Lorenze Crunchips

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My wife and I often stock up on snacks whenever we watch soccer matches together. So I always buy a couple of bags of chips before a match. Just the other day when I was at the store, I came across this brand named Lorenz. I decided to buy a bag and give it a try. The flavour I got was cheese and onion. I must say that the chips were pretty nice and I ended up getting hooked on it. Looks like this is the brand that I will get in future, besides the usual Calbee and Lays

Making an Internet kill-switch

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One of my friends had this interesting project on his Facebook feed from Makezine.com and I was intrigued by it. It seems like a simple enough idea and after watching the video, I would agree that it is. very useful for you folks that have kids in the house, and you want to make sure that they go to bed. Looks like a very simple project to make and it will be useful. Check out the video below:

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Cable containment in pipes?

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I was at a client’s place and I notice that they decided to go for the option of having containment in pipes. I am not in favour of that because for one, pipes make it very difficult to pull cables through. Secondly, it takes several pipes to handle only very few cables (like HDMI and the like). But then again, that is what they chose so that is the way it is going to be.

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Swansea – 0 vs Manchester United – 4

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A very, very good game. A bit nervy at first with Swansea testing us. We could not make much against Swansea as they had five defenders, one of them being the fantastic Argentinian Fernandez. But we piled pressure on them like crazy and it was only on the cusp of half-time that Eric Bailly scored! What a way to end the first half with Manchester United in the lead!

When the second-half started, we piled more pressure on. Then a bit later in the second-half, Jose took off Mata and Rashford and introduced Fellaini and Martial. And that is when the magic happened. In the 80th minute, Lukaku scored! Then one minute later, Martial scored! Not to be outdone, one minute later, Pogba scored! Three goals in the space of four minutes! What a score!

And that is how it ended. Swansea – 0 and Manchester United – 4. We are top of the table but this is only the second week of the 2017 / 2018 season. We cannot get too over-confident. Let us keep a clean sheet. Oh yeah…I gotta say this…Glory Glory Manchester United! Keep the red flag flying high!

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Over-sized lampshade

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I saw this lamp-shade at someone’s office. it was huge…really huge. Looking at this, and then looking at the size of my small apartment…

But I must admit…it is nice. I like it.

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Black CEE form 16A plug and socket

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Someone was advertising these black CEE form plugs and sockets on one of those sale groups on Facebook and I decided to buy a sample to try it out. They are not too bad and the seller obviously got it from Taobao because I saw many such plugs on sale there. The seller told me something that makes a lot of sense…these plugs and sockets are handy for shows where they must be hidden from plain site…unlike the white and blue ones which can be seen, especially in dark theatres. These plugs are rated at 16A single-phase and the price I paid for them is quite competitive. Will try them out and see how they are,

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The inside of a drink vending machine

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We have all seen vending machines like these. The Japanese though take it to another level, with machines that are able to dispense stuff like tinned bread and even to some that dispense used lady undergarments! But machines like these are always welcome on hot days, when one needs a cooling drink. Just yesterday I saw such vending machine being refilled. The person responsible for filling it just filled it up with cans. I was curious as to which part of the machine does the actual refrigeration of the cans and I saw that the middle section was closed off. That was probably the refrigerator section. Then I saw that near the door was a small machine, which I suspect is a sensor that probably tells the company when the machine can be refilled. It probably has a SIM card or something that sends SMSes or something…I am not sure. But it is interesting nonetheless, to see the innards of a machine like that.

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