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JBL SRX728S dual 18″ subwoofer

22/11/2015 Leave a comment

I was the soucd technician at an event last night and they were using this monstrous subwoofer by JBL to power the front-of-house (FOH) system. These dual 18″ subs were fantastic…going really low and giving some terrific subsonic bass that really made the floor and the glass doors rattle. I mean, with dual 18″ subwoofers, this thing had better do its job…and that it certainly did. My only complaint was that we were not driving it to its full capacity. To be honest, I kinda like it but its a bit too big and heavy.

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Peavey Versarray 124 Sub

01/05/2015 Leave a comment

I seriously had to check again when I came across this subwoofer on the Internet. Wow. a 24″ sub. From Peavey no less. I mean, I knew that Cervin-Vega! had a powered sub that was 21″ in diameter but this is the first I have heard of a 24″ sub. Oh sure, we have seen lots of pictures on the Internet about speakers bigger than this and all but this absolutely believable. Bloody thing comes with a 5” voice coil and dual spiders. Here are the features:

  • Peavey Exclusive “The Beast™” 24 inch Subwoofer
  • Extended frequency response down to 32 Hz (half-space)
  • 2200 Watts of Program Power Rating
  • Patented UniVent™ vented cooling system
  • Full Power Low Frequency Response down to 36 Hz!
  • Four casters on the back with 4′ wheels
  • 2 pairs heavy-duty steel handles
  • Black Hammerhead™ polyurea finish
  • 16 Ga. Steel grille for speaker protection
  • Made in the U.S.A
  • Weight Unpacked: 220.35 lb(99.95 kg)
  • Weight Packed: 271.17 lb(123 kg)
  • Width Packed: 39.5″(100.33 cm)
  • Height Packed: 46.25″(117.475 cm)
  • Depth Packed: 32.25″(81.915 cm)

Bloody hell. The weight. 100 kilos for a sub this size. You can find more information at the Peavey website here. Sounds like a good sub for an install!

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Yamaha DXS15 powered subwoofer

15/06/2014 Leave a comment

So far, I have set up two bars with this subwoofer and I must say that I am very pleased with it. The sound is amazing and it really reinforces the sound in the area. In both venues, we installed this sub together with the Yamaha C112 series loudspeakers. The C112 Club Series speakers, being passive, were driven with the excellent P2500S series power amplifiers.

These subwoofers have a Class D amplifier. They also, obviously, sport a 15″ transducer that has a 2.5″ voice coil. I was surprised to learn of that. I would have thought that a subwoofer would or should have at the very least, a 3″ voice coil. These babies weigh a hefty 38 kilograms and can output a fantastic 132 db SPL…at least on paper. According to the Yamaha Pro Audio website:

The DXS Series has an all-new band-pass design that produces extremely high SPL by drastically reducing the distortion. The DXS features a customized, high-power handling woofer with superior damping, for a clean, accurate delivery of the massive power produced by a 950W Class-D high-efficiency amplifier. Yamaha’s formidable DSP technologies are perfectly utilized for precise tuning of filters, flexible control of the LPF setting and low-frequency response, as well as high-grade protection functions that ensure all components perform to the full limit of their potential. Powerful D-XSUB processing allows you to choose from either NORMAL, BOOST or XTENDED LF settings. NORMAL mode gives you the ideally balanced low-frequency response, while BOOST mode provides a more tight and focused bass. XTENDED LF mode drops the low-end frequencies down-even further for thunderous bottom end that delivers.

I feel like getting one of these to complement my Stagepas 500. Its available in two sizes: 12″ and 15″. Its pretty affordable and I might just do that.

JBL SUB10 10-inch powered subwoofer

12/12/2013 Leave a comment

A couple of days back, I installed this subwoofer in a small bar. I must say that I was pretty sceptical of this sub at first but as always, I have been proved wrong. This sub is great and sounds pretty good! It really complements the speakers that we installed in the place and it can really kick. Specifications-wise, this is what we have:

  • Frequency Response – 27Hz – 150Hz
  • Amplifier RMS Power – 150 Watts
  • Amplifier Peak Dynamic Power – 300 Watts
  • Crossover Frequencies — 50Hz – 150Hz, 24dB/octave, continuously variable
  • Driver — 10″ (250mm) PolyPlas™
  • Dimensions (H x W x D) — 17-3/4″ x 12-1/4″ x 15-3/4″ (with grille) (451mm x 311mm x 400mm)
  • Weight — 32.1 lb (14.6kg)

I was very pleasantly surprised with its performance. I will say this though…it will be something to keep in mind for future bar installs.

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Mackie SRS1500 powered subwoofer

19/10/2013 Leave a comment

A few days back, at an event I was attending, the subwoofer in the premises decided to go titsup. So we called people like crazy trying to get a subwoofer rented for the night to replace the dead one. In the end, a kind soul from KSP AVL Pte Ltd named Shiva brought one down to the premises and duly hooked it up to the “dead” subwoofer in the premises, that was by now having intermittent signs of life. This sub immediately did its duty and before long, all was ok. I was not satisfied with the sound though. The Turbosound Milan M15s sounded like junk after but what people wanted was heavy bass and this sub was able to deliver. From Mackie’s website, these are the features:

  • High 127dB SPL
  • 600 watts RMS of FR Series™ high current amplification
  • 15cast frame RCF LF transducer with 3inside/outside-wound, high-temperature voice coil & High Flux magnetic circuit (whatever that means)
  • Built-in electronic stereo/mono high pass crossover network
  • Can be used with active or passive speaker systems

Apparently, these subs have been replaced by a newer model, the SWA1501 and can no longer be found on the market. But I can tell you, I was impressed.

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Yamaha HS10W studio monitor subwoofer

02/08/2013 Leave a comment

A few weeks back, the club cum restaurant that I did an audio installation in decided that they needed a subwoofer for the restaurant. Apparently, the speakers that they bought to provide general background music was great but they needed some bass. So we decided to give them this studio monitor subwoofer and they were very happy with it. I must admit, it sounds pretty good, even though it was designed for a studio and not a restaurant! But then again, if Thorens hi-fi turntables could be used back in the day for discotheque use, who is to say that these cannot be used for a restaurant that plays soft, background music right? In any case, here are the features of this subwoofer:

  • 8″ bass-reflex powered subwoofer delivers solid 30Hz – 120Hz frequency response.
  • 150 watts dynamic power.
  • XLR and TRS phone jack inputs accept balanced or unbalanced signals.
  • Balanced XLR L and R outputs connect to the main left and right speakers.
  • L/R mix output connects to a second subwoofer if required.
  • Level control facilitates precise overall system level matching.
  • Phase switch simplifies phase alignment.
  • Low-pass filter control and high-pass filter control with ON/OFF switch.
  • Full magnetic shielding.

We sold it to the owner at a pretty good price. After we hooked it up with some Belden mic cable, all was good! I’ll keep this in mind for more installs in the future.

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Mackie SWA1501 subwoofer

21/11/2012 Leave a comment

I came across an event company, or rather, a sound rental company using these Mackie active subwoofers in a shopping centre in Singapore a couple of nights back. The sound system had already been stripped down and they were obviously waiting for the van or truck to come by so that they could load their speakers in it and go back. Interesting looking speakers…that is what I thought when I saw these. This is what these subwoofers have to offer, according to their website:

  • 500-Watt single 15” compact Active subwoofer system
  • Precision 15″ woofer with high temperature voice coil
  • 500-Watt continuous power FR Series high-current amplifier
  • Extremely powerful system capable of real, professional output levels
  • Onboard Active electronics provide equalization and high-pass filter for full-range loudpseakers.
  • 128dB Peak Output
  • Frequency Response 36 Hz–120 Hz
  • 13-ply Baltic Birch enclosure finished in black splatter paint
  • Cast aluminum side handles
  • Pole mount receptacle
  • Signal present and limit LEDs

Looks pretty average. There are better subwoofers out there in the market for a cheaper price too. I think I will pass on these.

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