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SoundTube SA202 amplifier

17/03/2017 Leave a comment

One of my clients dropped this SoundTube amplifier off at the office to be repaired. Apparently, it was giving some issues and was not working anymore. I was pretty intrigued by this tiny device and you know me, curious by nature. So what is this SA202? Well, the SA202 are 20-watt per channel (4 ohm) Class AB amplifiers with maximum gain of 35 dB. Input options include dual RCA jacks and a stereo mini jack for line-level audio sources and a speaker-level (amplified) input for applications with low-wattage speaker outputs (e.g., AV projector to external speakers).

This will be very useful for driving small speakers in boardrooms that do not require a humongous amplifier to drive them. However, 20 watts is too small for me. I would like a better amplifier with slightly higher wattage. But so far, this small one seems great

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