Building a house from a shipping container

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I was watching a show in YouTube a couple of days back about this young lady that wanted to save on high rents by living in a van. It was a very interesting video and I must say that it was a revelation indeed, to live in a van that can take you from place to place. And you know YouTube…they suggest similar videos on the right of the screen. I clicked on one of the interesting videos on the right and found a couple that made a house out of a double-decker bus. They made it really well and the dialogue from this Dutch couple that made it was pretty interesting. After I watched that, I came across this…living in a house made out of a shipping container.

O must say that this man was honest about living in the expensive city. I remember his narration: “It does not make sense to eat beans and toast for breakfast just to put petrol in your car.” That made a lot of sense actually. So what he does is live in the bust, off-grid, with his wife, in a few shipping containers. He has devised a pretty ingenious way of getting electricity and water, and how he gets rid of waste by recycling when he can. The man’s name is Paul Chambers…and this video above from YouTube tells it all. Watch it…it is very interesting.


Applaws canned cat food

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My wife and I, we have two cats at home. We buy this cat food for them as one of our cats has a problem with his stomach and for some reason, cannot eat fish. Eating fish will cause him to throw up. But he loves this cat food made by this company Applaws. It is a little pricey but for our cats, it is worth it. They love the chicken mixed with pumpkin. They devour it down like it is their last meal on earth!

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Nice light for my mum’s house

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A couple of weeks back, I wrote about how I wanted to get a new light for my mum’s place. I chanced upon this light while walking around Haji Lane a couple of days back. I thought that this would be the perfect light to get for her. It looks nice, has this “old feel” about it and I dare say, it can handle the weather elements. Now all I have to do is to find a reliable and reputable dealer who sells this kind of lights online. I have to get a light that is at the very least IP65 rated so that it can withstand the unforgiving weather Singapore has.

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Siren on a building in Haji Lane

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I was walking around Haji Lane yesterday afternoon and I happened to glance up and saw this revolving light and what looks like a siren. I wonder what it is for. Is it some kind of alarm or something? I am not too sure. Maybe someone can tell me. Interesting this is!

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The Feast of Pongal

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Today marks the Feast of Pongal. According to Wikipedia, Pongal is a harvest festival dedicated to the Sun God. It is a four-day festival which according to the Tamil calendar is usually celebrated from 14 January to 17 January. So to all my Indian friends, I hope you enjoy the Feast of Pongal.

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Rainy days in Singapore

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The monsoon season is here and these past week or so has been very rainy, with temperatures falling to as low as 21.4 degrees Centigrade yesterday, measure at Jurong. These days, I never leave my home without my brolly and I always make sure that I drink enough water to keep myself hydrated. On cold days, one does not get thirsty and because of that, they do not drink enough water. Well, the great thing about these rainy days is that these days or rather this week, I have done without my air-conditioner and fan!

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ProCo MS-2 mic splitter

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I sorta came across this ProCo MS-2 while clearing some junk from my office. The definition of “junk” here states that it is stuff that is forgotten about and will not be used in the near future. OK…so it is a mic splitter. But what is it anyway?

What I used to do and sometimes still do is to split one signal into two. It involves getting some very thin balanced cable and making a Y-cable. In theory, you should not do that and that is why boxes like these exist. Well, what is it? The Pro-Co MS-2 Microphone Splitter Box splits the low impedance signal of a microphone into two outputs. The result allows two microphone preamplifiers or mixer channels to be fed from one source. The MS2 features a single XLR female input and two XLR male outputs. One of the outputs is designed on an isolated circuit and features a ground lift switch which eliminates hum and electrostatic noise. Transformer-less components feature additional electrostatic shielding for even further protection against noise.

So how will I use it? I do not know actually. I was looking for something like this in the past when it came to splitting signals for events. I made the Y-cable and have used it before but I think that I will get things like these from now on…or in the very least get a distribution amplifier!

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