Posh camping

28/04/2017 Leave a comment

I saw this picture online and I thought to myself…why even bother? I thought that camping was a way of roughing it out?To get away from the comforts of home? Apparently not, judging from what I see in this picture. This is strange indeed and you will not find me doing anything like this anytime soon!

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SSD prices are currently crazy

27/04/2017 Leave a comment

SSD prices are crazy now. I wanted to do an upgrade of my old Dell N5050 laptop but because of the price of SSDs, I had to reuse my old SSD, a Samsung Evo 840. The problem is, the shortage of NAND in 2017 caused the prices to soar…and I am seeing it when I go to Sim Lim and check the prices. Way too high!

However, looks like things are going to change. As I read from this article here:

According to Trendfocus, SSD pricing has jumped by as much as 36 percent in some places. The market research firm expects that price increases will be the norm throughout the rest of 2017, but once 2018 rolls around, prices could go into a free fall and return to where they were before they started rising in the first place.

That is good news. I might get an SSD for my old home computer. Then again, my old home computer is due for a change, and a change it will be…soon.

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Quirky Powercurl

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I bought this Quirky (what a name) Powercurl for my Macbook Pro adapter a few days back…say about a week back. I am now more confident about handling my Macbook power adapter with no fear of the delicate thing breaking. This is really an ingenious product and the price I paid for it is much less than it would cost me to buy a new Apple Magsafe adapter. So I would recommend this to everyone who has a Macbook. They have different sizes for different adapters.

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Broken OFO bike

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I came across a broken OFO bike this evening while I was in the Jalan Sultan area. OFO Bike is a company from china that makes rental bikes, like this one. It looks like this bike has a broken handlebar. In any case, I made a report to OFO on their Facebook page but in case they did not see it, I hope that they see this blogpost in the least

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Old man bullied at hawker centre

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This clip has been making its rounds. Apparently, this elderly gent wanted to eat some food, and heads to a table but this young woman claimed it was reserved by her. Not only that, the woman had the temerity to use vulgar words on the old man. And to add further insult to injury, she allegedly calls some young punk who shoves the old man from behind. The old man may have lost his balance if it had not been for the table.

That is the problem with our society. What the heck…why can’t you share the table? All the elderly man wants to do is eat his food. And that young punk. He was lucky that it was not me. I would have slammed his head on the table. Pick someone your own size you punk!

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How to program a Somfy remote control

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I was trying to figure out how to program this very same Somfy remote control that I had at a client’s place. Thanks to this very handy clip on Youtube, I managed to do it. However, this is for the remote with 5 settings. Mine has only one. Maybe this video below will help you

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Bosch GLM 80 range finder

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A few weeks back, while at a client’s place, I was pulling out my measuring tape to measure something, my friend reaches into his bag and pulls out this Bosch GLM 80 range finder. I thought it was pretty cool. This really will help when you want to measure high ceilings for example. I thought of getting one but then again, I thought to myself, how often will I use it? These are the specs of the unit:

  • Measures distance up to 265 ft. with up to 1/16″ accuracy
  • Built-in tilt sensor — calculates angle in two axis for more accurate measurements
  • Integrated lithium-ion battery — for up to 25,000 measurements per charge
  • Backlit display with tilt-screen technology — offers easy viewing in all directions
  • Min/max. measurement mode
  • Multi-surface area mode

I say again…a useful device to have but in my line of work, where I will be using it once in a blue moon, I will pass.

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