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My experience with Windows 10 so far

27/06/2017 Leave a comment

Well I got my wife a new Dell Inspiron 14 3462 laptop that was running on Windows 10 and I can honestly say that I prefer Windows 7 a whole lot better. I feel sad that Windows 7 will reach the end of its life in 2020. This is exactly the same feeling I had when Windows XP reached its untimely end-of-life, from what I feel.

Why do I feel that way about Windows 10? Well, for starters, it is clunky, takes ages to load and the updates just download pretty damn slow. I have upgraded the Internet connection in my house to a faster one and while it is faster with a lot of stuff, for Windows 10, downloading updates seems to take forever…and a day. And it is not only the uploads. When I swapped the disk for an SSD…an 80Gb SSD, that had no issues with Windows 7, I was in for a very rude shock. The SSD, after the install of Windows 10, was almost full up! That is why I feel that Windows 10 is full of bloatware, bloatware that I certainly do not need. Another thing is that Windows 7 ran fine on 4Gb of RAM. Windows 10, on the other hand, ran like a fly in molasses on 4Gb of RAM

But then again, if you want to make Windows your main operating system for your laptop, I am afraid that you have no other recourse, by the looks of it. It has to be Windows 10. So we either get used to it or switch to Linux.


Dell Inspiron 14 3462

17/04/2017 1 comment

I bought this new notebook for my wife. I ordered it online for what I thought was a great price. When ordering it, I requested that I would be willing to purchase the Dell OS restore CD (an optional extra) for it. I sent in my purchase on the website, everything was ordered and then I waited for this to be delivered. On the day it was delivered, I checked the contents of the package and lo and behold, the CD I ordered was not there. So I called up their support hotline, and was transferred to Dell Malaysia. That is when the nightmare started. I was shunted from department to department to department, waiting up to an hour on the phone. When I reached the final department, I was kept on hold and then unceremoniously cut off. So I sent a complaint email to the relevant department and after that, I started getting results. Someone actually called me back and I got someone promising me that they would send the OS recovery USB drive to my house. I said that I would pay for it because that is what I requested for in the first place but they said that they would waive off this charge as a gesture of goodwill.

Other than that, I love this laptop. I paid a good price for it and I was very happy for what I paid for. My wife is going to have this notebook installed with a new SSD drive and Windows 7. Let us see how that works out.

********** EDITOR’S NOTE **********

Well, here is the skinny. To install Windows 7, you have to change the boot from UEFI Secure Boot on to Legacy Secure Boot Off. After that, and after what took a long while, Windows 7 was able to boot from the Dell Windows 7 DVD. Notice I said DVD. That is because these idiots that made this computer have USB ports that seem to be having issues with USB drives. The issue becomes apparent when you boot up the the damn thing. Nothing can be used. Even the USB. So Dell lied to me…again…saying that Windows 7 can be used. Looks like I have to break out my Ubuntu Live DVD and try it that way.


Those irritating “Get Windows 10” reminders

11/05/2016 Leave a comment

If, you are like me, and own a computer running on Windows 7, you will be bound to get some of these irritating Microsoft Get Windows 10 popups that happen often. The thing is, there is no easy way to get rid of them. I am sure that there is something that can be done, some kind of hack that can get rid of these popups but so far, I have not found anything. If I find this irritating, imagine what it would be like for those poor sods running Windows 7 PCs as digital signage machines. I have seen some pictures recently on the net, with Windows 7 signage PCs with this popup in full view. All I can say is, fuck you very much Microsoft. Don’t force people to upgrade by using popups. You are fucking everyone’s life up. Twats.

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Windows 7 Ultimate

14/09/2015 Leave a comment

Just the other day, I got sick and tired of my slow laptop and so I decided to buy myself a new hard drive, take out the old one and do a fresh reload of the operating system. I got myself a copy of Windows 7 Ultimate to load on my HP EliteBook 2960 laptop and frankly, I love what this copy of Windows 7 has. First of all, BitLocker. I can now encrypt my files and prevent people from taking files from this computer. All files will be encrypted and good luck to those who try to take it out. Secondly, it seems to run like a dream on my laptop and my laptop feels like a new one again. Only thing is I have to download Service Pack 1 for Windows 7 and then install the countless service packs that it needs. But so far, I am liking it! What Windows 10? No way!