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Gentleman Jack bourbon whiskey

15/08/2015 Leave a comment

A few days back, while at a friend’s birthday party, I brought a bottle of Jack Daniels bourbon to er, well, have a tipple. Nothing wrong roght? Heh heh heh. Well, when I profferred my bottle to the birthday girl’s husband, he told me that there is a premium bourbon, made by Jack Daniels, named Gentleman Jack. Now that got me thinking and I decided to look it up when I got back home. When I did my usual research on the Internet, I read this on their website:

Just like Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey and Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel, Gentleman Jack is charcoal mellowed before going into the barrel. Gentleman Jack, however, receives an additional “blessing” when it is charcoal mellowed again after reaching maturity giving it ultimate smoothness. Gentleman Jack is full-bodied with fruit and spices, and its finish is silky, warm, and pleasant. When you drink Gentleman Jack, do so with pride, for this is the whiskey a gentleman orders.

Apparently, Gentleman Jack is 80% proof. Woah. But I have yet to try it. I know I will some day.


Black & White Scotch Whiskey

15/06/2015 Leave a comment

You would be surprised at what some of these convenience stores sell as far as whiskey, spirits and liquor are concerned. They sell some premium brands that are not really well-known as your Johnnie Walkers and Macallans. Take this for instance…Black & White whiskey. Now, I am no whiskey expert as I do not drink it that much. To me, whiskey is whiskey but I can tell the difference between a good whiskey and a single malt. I have yet to try this but I bet that it will taste better than Johnnie Walker Red Label or even Ballantines. Both of those gave me a sore throat and both went down my throat with a lot of resistance. In short, rough.

In any case, most of the people who buy these bottles of whiskey at convenience stalls are foreign workers who like to have a drink or two with their friends. I have seen them sitting in circles in some places, with a bottle of this whiskey with some mixers like 7-Up or Coke. The other group of people who buy these whiskeys are those who have come out of pubs and want more alcohol in their system before they go back home. These bottles of whiskey are inexpensive, and serve these two type of people just fine.

Maybe I should buy a bottle to see what it tastes like. But I think I may have to wait. I still have some bottles of whiskey here at home that I have not touched yet!

Limit on drinking islandwide

20/01/2015 Leave a comment

The Singapore Government has set in motion plans to impose a ban on boozing in public spaces and retail sales of alcohol island-wide between 10.30pm and 7am daily. Soon, memories of us bringing six-packs to the beach to enjoy with friends will soon be old, faded memories. Looks like I may have to use my whiskey decanter to hide my booze if and when I need to have a tipple outdoors. If the law is passed, drinking after 10.30pm can continue only at home, at approved events or at licensed establishments, such as bars, restaurants and coffee shops. Infringements are punishable with a fine of up to S$1,000 for a first-time offender, while jail of up to three months and a fine not exceeding S$2,000 can be imposed on repeat offenders. Oh well.

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King Robert II Scotch whiskey

30/12/2014 Leave a comment

I was passing by a 7-Eleven store a couple of days back and saw this brand of Scotch whiskey on sale. I have never heard of it admittedly but the research I did on it online shows that it is a pretty good Scotch whiskey. Maybe it is because that it is not marketed as much as a premium Scotch whiskey like Johnnie Walker so it commands a a much lower price. Must buy a bottle and try some one day.

Woodstock bourbon and cola

24/01/2014 Leave a comment

When I was in Perth, Western Australia a couple of months back, I saw a group of people in Hay Street mall tucking into this bourbon & cola mix, which was packaged in cans. I was curious about it so I decided to give it a try. I promptly bought a can from the bottle shop the next day and gave it a try. To be honest, it was a bit on the sweet side but the bourbon taste was pretty strong. When I told my Australian friend about it, he promptly laughed, shaking his head. I suppose that this is the drink that some of these people take for their alcoholic fix…on the cheap! But no matter what, I enjoyed it!

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Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey

19/01/2014 1 comment

About a year back, one of my friends brought this bottle down from the USA when he was on one of his overseas trips. I had never seen or tasted anything like this before. This was Jack Daniel’s bourbon whiskey with an additive – honey! I must say that it was very, very nice. I was told by my friend that this product was only selling in America and nowhere else…yet. That was then but this is now. It is now being sold here and I feel like getting a bottle. The only thing is, I do not know what to mix it with. Normal Jack Daniel’s, I will have it mixed with Coca-Cola but this one…I am not sure. Should I mix it with Coke? I do not think so. I bet that it would ruin the taste of it. The taste I had of it was neat, in a shot glass. I suppose that is how it should be drink…on the rocks, to really experience the delicious honey. That must be the way to go. But no matter. I am sure when I get a bottle, I will start to experiment!

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The flu season is here again

17/11/2013 Leave a comment

Yep. Its that time of the year when the cold and flu season strikes. One doctor told me that it is a year-long issue and not only confined to the rainy months of December. But the funny thing is, I only get it during this time. Its time to sweal the throat with Black Label so Johnnie Walker, here I come!

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