Quit smoking now!

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Today marks my ninth month of quitting smoking. In this time, I have saved about $1400 from not buying cigarettes…cigarettes that can harm me and those around me. How appropriate this picture is…showing the day of the month I quit. Thanks to HumanHealthProject for this pic


Chains falling off shared bikes

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We first had the problem of people parking share-bikes indiscriminately, causing lots of issues. Lots of complaints came about, saying bikes were dumped here and there. Now there is a new problem. I took a picture of this MoBike with a derailed chain. No one knows how to fix it. The proper way would be for people to take pics and report it to MoBike. Another way is for MoBike to send roving patrols out to search for bikes like these and take them back to be fixed. The thing is, one can use the MoBike app ad report a spoilt MoBike but people are lazy by nature, and will not do that. on my personal capacity, I have reported quite a few of them but it was done in my spare time. If these chains are not fixed, people will avoid them. These bikes will stay spoilt until they are fixed. So how do we solve this? Hopefully Mobike reads this blog and see what can be done to alleviate this situation.

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Crossed network cables

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You never know a day when you will required crossed cables. I just found a need for it yesterday morning when i joined two old network switches together. Remember, do not take for granted that all switches can use straight network cables. If you do not have any in your tool-bag, make some now and keep them there

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10 hours of jazz music

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Sometimes, that is what you need to relax the mind, body and soul. I came across this today while searching for some non-stop music to test my sound-system in a project i am working on. This music is the best to use for such tests. It appeals to all and is not hard-hitting or irritating.

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SGBikes tandem share bike

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I had to do a double-take when I saw this tandem share-bike by SGBikes. I mean, there are a few share bikes companies in Singapore. Examples are OFO and MoBike. OBike has ceased operations already. But back to this share bike. This is a great idea…and can be a fun ride for husband and wife. I might try it when I see it and get my wife a long as well.

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Spy-cams are almost everywhere these days

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There was an article in The Today newspaper about spy-cams like these being easily available in Singapore to spy on people, for all the wrong reasons. Take this hook-camera for instance. From afar, it just looks like a normal hook that one can find in toilet cubicles, changing rooms and even toilets. But if you look carefully, you can see that there is a small pinhole camera in it. That hook spy-cam (for want of a better name or description) is used by voyeurs to discretely film and photograph people when they least expect it. These kits are easily bought and can be found in places like Sim Lim Tower or even bought online. I always make it a point to check the premises where i am in case I come across spy-cams like these. All of you reading this blog should do that too

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Hanging mics on a stage

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I have a client who stubbornly wants to suspend mics above the stage in his premises….using hanging mics…you know, the ones that you normally see for choirs. I told him that it would not be the best of ideas as there could be lots of issues that could crop up. however, he said that he still wanted them. So I decided to tell him of the issues. I based it on what I read on Shure’s website…very helpful to dictate to people who insist on it:

Remember the following when using overhead microphones:

  • Placement of these microphones is often dictated by the constraints of the stage set. Take into consideration when possible, the position of the actors on stage and install mics accordingly. Planned scenery for a production may make installed overheads unusable due to space limitations or reflection of sound.
  • Remember that actors project their voice to the audience. An overhead microphone, if pointed straight down, is pointed at the top of someone’s head. Speech is not as intelligible from that vantage point as much of the high frequency content is lost. At the same time, the microphone can be picking up both the reflected sounds off the surface of the stage, as well as mechanical or air handling noise from above. When combined with direct sound, this will provide poor audio quality.
  • For most reinforcement applications, stick with a unidirectional polar pattern. The mic should be hung with the element aimed back at the actor’s position on stage. How far above can be determined by the amount of visibility you are willing to accept, although these mics work best 2 to 4 feet above head level. Remember these mics will not give you the same performance as a headworn mic or lavalier mic.

Good advice for all and well worth a read. I put it on this blog so I can refer to it when i need it.