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Yet another Malay wedding with the Yamaha Stagepas 500

23/02/2017 2 comments

This was yet another Malay wedding with my Yamaha Stagepas providing sound reinforcement. This was the setup. They gave me a table, covered with a very thin piece of plastic. It was the same kind of plastic those plastic bags from the grocers are made of. I had to be very careful with it as it was so thin, it tended to tear if anything scratched it. That included the rubberised feet of the Stagepas mixer too! So I hooked it up, together with my Line 6 wireless microphone. You can also see my trusty Nokia 101 phone there too, providing test music while I did basic equalisation of the sound. The speakers had been setup and I had to throw speaker wire over the sewage pipes that are prevalent at the ceiling of most void decks in Singapore. This is so that I would not have to waste my cloth tape taping it to the floor. The only issue I faced was that the power supply was some distance away, near the wedding dias. So I had to use two of my power extension cords to reach it

Was the wedding a success? I will have to say it was. I had great food to eat, nice company to work with and an all in all great experience, as always, with Malay weddings. The bride’s parents were really nice and very accommodating. That is why I love doing Malay weddings. I always have a great time!


1/4″ TS jack for bigger speaker cables

17/01/2017 Leave a comment

I have a Yamaha Stagepas, and it is into it’s sixth year of operation. I am very happy with it and it serves me well. I go have a small issue though. Just the other week, I discovered that I had some 12 AWG cables and I wanted to use it as speaker cable. Now the Stagepas only accepts 1/4″ TS cable. It doesn’t use Speakon connectors. So for those who have larger diameter speaker cables, how do you solve it?

It is simple. Get this fatter 1/4″ TS plug that can take fatter speaker cable. Some people, to get around it, strip the 12 AWG speaker cable and do not crimp the housing because it cannot fit inside the barrel. With this, all should fit and it is a practical solution. I am happy with my standard 16 AWG speaker cable so the 12 AWG speaker cable will be spared…for now. But if need be, I know what to do.

Yamaha Stagepas performs well at a Malay wedding

01/09/2015 Leave a comment

I snapped this picture at a Malay wedding tat was held in a void deck, a couple of days ago. As usual, I had great food to eat and was pleased to hear that the Yamaha Stagepas is still putting out fantastic sound, on this month, which will be its 4th anniversary. Thanks Yamaha for making such a versatile and great-sounding system

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The trusty Stagepas 500 at yet another roadshow

23/07/2015 Leave a comment

A couple of days back, I was doing a roadshow and my trusty StagePas 500 was providing the audio. I used my Line 6 wireless microphone for vocals and hooked up my good old Nokia phone as the sound source. Needless to say, the show went well, except for one brief moment when the Stagepas went into thermal shutdown mode because of the hot weather. Just switching it off and on brought it back to life and all was well after that. The sound was clear and concise, as was expected of the StagePas 500 and people were commenting about the great sound of the system. This StagePas 500 is in its fourth year of use and is still going strong. Thanks Yamaha for making such a great product!

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Strange gig at WonderBar

25/04/2015 Leave a comment

About a week ago, one of my friends had this gig at the Sultan Hotel. In case you all do not know, it’s a boutique hotel at Jalan Sultan. Well, anyway, he was supposed to do his gig in one of the bars in the hotel called the Wonderbar. But at the last minute, on the day of the gig, he gets a call from the powers-that-be of the hotel, telling him that the place is booked and that he has to play outside.

Well, to be honest, my friend was a bit taken aback. What will he do for a sound system? No worries said the hotel. They provided him with a Yamaha MG166cx mixer and check this out, a stereo 1/4″ jack plugs into the headphone out socket of that mixer and the other end goes to an amplifier powering a couple of those Bose garden speakers….you know, those green ones that look like bloody mushrooms, the Bose Free Space 51s. In any case, not a single fader was pushed up on the mixer that was allocated to him. My friend hooks up his controller to the mixer and the channel where the controller is hooked up on has its PFL button pressed. It’s the PFL output that sends a signal to the amp driving those Bose mushrooms. Pretty crappy sound I must say.

In any case, I come by, saw the situation and asked him: “What the hell?” The reason why I say so is because I am looking at throwing an event at WonderBar but if they screw me up like how they screwed up my friend, its gonna look and sound like shit. So I did the next thing. I asked a friend who had speakers if I could borrow his. He said that he does not have any. So what do I do? I go get the trusty Yamaha Stagepas 500. After I came back and hooked them up, my gosh…the sound. It sounded so much better than the sound of those Bose mushrooms. In any case, the party lasted about an hour till the hotel told us that the sound from the Stagepas 500 was waking up the guests of the hotel. So at 0100 hrs, my friend shut the party down

Looks like I have to find out what happened. This does not sound good for events at The Sultan Hotel. Looks like I have to have a chat with them about this. yet again, the Stagepas 500 proves itself

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Yamaha DSR112 powered speakers

24/04/2015 Leave a comment

I am seriously thinking of getting myself a pair of these Yamaha DSR112 cabinets to beef up my sound arsenal. Just a few days back, when I brought my trusty Yamaha Stagepas 500 down for a gig, I noticed that it could have been louder. The “oomph” I wanted it to give just was not there. But to be honest, this was for a DJ party and you know how loud DJ parties can get. Anyway, I told myself, gotta get myself a new pair of speakers to handle the bigger events. And my mind fell on these DSR112 active units.

Now. I must say that I am a bit hesitant to pull the trigger on these babies. The reason is that for powered speakers, you need to have two cables per speaker…one is an AC power cable and the other, an XLR balanced cable. You need to have some long power cables should you deploy in a place where there is no electricity outlet to power your speakers. Secondly, instead of speaker cables, you need to have very long XLR cables to send the signal from your mixer to the speakers. I feel one might need about 50 metres per speaker, giving me about 100 metres in total. That is the reason holding me back. But the when I think of passive speakers, I have to carry one mother of an amplifier and long speaker cables. The long speaker cables, that I have. I have lots left over after many an installation and they will all go to rot if I buy powered speakers.

But the thing I like about these powered speakers is that all I need to go down to a gig is with two flightcases…one to hold the speakers and the necessary cables and the other flightcase, a small one, to hold the mixer and the rest of the cables. I might have to buy some power extension reels for the powered speakers and that takes up space when I want to travel and keep my inventory as small as possible when I do so. So there you go. Yet another spanner in the works as I contemplate.

As for these Yamaha DSR112s, you can read up about their specs here. Let us just say the thing that is seriously making me consider them is the fact that the woofers use 3″ voice-coils and that they are able to put forth a peak of 1500 watts. That is peak my friends, not RMS.

As they say…decisions, decisions

Sound-system for an Indian Muslim wedding

07/12/2014 Leave a comment

So I had a request to provide a sound-system for an Indian Muslim wedding a couple of weeks back. This is a similar type of wedding to the Malay ones that I had in the past and I seem to remember last year I had three weddings, all on weekends in December. This one was held under a void deck in Bedok. The usual fantastic wedding food was available like nasi briyani and lots more. There was even a pop-corn machine present, with the operators delving out bags of delicious popcorn. The Yamaha Stagepas 500 did its duty and did it well. I love weddings like these because I get to eat delicious food and getting paid for it too!