Stanley toolbox on wheels

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I saw this gentleman on the LRT with this big Stanley toolbox, on wheels. I am seriously thinking of getting this as it will really help me a lot with my work, given that I have a lot of tools to lug around. It is only a matter now of finding a shop that actually stocks this. Yep. Gotta get one

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Simple formula for living

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I found this on Facebook, but I shall leave this right here.

Don’t sweat the small stuff…because it is small stuff

The catnip fitness ball

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My wife bought this for our two cats in Korea, when she went there recently. To me, it is just a ball of catnip. But on the packaging, it was described as a catnip fitness ball. I am still trying to keep a straight face as I type this. But no matter what, my cats love it. They get all crazy over it and chase it all over the place. It was lost for a couple of days when one of the cats rolled it under a cupboard. It was found again yesterday and it will fulfil its purpose of giving my cats instant entertainment. So get it folks. Get the catnip fitness ball

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New Starhub set-top box at my mum’s place

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I was surprised when I went over to my mum’s place a couple of days back. I found out that she had a nw Starhub set-top box. Apparently, my mum’s old one was not working so Starhub, in their indefinite wisdom, decided to send two of their incompetent technicians / engineers to my mum”s place to check what was the issue. They told my mum her set-top box was spoilt and told her that they will be giving her a new one.

And give her a new one they did. But here is the catch. The new one does NOT have a built-in hard drive. No. My mum has to BUY a new external hard drive, one that was specially prepared by a sub-contractor of theirs. And she had to cough up $99 to but that 1Tb Western Digital hard drive. Now. I am not against external hard drives. I use them and I find them very convenient and useful. BUT…and here is a big BUT. I draw the line at external hard drives being used in this fashion. All that is powering the drive and accessing the data on that drive, is a single USB cable. Now. Singapore is very humid….and you know what that kind of humidity does to external hard drives, and their respective cables. That drive also is at mercy to the whims and fancies of that set-top box. What happens when my mum switches off that set top box. Will the hard drive be unmounted properly? Will the hard drive still tun even though the set-top box is on standby? I asked Starhub that question but they were unable to answer the questions. But then again, I was expecting that.

Then came the connection behind my mum’s TV. My mum’s old connection was via a 5 x RCA component and L + R. connection. When they changed the set-top box, they had to get rid of the component cables that were connecting to my mum’s connection. Now all they had was a HDMI connection. I mentioned something about humidity in Singapore and how it fouls up connections behind things like TVs and VCRs. My mum’s TV has a problem with the HDMI input because it is oxidised. So now with the new box, the picture is bad. But did that bother Starhub? Nooooooo….

So I asked Starhub to give me an explanation via email. They said they would.

Dredging the canals of Amsterdam

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I came across and got the picture above from this site and the first thing that came to my head was…so this is a problem that happens elsewhere too. We have some mischievous people here in Singapore who throw bikes, especially bike-sharing bikes, into our rivers and canals. So it looks like this deplorable act happens overseas as well. Apparently, according to the website, the city recovers as many as 20,000 bikes (and lots of other junk) from its waterways every year. Now that is a lot of bikes!

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Washing cars in Johor Bahru

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When my friends go to Johor Bahru, or JB as it is more affectionately known, they go at night. This is to avoid the crowds that stream into Malaysia during the daytime. When my friends go there, it is mostly to pump fuel, have dinner and to wash their cars. There are many such washing companies in JB, like the one pictured above. I went there with a friend of mine some time back and after pumping petrol and eating, he went to wash his car. The car washing took some time, to be honest. There were many Singapore cars waiting for a car-wash as well, as can be seen here. Finally after what took an hour, we came back to Singapore.

Why do we do that, you may ask. First of all, it is about the Malaysian ringgit vs the Singapore dollar. For quite some time, the exchange rate hovered at about 3 ringgit to one Singapore dollar. That means, stuff in Malaysia is much more inexpensive, if we compare it to stuff bought in Singapore. Plus, the food is good, and comes with free entertainment!

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First-aid kit on an LRT train carriage

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I saw this first-aid kit at the bottom of a seat on the LRT a few days back. I am glad to see that they have one but from where I was sitting when I took this picture, I did not notice anything like bandages, lotions and the like. All I see is a fire extinguisher and a torchlight. I wonder if the rest of the first-aid kit in that white thing, which I presume is box? I do not know. I sure hope that it is checked regularly and old, expired stuff is removed and changed. It is a far cry from the first-aid kits of old that I saw on buses and the like, back in the day. The contents got full of dust and looked pretty grimy. I would not use them to even treat a wound in the first place!

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