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Renkus-Heinz speakers for sale at Cash Converters

20/04/2017 Leave a comment

I was at one of the many Cash Converters outlets here in Singapore and noticed these Renkus-Heinz speakers on sale. In case you guys and gals want to know what Cash Converters is, they are a buy and sell store and the world’s largest second-hand dealer…according to what I read on the Internet. In any case, they were being sold for a fraction of the price they were originally bought at. It might be a good buy for someone starting a small events company. Need to test them out first though!


Line-array speakers in Sentosa

09/03/2017 Leave a comment

I was at Sentosa, visiting a client of mine, some time back. Everytime I go to Sentosa, I take the boardwalk walk-in. Love the exercise and besides, spending $4 on the monorail is bloody ridiculous. It used to be $2 and now it is $4. In any case, every time I walk in, I pass these huge Renkus-Heinz fixed array speakers. Now I have never seen or heard them in use…and I go to Sentosa quite often to check on my client’s equipment. I wonder for what events they are used for…

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Renkus-Heinz TRX151/9 loudspeakers

10/12/2015 Leave a comment

I must say that I love these Renkus-Heinz TRX151 loudspeakers. The sound from them is simply fantastic. I have always had a very high regard for speakers from the Renkus-Heinz family and these are no exception. According to what is said on their website about these speakers:

TRX Series loudspeakers employ advanced technology and application-driven engineering to bring live sound closer to the ultimate reference point: reality. Cutting-edge driver technology and unique innovations like our Complex Conic horns deliver natural sounding music and intelligible speech.

Versatile enclosure designs, combined with a wide range of mounting options and associated hardware, provide unrestricted flexibility for both portable and installed applications. Wherever audiences and operators demand superior performance and ease of use, TRX Series loudspeakers are the choice for unequalled value.

The beautiful thing about these speakers is that besides giving good, solid sound is the way that they are built. Absolutely solidly built and built to take a beating. This is what they offer:

  • Compact Multi-Function Design
  • Exclusive Complex Conic Design – Complex Conic Horn provides superior pattern control with low distortion
  • Choice of Coverage Pattern – Complex Conic Horn provides smooth 60º by 40º or 90º by 40º coverage, may be rotated 90º within cabinet.
  • 1″ Extended Range Titanium HF Driver – Provides smooth, low distortion high frequency performance to 18 kHz and beyond.
  • Heavy-Duty 15-inch Woofer – With carbon fiber cone easily handles 700 Watts of program power.
  • Built-in Crossover – Eliminates need for a separate electronic crossover and bi-amplification.

So as one can see, very cool stuff, with a woofer that is fibre treated and comes with a 3″ voice coil, which means it can take a pounding with up to 70 watts program. Yep. I love these speakers

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