I bought this one for $85, pretty inexpensive if I do say myself. I also got some good quality electrical wires to connect this heater up to the mains supply. This new Mistral water heater is nice and small, and I must say that it is pretty effective too. It took a short while to install it. It came with only two mounting holes instead of four, like the previous water heater. And the water heater this one replaced? Here it is below:

That was the old Panasonic DH-3DL2S. But this Mistral is apretty good and the features of this water heater are:

› Splash proof
› Anti Scald Device
› Palm size
› Build in double heating element. Flow Sensor Device.
› Full Copper Inner Tank.
› Sliding shower set

Pretty good value if I do say so myself. There is also a 5-year warranty for the heating element. This is just the first day of using it but I am pretty sure that I am going to be very happy with it

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