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Shure PS1A phantom power supply

03/03/2018 Leave a comment

I managed to get a couple of these Shure PS1A phantom power supplies and I must say that these are built like tanks. They are old…probably from the 80s or even the 70s but they were new in the box. I tested them with a condenser microphone and they work absolutely fantastic. I plan to use it on my mini mixers that do not have phantom power built-in. Useful to power condensers and even the occasional active DI box!

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This is how you hold the microphone

11/12/2017 Leave a comment

I have done many events and many times, I see people, most of the time youngsters, cup the bottom part of the ball mesh. This is the wrong thing to do and so, most of the time, they need to be educated on how to hold the mic. I know it sounds funny but I have actually seen this happen, many a time. If any of you read this, bear this in mind.

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Mixer and speaker install in a client’s place

21/04/2017 Leave a comment

Just the other day, about two weeks ago, I did an install in a client’s office. They had opened a new office, adjacent to theirs, and thus they needed some speakers installed. The speakers they installed were the 70V line versions so we had to get an amplifier that could handle all those speakers. We settled on this monster QSC amplifier and hooked up all the old speakers as well as the new ones. We also installed a Yamaha MG10XU mixer and a Shure SLX4 microphone. After it all was finished, the client was very happy with the result and I can safely say that this equipment will give the client years of dependable service.

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Shure FP16A Distribution Amplifier

22/08/2015 Leave a comment

These past few days, I have been using these at an event…of sorts. These distribution amplifiers are hardy…very hardy. I must say that when Shure build their stuff, they build their stuff right! What is it? Well, the FP16A is a 1-input, 6-output, compact audio distribution amplifier for routing multiple audio signal feeds. In short, it is similar to that Behringer MX882 that I have installed previously in several clubs, except that the Behringer is stereo and umm, inexpensive. I must say that I like the sound of this baby and I wish I had this as part of my inventory. It will be very useful indeed. Read this for a better description.

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Shure wireless mic case

08/06/2015 Leave a comment

A couple of years back, I came upon this Shure wireless microphone case that was not used anymore. It was in a club that I was retrofitting with new consoles, speakers…the works. In any case, I found this jammed in a cupboard that many had forgotten about. I asked the owner if he needed it. He just said that he had no further use for it as the microphones that this came in had been sold already. So I took it back home and shoved in my toolbox or tool flightcase, giving it another case of “abandonment”. Then one day, I was clearing out my tool case and came upon this old Shure case. I then looked at an old DVD player that I had but was not using. I wondered…would it fit in the case? Bingo! Perfect fit! Now at least I have a case for the DVD player and it will come in useful to transport my DVD player in the future when I need a DVD player to play back DVDs or CDs.

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Shure drum microphone kit

10/12/2013 1 comment

A couple of months back, while setting up for an event at the Shangri-La hotel Singapore, I came across this drum microphone kit from Shure. Now. I am from the old school. Back in the day, we had various microphones of various brands that we used to hook up the different toms on the drums. For the kick, we would use an AKG D12. For the toms, we would use Sennheiser MD-421s. For the snare, we would use Shure SM57s. But now, these all come in a set, with the relevant clips and all. I must say that it is a welcome relief because we are not carrying different microphones and their accompanying stands around. Maybe when I expand my audio company, I will get one of these microphone sets.

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Shure SM58 microphone replacement ball mesh grille

20/11/2013 Leave a comment

If you, like me, have a Shure SM58 microphone that is very old (I “blame” Shure for making an excellent and long-lasting product) and has a dented ball mesh grille, you can buy replacements for a fraction of the price of an original. I am just lucky. I found an old SM58 and used the almost-perfect ball mesh and to replace the one on my working SM58. But if I am not so lucky next time to find an old SM58 to replace your dented grille, get one of these replica ones. They are inexpensive and freely available on the Internet. Check them out and save yourself a few bucks.

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