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Quirky Powercurl

26/04/2017 Leave a comment

I bought this Quirky (what a name) Powercurl for my Macbook Pro adapter a few days back…say about a week back. I am now more confident about handling my Macbook power adapter with no fear of the delicate thing breaking. This is really an ingenious product and the price I paid for it is much less than it would cost me to buy a new Apple Magsafe adapter. So I would recommend this to everyone who has a Macbook. They have different sizes for different adapters.

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Extron 12-volt power supplies

21/07/2016 2 comments

I have grown to love these Extron power supplies, the very same power supplies that power all my Extron products like HDMI extenders and the like. They last a long time and always give out stable power. Extron has said that these newer power supplies have got better tolerance and last much longer than their previous ones. I have never had to change any one of them ever. I have a couple of spare ones in my tool-bag, just in case but so far, I have not seen the chance to use any of them yet

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A new extension socket made from an IEC adapter

19/06/2016 Leave a comment

Have you ever been to a place where electric wall plugs were nowhere near you? I know I have. Or how about when you need an extension cord but those extension reels were too bulky to carry around? Well, enter this idea.  What I have here is an IEC plug adapter and a long IEC cable. Hooked up together, it makes for a very convenient extension for say, a charging cable for your mobile phone or in my case, for a soldering iron. Plus it is small and does not weigh much, and fits in my backpack. And the cost of the IEC plug adapter? Oh…about $5. Not too bad. So get one. It will help you out in ways you never imagined

Goodbye Dell laptop power adapter

05/05/2016 Leave a comment

You have been a constant companion to me, and powered all of my Dell laptops, ever since  I bought you with my Vostro in November 2007. You have been keeping all the Dell laptops you powered up and ok with no issues at all. It is sad to let you go but after 9 years of faithful service, you decided to bow out, rather gracefully I might add. Thanks for being there. I just wish Dell made more adapters like you

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Dell LA90PS1 PA-10 90 watt power adapter

23/03/2016 Leave a comment

When I first bought my Dell Vostro laptop computer in 2007, I was at first complaining about the monster power supply that they have me for the laptop. Not only was it bigger than most of the laptop adapters I had seen, it was also pretty heavy and it was not fun to lug around a heavy backpack with this and the equally heavy Vostro laptop. But you know something? It must have been made of good stuff because today, almost 9 years later, the original Vostro laptop that it came with is dead but this adapter, it is still ticking AND it is providing power for my Dell Inspiron N5050 laptop too. Not only that, I think it is going to outlast this laptop as well.

I wonder. What is in this power supply that makes it so reliable all these years? I have no idea. maybe it is because it almost never gets switched off. maybe they are made of stronger materials inside like a proper transformer instead of a switch-mode power supply. I have no idea. All I know is, it is robust and has stood the test of time. Looks like when I get a new notebook, I will probably still be using this!

Oh. And if you are wondering about the power supply when I bought this Inspiron N5050? Well, it ha stayed in the laptop bag and only used when I bring this laptop offsite. Thanks Dell. Please make more great adapters like these will ya?

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Power adapter causing laptop to utilise 100% of CPU

06/03/2016 Leave a comment

I had a bit of a problem with my notebook the other day…and I could not explain why. It happened last week. I detached my laptop’s battery because I had fully charged it the night before. I then connected the power adapter on my desk to my laptop. When I turned on my laptop, it started to really lag. Thinking that I might have malware, I downloaded and installed the excellent MalwareBytes malware detector. The strange thing was that I detected no malware at all.

The next thing I did was to start up a free tool named Process Explorer. It too did not detect anything amiss. So here I was at wit’s end, wondering what in the world was causing this issue. I did not think much of it because I had to go off to a client’s place for a meeting and that was that. I packed up my laptop and left

Now while at my client’s place later that afternoon. I was thinking to myself if may laptop was screwed. But surprisingly, at my client’s place, when I started my laptop (I was using the fully-charged battery) all was fine! Laptop was as zippy as ever! So I was thinking it was an anomaly (I have learnt that Microsoft Windows has its quirks) and thought nothing more of it.

The next day, when I arrived at the office, I started up my laptop and noticed that I had only about 50% of my battery left. So I used it till it was about 10% in remaining charge before I plugged in my charger. Blow me down. Laptop started lagging…again! So I started thinking to myself and working it out logically what was causing the issue. When I started Task manager, it showed all four cores of my CPU at 100%. Then I started thinking…could it be the power adapter? So I unplugged the power adapter and would you believe ut? The CPU load went down! Bloody hell! So I unplugged my adapter, got in touch with my IT manager and asked him if he had one. he gave me another one and when I plugged in that one, I had no issues.

Was it really my adapter that caused that issue? Now, my instinct and logic tells me no. I mean, how could it? Maybe it is an older adapter with different voltage? All I know is my laptop was a HP and when I did a search on the Internet, lots of cases that echoed mine were HP laptops! Go figure!

Dodgy switched-mode power supplies

25/01/2016 Leave a comment

I had to visit a client about two weeks ago because he had a problem with his TV. Apparently, the power supply that was supplying power to his HDMI extender was faulty. When I checked, I found that the LEDs on the extender were lit but there was a problem with the extender working. After I switched power supplies, all was OK. This was due to the spoilt power supply, pictured above. This is not a new case. I have always had to deal with dodgy power supplies like these. They have a pretty short lifespan and in my case, I had to carry a huge 55″ screen from its wall mounting in order to get access to this power supply and remove it. I just wish that the power supplies were built like the old days. At least those power supplies are more reliable!

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