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Edirol UA-1X USB Cable Audio Interface

11/03/2017 Leave a comment

I have a Behringer UCA-202 USB audio interface and I have used it for many applications like converting my old vinyl records into MP3s, recording live performances and the list goes on. I had only just discovered last week, a product very much like my Behringer that can do the same. It practically looks the same as well. Edirol is a subsidiary of the Roland Corporation and I am pretty sure that this is a product that can be trusted.Like the Behringer, the UA-1X also has an S/PDIF optical output to send digital signals to digital destinations and a headphone jack for direct monitoring of your computer audio & input signals.

Interesting bit of equipment and I am glad that I came across it. Unfortunately, this Edirol UA-1X has been discontinued.

TP-Link TL-WA820RE USB Wi-Fi Range Extender

15/02/2017 1 comment

I bought this TP-Link TL-WA820RE USB Wi-Fi Range Extender online four days ago when I saw it being advertised. The actual price was apparently $30 but I got it for about $20. I tried it out when I received it today and I must say that it works very well. The instructions included are very easy to follow and setting up was a breeze. I have always had a pretty high regard for TP-Link products and this will serve me well, I think, in my mum’s place, where the wifi signal is pretty weak.

Battery for Polycom remote control

18/07/2016 Leave a comment

I was at a client’s place about a week ago, trying to connect up a Polycom RealPresence 500 when I came across the remote control that had a flat battery. The RealPresence group is shown above and as you can see the remote control is very slim. The battery has a very unique charging system, and very innovative. All you have to do is to unplug it and when the battery is removed from the remote, you can see that it “interfaces” with the remote via a USB connection. What you do after that is simply to plug the battery into a USB charger like so:

My only gripe is that it took some time to charge this battery, beside the charger being a fast charger. But charged in the end it was and I was able to do my work. I must say that this idea of a removable battery is a brilliant idea. Why aren’t other manufacturers doing this?

VGA to HDMI converter

08/06/2016 Leave a comment

Lots of people have notebooks that have a VGA port, especially the older notebooks. But what happens when you need a HDMI port? I came across this VGA to HDMI converter. Looks like it is something I need to get because my notebook has no HDMI ports. You can see that it has a USB plug on it. This serves to power the device as it is not a passive converter. Looks like this is gonna go on my shopping list

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Samsung phone charger

27/05/2016 Leave a comment

Just the other day, while clearing a client’s office, I came across this old, presumably forgotten USB phone charger, complete with cable, at the bottom of a rostrum that was destined for the tip. We were given orders to dispose of the phone charger so I took it home and tested it to see if it was still working. This USB charger not only worked fine but it charges pretty quickly too. I am using it as a spare and so far, it performs very well as one. Another edition to my junk box! They certainly do not build them ike they used to anymore

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Xiaomi MI Pad charger

13/04/2016 Leave a comment

This USB charger was shipped with my MI Pad that I bought some time back. At first, I left it and did not use it much because:

  • I have enough USB chargers
  • This Xiaomi charger only comes with US-type plug prongs

So after many months of it sitting in my drawer, I decided to pull it put one day to charge my MI Pad overnight. I normally leave my MI Pad on slow-charge with another adapter but on this night, I needed a quick charge. In the morning, when I checked my MI Pad, it had been fully charged up! I did some research on this charger. Apparently it is a 2.1 mAH charger and can even charge iPads. So it looks like I have one helluva charger, but, I have to get an adapter for it. That Wonpro adapter of mine should suit it just fine I think…

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Lime-green 2600 mAH battery bank

12/04/2016 Leave a comment

Just the other day, I found this lime-green battery bank, left on a public seat. So what I did was to take it home and drain it totally by connecting a USB LED light to it. After that I charged it to its full capacity and after that, gave it to my wife. She likes the colour and likes the weight because it weighs practically nothing. I need to find out a bit more about this battery bank and after searching online, I found out that Walmart sells it. All in all, a very nice gadget for those times when my wife needs to charge her phone…

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