The inside of a drink vending machine

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We have all seen vending machines like these. The Japanese though take it to another level, with machines that are able to dispense stuff like tinned bread and even to some that dispense used lady undergarments! But machines like these are always welcome on hot days, when one needs a cooling drink. Just yesterday I saw such vending machine being refilled. The person responsible for filling it just filled it up with cans. I was curious as to which part of the machine does the actual refrigeration of the cans and I saw that the middle section was closed off. That was probably the refrigerator section. Then I saw that near the door was a small machine, which I suspect is a sensor that probably tells the company when the machine can be refilled. It probably has a SIM card or something that sends SMSes or something…I am not sure. But it is interesting nonetheless, to see the innards of a machine like that.

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A longer password is more secure

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I saw this article here and I find it to be pretty useful when it comes to protecting passwords on the Internet. Forget about what you heard about complex passwords. The article states that a simple, yet long password is much harder to crack than a complex, but short password. Hard to believe? It makes sense. And I think that it is wise to look into.

Nescafe Ice

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I had a bit of a double-take when I saw this on sale at a provision shop near my home. Nescafe Ice. Sounded so mysterious until I saw the coffee beans below the wording. I then saw that it was a low fat milk coffee beverage. I am partial to my Pokka milk coffee but nothing beats a good cup of real coffee. But all in all, looks pretty interesting. I suppose that by ice, it needs to be served chilled. Worth a try. Will get a couple of cans for “testing”

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Smoke detectors compulsory for new HDB flats

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Apparently so, according to The Straits Times. But the thing that is making people unhappy is that new home buyers will have to fork out for them…according to the article:

All newly built homes – Housing Board flats as well as private residences – will have to be installed with smoke detectors from next June, when an updated Fire Code is released, The Straits Times understands.

Called a home smoke alarm, the device costs between $60 and $80 for a basic version. Installation could cost another $50 or so.

The costs will likely be borne by home buyers, though the authorities, led by the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF), are working with grassroots leaders to identify elderly and needy households that need financial help in doing so.

The battery-operated devices are designed to alert occupants when they sense smoke, and function independently. They are not connected to emergency services or a central fire alarm system.

Well, let us see how this pans out. I personally think that getting a smoke alarm is a good thing…but to force people to buy it…that is another thing altogether.

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Zhongtai rotary-hammer drill

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It is amazing, some of the stuff that is sold online. Take this Zhongtai rotary hammer drill here. Now take a look at an article I wrote on my Bosch rotary hammer drill I wrote some time back. Check out the picture in that blog post. They both look awfully similar right? That is where the similarity ends. My Made in Germany Bosch cost me more than $300 while this Zhongtai imitation costs only about $90. No prizes for guessing which country this drill came from.

But of you think about it this way, it might make sense. Say you are a casual labourer, or even a new house-owner who seeks to install say, some shelves or something. Which drill will you go for? Obviously the cheaper Zhongtai alternative. But of you are in construction…and you require a drill that wont let you down, by all means, go for the Bosch. It is a great deal and I personally would not pass it up, if I did not have my Bosch.

Prawn noodles and pineapple beverage at North Bridge Road Hawker Centre

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A few nights back, I was feeling a wee bit peckish, so I decided to check out the prawn noodles at North Bridge Road hawker centre. make no mistake…the prawn noodles are actually very good. You get 4 big prawns in the soup for $4. When you get those prawn noodles, make sure you get the dry chilli powder. You can see it in the picture. It is in that small dish next to the drink. And speaking of drink, check out the pineapple drink. It consists of generous cuts of pineapple in pineapple juice. Absolutely fantastic supper and worth it.

Micro-usb to lightning cable adapter

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I bought a couple of these micro USB to lightning adapters recently. The reason I did was twofold. For one, my wife has an iPhone and an iPad. These Apple lightning cables are not cheap and they tend to get spoilt pretty easily. So rather than shell out about $15 per cable (I jest you not. That is how much the cheapest some of them cost) when they get broken, I bought this adapter. In this way, I can use some of my micro USB cables to charge my wife’s iPad. Secondly, these things are small. I lost one of them recently and their small size made looking for them almost impossible. So I bought another one a few days back. The cost? $3.90. Ad that is a fraction of the price of those Apple cables. So do what I do…get one of these and use existing micro USB cables to charge iPads, iPhones ans what not. They work really well!