Powercon extension cable

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The only thing I do not like about powered speakers (or active speakers as they are referred to sometimes) is the fact that I have to run two cables per speaker. One is a power cable and another is a signal cable. Sometimes, if I am lucky, there is a power socket near the placement of the the powered speaker. If there is not, then what I have to do is to break out an extension cable. I did just that with an event a couple of days back. I was running two Turbosound iQ15 speakers. I had to connect one of the speakers to a power supply, and the daisy chain the power from that first speaker to the second one using this Powercon extender. I found this to be the best way ti power both the speakers and the Powercon worked a treat. I do not have any powered speakers in my inventory but it looks like if I do, I have to get extensions like these.

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Maruni professional microphone cable

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I came upon some leftover microphone cable while tidying up my office. I asked anyone of they knew who wanted it but they said that they had no use for it. So I took the coil of cable home and decided to solder up some new XLR cables. These cables are supposedly Japanese made, with the brand name Maruni. But when I searched the Internet, all I could find of these cables online was on China sites like Taobao and Aliexpress. Another link pointed to a Facebook page in Malaysia. So I suppose that these cables are Malaysian made but sold as Japanese cables. To be honest, they seem pretty well made with a copper braided shield. They solder very well and look and feel pretty good. I soldered them up to some XLR connectors I had lying around and soon I had two XLR leads. Looking forward to trying them out soon. I dare say that they will be great. Gotta get myself a roll of these cables for projects next time…

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Bicycle Thief at JetCycle bike store

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This fella was caught red-handed by the store’s security camera. This happened at a local Singapore bike shop named JetCycle and was posted in their Facebook group. I do not understand what is wrong with this fella. He can obviously afford the light he stole but yet he chooses to steal it and gets infamous on the Internet. Well buddy, it is a small country and you will soon be brought to “light”

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Manchester United – 4 Everton – 0

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In a couple of hours time, Manchester United will be facing Everton. It will be an emotional game (I think) for two players on each of the opposing teams. First of all, for Wayne Rooney, it will be a return to his old stomping ground, Old Trafford. On the other hand, Romelu Lukaku will be facing his old club, Everton. Everton got quite a shock mid last week when they lost to an Italian club in the Europa League so Ronald Koeman will be desperate to make up for that loss. Manchester United, on the other hand, will be trying to make up the goal difference that Manchester City has over them, after the six goal drubbing of Watford yesterday. So, call it what you will, but this is going to be one intense match!

********** EDITOR’S NOTE after the match **********

What a game it was! Antonio Valencia started the scoring with a thunderous volley in the opening minutes of the game. This was followed by an almost goal in the 64th minute when Juan Mata took a free kick which hit the post! Damn. We could have been two up by then but it was not mean to be. But that changed in the 82nd minute when Henrikh Mkhitaryan scored the second goal! Lovely interception by Fellaini that helped it! But that was not all. In the 89th minute, Lukaku took a free kick that bounced off the wall, got bandied around and made it’s way back to Lukaku who scored! 3 – 0! I was going crazy! But that is not all. Martial comes on and then there was a penalty for united when one of our ex-players Morgan Schneiderlin was caught with a handball. A bit unfair if you ask me because the referee pointed to the spot. Martial converted it and it was a final 4 – 0 score!

It was a bit sad when the camera panned towards Rooney a few times. he looked a bit upset to see his team being decimated at his old stomping ground. But that is football. 4 – 0 is the score. Glory glory!

Yep. The bloody F1 is here again

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And I here I thought we were going to tell Bernie Ecclestone and his group of organisers that they could go forth and multiply. Apparently, no, because the damn F1 is here again. Say hello to weeks of bus diversions, inconvenience around the pit area in Shenton Way, air pollution, expensive food and drink trackside and a whole lot more. Don’t believe me? Check out this one for proof. This company Saybons (who make overpriced French food by the way) charge $10 per crepe and $12 per can of beer. To say nothing about $12 mee goreng at that place too. That is why I have never supported this F1 thingy in Singapore since the start and I am not about to support it now. It is just a waste of time

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Rest in peace Harry Dean Stanton

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I am pretty sad to hear about Harry Dean Stanton’s passing at the age of 91. I first came across him in Repo Man and I saw that he had acted in many shows in his acting career. He acted in Combat!, Fire Down Below, Pretty In Pink, just to name a few. The man even had his own band! Debbie Harry even saw it fit to name a song after him. Rest in peace Mr Stanton

Inconsiderate people leaving trash on buses

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That is what I faced when i got on the bus yesterday. As soon as I sat down and looked on the floor, I saw this. someone had left a milky substance on the bus and it had apparently leaked from the plastic bag it was in and all over the floor. And the person who left it there did not even have the common decency to take it off the bus. Now here you have a bus full of liquid on the floor and the cleaner is going to have a field day. I just wish that people would be considerate and not just dump their garbage where they feel like it. It just makes things harder for other people.