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Surge pricing for taxis in Singapore

18/03/2017 Leave a comment

The powers-that-be approved the surge pricing model for taxis yesterday, trying to copy what Grabtaxi and Uber have been doing all this while. But I have my reservations about that. I remember every Friday, taxis would pick and choose customers. As I read in a report in TodayOnline:

With surge pricing, taxi drivers could spend less time plying the roads for customers and more time ferrying passengers matched to them through a mobile application. In contrast, the situation may be less rosy for commuters who are unwilling or unable to pay higher fares, as they could face the possible scenario of being ignored on the streets during peak hours, transport analysts said on Friday

I knew something like this would occur. That is why I was very happy when Grab and Uber came on the market. It gave those conniving taxi drivers a run for their money. And now those taxi fellas want to implement surge pricing because their livelihoods were threatened by ride-hailing apps. Well done you bunch of idiots. Well done.

Premier Silver taxis are a bloody rip-off

29/02/2016 Leave a comment

Just yesterday we took a taxi hope after booking it through GrabCab. Now to be honest, I do not blame GrabCab, who got me my taxi pretty fast. I do not blame the taxi driver as he was nice and courteous. What I blame is the bloody Premier Silver taxi booking fees. $4.50?? Bloody hell! If you are reading this Premier Taxi, I am not going to flag one of your taxis down and I hope that people who read this will think twice about booking your overpriced taxis.

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Unreal cab prices during the F1 weekend

22/09/2014 Leave a comment

A friend of mine shared this photo that was taken at the Ritz-Carlton over the F1 weekend. Looks like they could not get metered cabs so they resorted to getting limousines. But the price? Talk about being in cahoots with these bloody cab companies. That is why, when it comes to the bloody F1 weekends, I stay at home and do not go out. Who needs shit like this?

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Aggressive cab-driver SHB7898A

08/02/2014 Leave a comment

Are we Singaporeans really living in such a stressful society where we lose control of our emotions at the drop of a hat, only to regret for it later? This is yet another case of road rage on the road. In case some foreign readers are reading this post and cannot understand the language while watching the video, this taxi driver of taxi number SHB7898A is miffed that the person behind him sounded his horn, and chose to pour a tirade of abuse to the one recording this. This taxi driver basically told the driver that he can go and hump his own mother. After the Honda Civic case that went viral a couple of days back, this looks like yet another one. Looks like dashboard cameras are a must these days.

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SMRT raising fares of some taxis today

16/12/2013 Leave a comment

That is right. Apparently, SMRT is raising taxi fares today, according to a report in the Straits Times. According to the report:

Taking a ride in an SMRT taxi could cost a third more from Monday.

In the latest series of taxi fare changes, SMRT Corp is upping the flagdown fares of all its Chevrolet Epica cabs to $3.60.

Distance fares of its Mercedes-Benz, London, Hyundai Starex and Ssangyong Rodius cabs go up to 30 cents for every 400m travelled for up to 10km, every 350m after 10km and 45 seconds of waiting time.

Previous rates were $3.40 and 22 cents respectively.

It would not be so bad if they raised taxi prices but unfortunately, their service is just as shitty. Many of their cabbies pick and choose and trying to get a cab sometimes is hell. I for one do not share SMRT’s enthusiasm about raising taxi fares without any corresponding rise in service levels

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Comfort Citycab taxi prices are exhorbitant

23/10/2013 Leave a comment

Look at the price above for what I paid for a taxi ride from my mother’s place to my place. Its true, I called a cab but back then, booking fees only cost about $2.50. Now its going up. Look at that. Booking fees are now $3.30. And there is also a peak hour charge of 25%. Apparently, peak periods are from 6pm to 12am. And guess what? After 12am, the midnight charge kicks in. A normal taxi ride only cost me about $13 last time if I booked it. Look at it now. These bloody cab companies…conniving, over-charging bastards. And it is not to say that their drivers are not without blame. Just the other day, I made a post of TransCab drivers picking and choosing their passengers. Talk about bad service. And look at this bill now. $16. And peak hours? At 10pm? Bloody profiteering bastards.

You know, in other countries, take Australia for example, cab-fares are expensive but cars are cheap. Here, taxis, which are part of public transport, have high fares and cars are expensive too! Bastards. No wonder people are saying Singapore is getting expensive. As far as I am concerned, taxi companies here need to seriously improve their service BEFORE raising fares. I had one of their Comfort taxi BLATANTLY ignore me when I tried to flag it down on Sunday! Bloody bastards. I wonder what excuse they gave this time?

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Transcab Taxis have some of the worst taxi drivers

21/10/2013 1 comment

Yesterday, I was trying to flag a cab down after doing an event. It was really hard to get cabs from that area and it was a hot day. I flagged down two Transcab cabs, one after the other. Both drivers had a the temerity to wind down their windscreens, ask me where I was going and upon hearing my destination, refuse. And if you think I am the only one making or having issues with Transcab taxis, check out what this lady went through. It is from Stomp. I have taken a screen capture below:

So Transcab, you had better show some improvement and get rid of such drivers. They are certainly doing you no favours

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