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StarHub unlimited data plan (only during weekends)

05/09/2017 Leave a comment

Starhub has done it again…selling people stuff that they really do not need. Take this “free data during weekend” shit that they are shovelling down peoples throats. Isn’t the weekend when people are at home…at least most of them? Trying to sound magnanimous, aren’t we Starhub? Why can’t you give this so-called “unlimited” plan during the weekdays, when it is most required? And another thing…did you all know that you have to sign a new contract with StarHub to get this magnanimous offer of theirs? Plus, it is 13% more expensive!

Think twice people. Do not fall for this. If you really want to get a plan that is great, go for Circles Life. Best value for money plan.


New Starhub set-top box at my mum’s place

24/07/2017 Leave a comment

I was surprised when I went over to my mum’s place a couple of days back. I found out that she had a nw Starhub set-top box. Apparently, my mum’s old one was not working so Starhub, in their indefinite wisdom, decided to send two of their incompetent technicians / engineers to my mum”s place to check what was the issue. They told my mum her set-top box was spoilt and told her that they will be giving her a new one.

And give her a new one they did. But here is the catch. The new one does NOT have a built-in hard drive. No. My mum has to BUY a new external hard drive, one that was specially prepared by a sub-contractor of theirs. And she had to cough up $99 to but that 1Tb Western Digital hard drive. Now. I am not against external hard drives. I use them and I find them very convenient and useful. BUT…and here is a big BUT. I draw the line at external hard drives being used in this fashion. All that is powering the drive and accessing the data on that drive, is a single USB cable. Now. Singapore is very humid….and you know what that kind of humidity does to external hard drives, and their respective cables. That drive also is at mercy to the whims and fancies of that set-top box. What happens when my mum switches off that set top box. Will the hard drive be unmounted properly? Will the hard drive still tun even though the set-top box is on standby? I asked Starhub that question but they were unable to answer the questions. But then again, I was expecting that.

Then came the connection behind my mum’s TV. My mum’s old connection was via a 5 x RCA component and L + R. connection. When they changed the set-top box, they had to get rid of the component cables that were connecting to my mum’s connection. Now all they had was a HDMI connection. I mentioned something about humidity in Singapore and how it fouls up connections behind things like TVs and VCRs. My mum’s TV has a problem with the HDMI input because it is oxidised. So now with the new box, the picture is bad. But did that bother Starhub? Nooooooo….

So I asked Starhub to give me an explanation via email. They said they would.

StarHub and their ridiculous data travel plan

02/12/2016 Leave a comment

I saw this on StarHub’s Facebook page and I think that this is plain bullshit. According to what I read, StarHub Mobile postpaid customers will be able to use the data in a single country or across multiple destinations for 30 days, starting from the date of purchase of the DataTravel plan. These destinations are: Australia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Zealand, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and The Philippines. Customers pay S$15 for 2GB of data, and S$20 for 3GB of data. The plan is billed upon purchase and has no additional monthly subscription or activation fee.

Now for all you fellas that travel, the best thing to do will be to buy a local data SIM in the country you are visiting. Take my trip to Vietnam for example. The data SIM was so cheap to buy (about $7 for 9Gb of data) and served me so well, who needs StarHub and their rip-off prices? $15 for 2Gb of data? That is rip-off by any amount. Take my advice…screw StarHub and their so-called data travel plan. Don’t take my word for it. Do a search on the Internet. They will corroborate my story

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Incompetent StarHub helpdesk personnel

10/10/2016 Leave a comment

Here I was in Vietnam and I was trying to access my Gmail app. Now Gmail has 2FA or Two Factor Authentication. At least I set it up on my wife’s Gmail account. In any case, when I reached Vietnam, my wife, who is on an iPhone, does not have the luxury of a second SIM slot like my Android phone has. So when she put a Vietnamese SIM card in her phone, her Gmail app did not and could not work. She had to send a code to one of the two phone numbers and one of those phone numbers was mine. My StarHub SIM card could not even receive the SMS even though I had Pay As You Roam enabled. So my wife had to go without a Gmail while she had to make a long-distance call and ask the email sender to send it to me instead.

So when I get back home, I call Starhub to ask for an explanation and this is what they send me above. Idiotic right? That is why I say that the helpdesk has a bunch of the most incompetent idiots manning it

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Starhub outage yesterday

13/11/2014 Leave a comment

Starhub had a pretty big outage yesterday. Hit me pretty hard ti say the least and it affected my business. Luckily WhatsApp was not affected as their 3G service seemed ok. This was a screenshot taken from their Facebook page. My gosh, were people pissed! But then again, Starhub is not as bad as M1. Now those outages by M1 were tragic to say the least! In any case, normal services resumed by the evening yesterday. But still, I am pissed. Let’s see how Starhub will compensate its customers for this.

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Starhub Personal Data Protection bullshit

22/06/2014 3 comments

Did any of you Starhub subscribers get this personal data protection bullshit from Starhub? I know I did and this is a screenshot from my email. It is not the full length of the letter but a portion, but it is enough to tell you that Starhub is not being sincere. Right from the first paragraph:

StarHub recognises that the privacy of your personal information is important to you.

Now I do not know about you lot but when you click on a link given in that email, it brings you to this page which explains it even more. This where it totally pisses me off. Look at the ending bit where it says:

6.3 If you withdraw your consent to any or all use of your Personal Data, depending on the nature of your request, StarHub may not be in a position to continue to provide its Products and Services to you, administer any contractual relationship in place, which in turn may also result in the termination of any agreements with StarHub, and your being in breach of your contractual obligations or undertakings. StarHub’s legal rights and remedies in such event are expressly reserved.

Now that is a threat if there ever was one and I have requested for Starhub to explain to me why they have such a proviso.

Let us see how it goes

Nobody cares, Starhub

29/08/2013 2 comments

I got this from the Starhub Facebook page. There were lots of people giving their two cents in the Facebook page and Starhub does not want to face reality. The fact is, the older subscribers have a 12Gb data cap but if they re-contract, Starhub will slash it to a smaller cap…as small as 500Mb sometimes. But you know what these idiots try to do? What it says in the advertisement above…unlimited calls and SMSes. Is that their answer to to get people to sign up? To get them off apps that allow free calls and text messages? Apps like Whatsapp and Viber? I tell you guys…read the fine-print BEFORE you re-contract or there goes your data cap. Remember that article I wrote in my blog, about this blogger that described Singapore telcos as “a greedy bunch?” What does this tell you?

********** EDITOR’S NOTE **********

Oh and before I forget. I was using my mobile broadband for the greater part of today. All of a sudden, the speed gets real slow. Its crawling at a snails place. I cannot even watch YouTube videos nicely. What Starhub does sometimes is to royally throttle your account. Yes. They do that and they have admitted as much to me. I do not know why these buggers do that but they do. I want to find out if they are throttling my mobile broadband so what do I do? I call up the number at 1633. After waiting for like forever to get through to to a customer service representative, I get throughand get asked the usual security questions like my name and NRIC number. After that, I tell them the issue. She CSR states that she would put me through to an engineer. Another wait, with the very familiar irritating music playing, I get through to some cretin who states that he is unable to help me because he is in the MaxOnline department. What a bunch of wankers. So he tells me that there are no MaxMobile engineers online and he will have to arrange a callback. He says that it will be in an hour but I am not holding my breath. So here I sit, with a severely crippled connection, waiting for these idiots to give me a call back. maybe I should change the title of this post to nobody cares at Starhub