Nitti slip-on safety shoes

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It has been a few months since my old Krusher safety shoes “deteriorated” and started falling apart. I remember that I got really pissed when water started leaking in and for the greater part of the day, I had this uncomfortable feeling. I hate it when my feet get wet. So I needed a new pair of shoes and I duly went to buy a pair. Now I have a bit of a problem with shoes. I have big feet so finding shoes that fit me can be a problem. So at the hardware shop, I asked them for a UK size 12 pair of safety shoes. They looked and all they could find were these Nitti slip-ons. I was skeptical at first but after a few months of wearing them, I have totally embraced them and I love them. They cost me less than $50 but the peace-of-mind factor will always be there when I wear them. With no laces to tie, slipping them on and off is a breeze. Thanks Nitti!

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World Cup 2018 matches being showed in Community Centre in Singapore

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I was passing by this community centre in Kampung Glam yesterday after buying my dinner and I saw that they were screening the World Cup there. I think that this is something great to do for some households that cannot afford to subscribe to the World Cup broadcasts. This was the Sweden vs Korea match and from what I was told it was a very boring match. Still, kudos to the Community Centre for showing this.

Cold Storage cloudy apple juice

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Yesterday, when I was at a restaurant in CompassOne, eating a Father’s Day cum birthday lunch with my father-in-law and family, I was feeling pretty thirsty. I asked the restaurant if they could supply some water and they did. The dirty bastards even billed us for the water. That is one thing I cannot stand about some Chinese restaurants. The hand towels, the peanuts that they put on the table are all chargeable. Normally, I would ask them to take it back but since this was Father’s Day, I did not kick up much of a fuss.

In any case, back to the water. Those idiots served me hot water, in a glass too! On hindsight, maybe I should have ordered Chinese tea. But no matter. When the hot water was served in glasses, I took leave of the table and went downstairs to get a drink. I bought this bottle of cloudy apple juice from the Cold Storage downstairs and promptly made my way back to the restaurant. St least I was able to quench my thirst without having to wait for the hot water to cool down.

Would I recommend this apple juice? Absolutely. Would I recommend that Chinese restaurant in CompassOne? Absolutely not.

Bought the DDJ-SB3

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Well, I needed a new DJ controller and yesterday, I put my money on the DDJ-SB3. Actually, I wrote a post about it some time back. Nice controller and really feels good. The only thing I have yet to get is the Decksaver for this controller. The Decksaver will be coming in soon according to the dealer that sold this to me. When that happens, I will be able to heave a sign of relief. I had a Decksaver with my DDJ-WeGo of old and after using the Decksaver, I do not know how I lived without it. Once that happens, I can get rid of the box this controller comes in. Looking forward to using this controller at the next party I DJ at.

Royal Canin gastrointestinal cat kibbles

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My cat is far from being a fussy eater. That is because he has a very sensitive stomach. For instance, when he eats fish, he throws up. So we took him to the vet and this is what he was diagnosed with…the afore-mentioned sensitive stomach. That being said, not any dry food will do…he only can take a certain type. This Royal Canin one is the one he eats. He loves it and this dry food is really healthy for him. It may cost a little more but I can rest easy knowing that he is eating healthy kibbles that are good for him

So if your cat throws up, do yourself a favour and go to the vet. He may be prescribed this Royal Canin dry food. My cat loves it. I bet yours will too.

Portugal – 3 vs Spain – 3

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And this folks, is how it finished early this morning when Portugal Met Spain in the challenge of the Iberian Peninsular. Absolutely riveting match and this was the most exciting match today of the whole World Cup so far. Cristiano Ronaldo was absolutely amazing. Let us see how it pans out!

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Selamat Hari Raya 2018

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I would like to wish all Muslims reading this blog of mine a very Selamat Hari Raya Aidul Fitri

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