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Philips OTT2000 micro sound system

06/10/2015 Leave a comment

There have been a lot of these all-in-ones surfacing recently and this Philips OTT2000 is one of them. This one is pretty impressive. It can play back sources using Bluetooth connectivity, you can play back from a USB drive. It has a built-in tuner so you can turn to your favourite radio stations. It also has a CD player and a turntable….all played though built-in speakers. And therein lies the reason why I do not care for it. First of all, the plastic tone-arm. Any tone-arm made of plastic sends warning bells ringing. And the built-in speakers. This is gonna set the rumble stats of this player, when it is playing vinyl, through the roof

If you ask me, If you want to get a good vinyl player, get a good set of speakers, an amplifier with a built-in PHONO RIAA preamp stage, and a turntable. Those Audio-Technica ones which are direct-drive only go for slightly more than $400 at Mustafa in Singapore. Then at last, you will have a good sound-system to enjoy your vinyl.

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Philips compact fluorescent bulbs

25/08/2015 Leave a comment

These compact fluorescent bulbs are something else. Just the other day, the bulb in my kitchen fused. So off I went to the local Sheng Siong supermarket to buy a new one. A few days later, the bulb in the toilet blew. My wife needed to use the toilet so I took the bulb from the kitchen that I had just installed, and “plugged it” into the toilet. Problem is that the bulb did not light up and while I was fiddling about with it, the bulb slipped out of my hands and broke. Bloody hell. Well done Alan you idiot. So we were without light in the kitchen and bathroom for a couple of days. The reason? Not every corner store sells bulbs like these. So I make the journey back again to Sheng Siong and bought two more. This time, they are there in their respective places…for keeps….unless they blow of course.

I wonder why they invented those compact fluorescent bulbs when the other fluorescent bulbs work quite well. Oh well…I suppose some people wanted to create another format so…there we go. I just wish that they were more readily available.

The Philips AJ3110 clock radio

06/01/2015 Leave a comment

I bought this clock radio ages ago for my workplace so that I could listen to radio while I did my work. Unfortunately, I could never get a good signal out of it so most of the time it just sat there, unused. There have been a few tomes when I have actually plugged it in and used it but I have not used it very much. The reception is just not clear. But for some reason now, when I hooked it up in my house, near my work desk, it seems to work pretty well. Maybe it got better with age? I do not know. But it was relatively cheap and I will say one thing about Philips hi-fis…they lat a long time…based on my experience but there are some that may not agree with me. Maybe if I do use it the way it was designed to be i.e a clock radio…

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The Philips Airfryer

05/01/2015 Leave a comment

My wife bought this a few days back. Actually, it was not my wife but me who bought it. Whoever for? My wife actually! Well, we bought this airfryer because we had actually seen this in action at a friend’s place in Perth Australia when we went there for a holiday last year in August. My friend had one of these in hos kitchen and fried us some mini meat pies that were simply delicious. Instantly, we were hooked. I mean, my wife had heard of it and knew what an airfryer was but I simply did not. In any case, our air-fryer arrived and the first thing my wife did was to check out the recipe book that came with it. Interesting really and and this is what is said about it on Philips’ webpage:

The Airfryer can make nearly anything – and fast. From fried chicken to french fries to breakfast muffins, with less fat and more nutrition. The airfryer’s ability to fry, roast, bake or grill makes it almost unbelievable: that is, until you’ve tried.

Yeah. I want to try it out and see how fast my fries cook!

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Philips multimedia speakers

15/05/2014 1 comment

I had the chance to use these speakers recently and I must say that I am very impressed by the power these USP-powered babies are able to deliver. They will never be capable of pushing out loud sounds but for desktop speakers, they are pretty darn good, with enough volume to power the whole office. i think they are relatively inexpensive and I must say that given the choice, I will get a pair for myself.

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Philips test-pens / screwdrivers

15/12/2012 1 comment

Back in the day, you know that if you bought a Philips product, you were buying the best. In any case, I bought lots of Philips test-pens back in the day for my use when I was installing in the clubs. Nowadays, you cannot find such test-pens any more, the good Philips one that is, that were made in Germany and were very trustworthy. All you can get now are the Made In China copies that I am rather hesitant to use. Let us just say that China quality is not exactly the best out there. Furthermore, the top-cap of the China versions come out pretty darn easily when screwing in stubborn screws. So what did I do? Bought one made by Stanley and that ought to work for the time being.

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Denon DN-HP500 DJ headphones

29/10/2012 1 comment

Bought these headphones the other day because I was getting sick and tired of headphones that cannot stand up to DJ use. I do DJ sometimes and so far, I have been through two pairs of headphones. I had a pair of Panasonic RP-DJS200’s that bit the dust after barely a few months and I also had a pair of el-cheapo Realistic headphones that lasted me for many years but ultimately, could not stand up to the rigours of DJ duty. So I was stuck with using a pair of Philips SHP 1900 headphones which are still going strong! The only con is that it is too big for the bag I use to lug my DJ equipment around so something smaller and foldable was needed. These headphones from Denon were very affordable and they should last for a few years hopefully. The specifications are:

  • Type: Air tightness: closed dynamic
  • ±90 degree swivel mechanism
  • Folding design
  • Sturdy metal headband
  • Real stainless steel plate etched with Denon DJ Logo
  • Driver unit: phi 40mm neodymium magnet
  • Impedance: 40 ohms
  • Frequency response: 10 (target)-28kHz
  • Output (sensitivity): 103dB
  • Max Input Power: 1,300mW
  • Cord length: 3.9′

I still love those Philips headphones. They were inexpensive and did the job. If they were foldable like these Denon headphones are, I would still be using them!