ASUS RT-N12 Wireless-N router

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I got just about sick and tired of my routers giving up on me. First it was mt Linksys WRT54G and then it was my Linksys WRT54GC. The WRT54GC router went one small step further by having liquid, which I presumed to be electrolite, leaking out of the power adapter. So after a few days of using my trusty TP-Link WR702N, I finally bought this Asus router.

Now I am no stranger to this router. I used it once or rather, a few times when I was in charge of a project in Malaysia in 2014. This router was set up and while I had my misgivings about the router at first, it finally gained my respect. I used it a lot, secretly wishing that I had one but at that time, my router was working fine and I saw no reason to change…until now.

When I went to Sim Lim Square yesterday to buy this router, I had my sights at first on a D-Link Cloud router that I used at my workplace. But after some deliberation, I decided to go and get the router that I had my sights on two years ago, which was this router. I mean, I needed a router and I might as well get the one that I was after right? So after paying $55, the router was mine and I took it back home

Setting up the router could not have been more simpler. You hook up to it via a LAN cable, it starts up and then you can use a wizard to configure it. It does almost everything for you. In a matter of minutes, I was up and running and the router was working fine. The only thing I wish this router fad is the support for the 5GHz band that many others do. But then again, I suppose for the price I paid, it really does not matter. One thing I love about this router is the range of the signal. It really throws it far and I am very happy with it. Also the guest wifi mode. That means that when you have guests in your house, you can give them wifi access with no worries at all. Its menu is easy to use and well, I guess I realise that I made a wise choice in buying it

In case you are wondering if you should buy this router, why ever not? It is great router with great features. I am really happy with my purchase and it is a safe bet that you would be too

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Protest outside Singapore Embassy in Jakarta

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We lost our 6th President of Singapore, Mr SR Nathan, when he passed away on Monday the 22nd. Condolences books were opened at our embassies all over the world for people to send their condolences. But then you have these bloody bastards in Jakarta Indonesia. They took this opportunity to launch a protest at the Singapore Embassy in Jakarta, during condolence signing, to put their point across that they disapproved over the alleged mistreatment of a retired Indonesian senior general, Lieutenant General (retired) Suryo Prabowo, in Changi Airport. He was being screened…as part of border security and was allowed to board his flight later

I have nothing against what you fellas want to do in your goddam country. You can do what you want. But when our ex-President passes away, and his condolence signing is marred by your protesters, carrying slogans asking Singapore to apologise or be prepared for war, I take umbrage at that. Try to fight us you bloody bastards, especially you motherfuckers from Pemuda Panca Marga. Don’t you ever threaten my country, you got that?

Linksys router dead

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I had a rather unpleasant surprise the other day, a couple of days back in fact, when my Linksys WRT54G router decided to die on me. So I took out the power supply, which was very hot to the touch, and decided to measure the voltage. Bloody hell. It was measured at 18 volts DC instead of its nominal 12 volts! Just to ensure that I was not seeing things, I measured it again. True enough…18 volts! I thought that the heat had something to do with it so I promptly replaced the power supply with an Extron 12 volt power supply that I had on hand. I measure that…12 volts so I thought it would be ok. Hooked it up and the router started working again…only to have it die on me a few minutes later!

So I broke out the old Linksys WRT54GC router and will be using that until I get a new one. Bloody hell…a day of configuring, re-configuring and Internet downtime. But I must be thankful to this old WRT54G router. It gave many years of sterling service but nothing lasts forever. Thanks Linksys!

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Rest in peace Mr SR Nathan, 6th President of Singapore

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It takes a very special man to be the President of The Republic of Singapore and former President SR Nathan was one of them. At 2148hrs this evening, this great man passed away. Very much loved by Singaporeans, respected by those overseas and a skilled negotiator to boot, President Nathan will never be forgotten. You will always be remembered as a kind and good man Mr Nathan. Rest in peace sir.

Liverpool losing to Burnley

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The day before yesterday, Liverpool lost to Burnley. There were many out there who were optimistic before the match started…”Oh. It’s only Burnley” they said. What these Liverpool fans did not count on was to give Liverpool a bollocking. What made it extra sweet for me was the Burnley goalkeeper and captain was an ex-Manchester United player, going by the name of Tom Heaton. Then yesterday, while trawling the forums, I came across this. Now this made me laugh! Poor Klopp. I wonder what is going through his mind or how would he react of he saw this?

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Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong collapsed during NDR 2016

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Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong was delivering his National Day Rally speech, something he does every year. This year took an unfortunate twist. At about 2120hrs, he was shown teetering to his right and he collapsed. In any case, we were waiting with baited breath, wondering if there was anything wrong with him. But being the strong fella he is, he was attended to and slightly an hour later, he came back and continued his speech. Take care PM Lee. Get better soon

Phuc Long?

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I do not know about the rest of you but this got my attention🙂 I remember it was our last day in Vietnam and my wife and I were walking back to our hotel. We wanted to have some Vietnamese coffee so we went looking for a good coffeeshop to have some. We passed by this one and then decided against it. Was it the name that changed our mind? Maybe. I remember my wife and I having a good laugh over it but then we realised that it is not really nice to laugh at someone’s name, especially since it is in a foreign land where names mean everything. In the end, we chose to go to a small coffeeshop near our hotel and decided to eat there…and have coffee.

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