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QED speaker cable from the UK

18/05/2017 Leave a comment

Just earlier this week, I was installing some speakers for a client and he requested me to use these cables that he had bought. I had a look at the reel and saw that it was supposedly made in the United Kingdom, made by a company named QED. The cables did not look anything spectacular and were of a very thin American Wire Gauge (AWG) which I estimated to be about 18 AWG. I normally have my doubts about such speaker cables like these and I doubt if they were actually made in the United Kingdom after all. But the client wanted it so my Belden speaker cable had to take a back seat for this one. Honestly, sometimes, the things I do to please my clients…

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NNS-1402 Korean 14AWG speaker cable

08/06/2013 Leave a comment

I was using this Korean brand speaker cable to set up a club fairly recently and I must admit that I like it very much. It is simple to set up, easy to strip and it is pretty economical, for 14AWG speaker wire that is. I am going to try some for my own setup and see how it is. I have the plugs which I bought fairly recently. The new cables, with their new plugs, will be replacing the 23-year-old cables that are now powering my Yamaha Stagepas

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Cheap speaker cable

23/06/2012 Leave a comment

I did an event last Saturday and the premises was kind enough to let me borrow their in-house speakers for the event. But the funny thing is, the speakers, menacing as they looked, sounded pretty underpowered and the powered mixer driving them always seemed to be peaking. I thought that the Yamaha mixer amplifier, which is pretty decent by any measure, could not drive the speakers well. It was only when I did my inspection that the penny dropped…

This is what they were using as speaker cable. This thin, so-called “high definition” wire was used as speaker cable. Now, I am not running this down if you use it for car stereos, hi-fi systems. In short runs of about a couple of metres, it should serve you and serve you well. But for professional audio? Those speakers that day had literal miles of this stuff connected to the mixer amplifier. Long, high-gauge speaker cable like this have lots of resistance and that is what actually happened…the speakers just were not getting the full power fed by the amplifier!

But then again, I do not think those speakers were set-up in a way for dance music, which is what we used them for. This in-house system is probably used for meetings and seminars and the long speaker cable runs were there so that the speakers could be placed in any corner of the room. But all the same, it is worth noting that long speaker cable runs do have lots of resistance.

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