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Where to change money in Vietnam

06/01/2017 Leave a comment

When my wife and I went to Ho Chi Minh Vietnam, we changed money after exiting the customs at the airport. It was located next to the place where they sell phone cards. There are some money changers that offer a very good rate and I have had no issue with changing money there. But wait. What if you run out of dong while in Vietnam? Simple. You go to a jewellery shop, like the one pictured above. They offer the best rate for your money. We found ourselves going shopping crazy in Vietnam and we had to visit this jewellery shop a couple of times to change our Singapore dollars. So remember, go to the jewellery shops, not the money changers!

Interesting office building in Ho Chi Minh Vietnam

23/10/2016 Leave a comment

While walking at the Nguyen Hue walking street, I came across this very interesting building in Ho Chi Minh. Just look at this picturesque building with 7 floors of coffeeshops, restaurants and more. And all of them look different, adding colour to the building. A building like this is just what is needed in Singapore but nowhere to be found.

I looked up one of the tenants with a signboard in this picture. Delight Kafe & Tea. I managed to find the Facebook page and also the address of this building. The address is Apartment No. 42 Nguyen Hue, Nguyen Hue Boulevard, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

I am kicking myself for not visiting this building. So much to see and do in Vietnam. I need to go there more.

Nguyen Hue walking street from Rex Hotel

17/10/2016 Leave a comment

One day, while catching the lift to go to the restaurant on the 5th floor of the Rex Hotel (the hotel my wife and I were staying in while we were in Ho Chi Minh City), we took a look out of a balcony next to the lift lobby. Before us lay a fantastic view of the famous Nguyen Hue walking street and it looked so nice that I snapped a picture of it. You can see from the image that on the top left of the picture, there are some roadworks going on. Apparently, this is to build a metro, something like our SMRT back home. But the construction did not spoil the lovely scenery below.

Motorcycles and motor-scooters in Vietnam

16/10/2016 Leave a comment

I took this picture in Saigon when my wife was in a store shopping. This is an example of one of the many motor scooters I saw zipping around Vietnam, in traffic that I can only describe as crazy. The people that ride these motor scooters are pretty skillful in their handling of it, being able to mount kerbs and literally avoiding people crossing the street. Some of the motorcycles I have seen in the street, like the one pictured in the foreground…I do not know if they will even pass a vehicle inspection test in Singapore. But then again, if it works, who cares? And that is what makes Vietnam a lovely country

Broken rice restaurant in Saigon, Vietnam

15/10/2016 Leave a comment

One thing I love about Vietnam is the food. Glorious food it is too. Take for example, this “broken rice” restaurant in Ho Chi Minh City. It is located at the famous Nguyen Hue walking square. We did not get the chance to eat it on this last trip because we were too busy getting our fill of pho. But check it out if you get there because it is really delicious and there are so many different combinations to choose from. And, I might add, it is not expensive too.

The Rex Hotel Saigon

11/10/2016 Leave a comment

When my wife and I travelled to Vietnam last week, we stayed at The Rex Hotel. We stayed at The Majestic Hotel the last time we were in Vietnam but for some reason, my wife did not like that hotel. During our walks around Saigon at that time, we came across the Rex Hotel and we decided to give it a try. I must admit that The Rex Hotel is very ideally located near the famous Nguyen Hue walking street and around some fine eateries and convenience stores like Circle K. There was also good, fast wi-fi provided  in the rooms. The staff were polite and engaging and went out of their way to provide great service. My wife and I were sad to say goodbye to The Rex Hotel when we left but we will be back.

Circle K convenience stores in Vietnam

08/10/2016 1 comment

My wife and I just returned after yet another trip to Saigon, Vietnam. I do not know…we just love the city! So on our second trip down there, I remember having to go to this Circle K convenience store just across the street from our hotel. The whole place is just dotted with stores like this and this one was our favourite. Over our four-day stay in Saigon, we bought mineral water, cultured milk drinks, milk, Coke Zero and lots of other stuff, even sandwiches! So remember, when you are in Vietnam, look out for this convenience store named Circle K. They even cook and sell hot dogs in the store as well!