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SSD prices are currently crazy

27/04/2017 Leave a comment

SSD prices are crazy now. I wanted to do an upgrade of my old Dell N5050 laptop but because of the price of SSDs, I had to reuse my old SSD, a Samsung Evo 840. The problem is, the shortage of NAND in 2017 caused the prices to soar…and I am seeing it when I go to Sim Lim and check the prices. Way too high!

However, looks like things are going to change. As I read from this article here:

According to Trendfocus, SSD pricing has jumped by as much as 36 percent in some places. The market research firm expects that price increases will be the norm throughout the rest of 2017, but once 2018 rolls around, prices could go into a free fall and return to where they were before they started rising in the first place.

That is good news. I might get an SSD for my old home computer. Then again, my old home computer is due for a change, and a change it will be…soon.

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Samsung to acquire Harman for 8 billion

15/11/2016 Leave a comment

This was all over the news yesterday. Apparently, Samsung is spending $8 billion to buy its way into a burgeoning market for automotive technology alongside Apple and Google as the smartphone business wanes. With the deal, Samsung hope to marry its fast microprocessor and software technology with Harman’s infotainment and vehicle systems to offer carmakers more advanced connectivity…according to a report I read online

I wonder what is going to happen to the brands under Harman. Is Samsung targetting the car market with Harman’s automotive products? Is it going to acquire and then close down the other brands like JBL and the like? We do not know. All I can say is…exciting times are ahead.

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Samsung phone charger

27/05/2016 Leave a comment

Just the other day, while clearing a client’s office, I came across this old, presumably forgotten USB phone charger, complete with cable, at the bottom of a rostrum that was destined for the tip. We were given orders to dispose of the phone charger so I took it home and tested it to see if it was still working. This USB charger not only worked fine but it charges pretty quickly too. I am using it as a spare and so far, it performs very well as one. Another edition to my junk box! They certainly do not build them ike they used to anymore

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Ingress Protection (IP) rating explained

03/04/2016 Leave a comment

About a month back, I was involved in a bit of a heated discussion about the Samsung S7 phone and the salesman that was selling it. Samsung has gone to great lengths to claims that their phones are “water-resistant; IP 68 certified up to 30 min. in 1m of water.” To earn that IP 68 protection rating, the device needs to resist water in more than 1 meter for 30 minutes, so perhaps someone needs to do a new torture test under 1.1 meters of water to see if that IP 68 certification is actually deserved.

But this does not only stop with Samsung phones. Any device that claims the IP68 rating seriously needs to be taken to task.

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Xiaomi Redmi 2 smartphone

14/01/2016 1 comment

I have realised that I have to get a new smart phone to replace my Samsung Galaxy Ace 3. I have had to uninstall apps and such because the thing is just running out of memory. It really starts to become a joke when you realise that your smart phone is not really “smart” if it does not have much apps on it. Now it only has apps that I really need and that makes me less productive. I do not need the latest and greatest and I do not need bells and whistles in my phone. That is why I am seriously thinking of changing my current Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 to a Xiaomi

First things first, it comes with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 MSM8916 1.2-GHz CPU Adreno 306 GPU. The one I am looking at getting is the Xiaomi Redmi 2 Enhanced. That means it comes with 2Gb of RAM and 16Gb of Flash memory. That is heaps better than my Samsung with only 4Gb of flash. This phone takes two micro SIM cards. Camera-wise, it has an 8MP camera for the back and a 2MP camera for the front. I am not really a person who buys a mobile phone for its camera so that is not a moot point. Display-wise, it comes with a 4.7″ 1280 x 720 resolution, 312 PPI HD display made by Sharp. We are talking quality here!

So will I get it? Most likely. Unless Motorola releases their new Droid here in Singapore. I have always had a soft-spot for Motorola phones but right now, this looks good,

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Samsung 840 PRO 512Gb SSD hard drive

29/07/2015 Leave a comment

I currently have a Samsung 256Gb SSD in my old Lenovo ThinkPad x61 notebook. That notebook is old and the SSD drive just makes it go fast as anything and frankly, I am very, very pleased with it. I am thinking of getting a 512Gb SSD for my laptop computer because the hard drive is 3 years old and it should be starting to show signs of wear and tear. The only thing that is stopping me from buying this SSD is the price…it is still kinda expensive. I am waiting for Amazon Global to cut the price some more and whoosh…I will order it online and have it sent over. You can get these drives here in Singapore but honestly, you get better savings from Amazon Global. Trust me, if you can, go the SSD route. You will not be disappointed. Look at my 256Gb SSD in my old Lenovo…the thing just flies and there is heaps of space. So yeah…decisions to be made on this soon.

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Samsung Galaxy Ace 3

02/07/2015 1 comment

This phone has a strange story. I bought it for my wife in December 2013 but she was not used to it. Who can blame her…she is so used to her Apple iPhone that using a Galaxy was quite confusing. So this got relegated to a backup phone until I replaced my Motorola Defy with this one. Don’t get me wrong. I still love my Motorola Defy but it reached a stage where Android 2.1 was causing me issues, the chief of them being no support for 2FA or 2-Factor Authentication. So I clipped my SIM card to a micro SIM and inserted in this phone

Now this is an inexpensive phone from Samsung and one of the cheapest of them all. The major con I see with this phone is its laggy operation and the lack of storage. Every now and again, a warning popup appears, telling me that I am low on storage, despite the fact that I have a 16Gb micro-SD card installed in the phone and all photos from my camera automatically get stored on the card when they are taken. That is the major bugbear and that is only 4Gb of phone memory. The Android operating system uses quite a bit of it, almost half. And whatever that is left gets used up pretty quick

And while we are on the subject of storage, be careful with your WhatsApp images. They take up a sizeable chunk of your phone memory. Always copy them to your external storage when you can. I get lots of funny images from my friends sometimes and they just take up lots of space on my phone – space that I need for more important things. So every now and again, a cleanup is needed.

But one thing I like about this phone is the battery lasts for some time, and is quick to charge. The battery is not huge but it is enough to see me through the day. Plus, I have an external battery charger that I carry with me and that helps to charge up the phone when the battery gets flat. Oh. And while on that subject. Your battery will start to get flat at 20% and when you reach 15%, the phone dies. So charge it when you get to 30%. That is my advice.

Other than that, basic phone. Do not expect great things from it. You do get what you pay for. Camera is pretty good too. I will use it till it breaks and then maybe will get a better phone.

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