Nokia ACP-8U mobile phone charger

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I have had this charger for about 10 years now…no…make it 9 years. I found it in 2007 and have been using it ever since to charge a couple of the two Nokia mobile phones that I have left. Just the other day, I wanted to find out the reason why it could not charge my phones well. I found out that age had taken its toll on this charger. It was now putting out 6 volts instead of the stipulated 5.3 volts that it was supposed to give out. Not good, I thought, as I wistfully threw it away. It has been with me for quite a while and that is why I felt that way but I cannot risk any damage to my Nokia phones, especially my Nokia 101. Luckily I still have some NOS (new old stock) Nokia chargers so I may have to use those to charge up my mobile phones.

Deen Tiga Rasa at Golden Mile Hawker Centre

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There are some good food stalls at Golden Mile Hawker Centre and there are some bad ones. This is one example of a bad one. In the few times I have tried their food, it left a lot to be desired. Their cooking just cannot make it. And last week, when I wanted to eat a roti john. I ordered t from them and was charged $4 for a roti john that I could easily make myself at home. The French loaf was really flattened down, the ingredients were lacking and it looked more like a crepe than a lunch. I got really fed-up and told myself that this is the last time I will ever eat at this food stall. There are many other food stalls here but this one, no more.

Imitation Yamaha mixer

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I was at a client’s place a couple of days back when I came upon this imitation Yamaha mixer installed in his premises. It looked like a regular MG124cx mixer that Yamaha makes, and is mighty popular. But upon closer inspection, I discovered this:

Now I know Martin-Roland. They make a lot of stuff like wireless microphone systems and the like. But this is the very first time I have come across an outright copy of a Yamaha MG124cx board. This really left me scratching my head.

So remember you all. When you want to buy stuff for your premises, get your stuff from authorised distributors. Do not get taken in by some dishonest system integrators like the one who set up my client’s place. And to the system integrator who did so, if you are reading this, you ought to be ashamed of yourself

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Cheng Shin snake belly BMX tyres

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First of all, I would like to credit for the photo of the Cheng Shin Snake Belly BMX tyres that I bought yesterday. The tyres on my old-school BMX were about 16 years old and since I have not ridden this bike in a while, I was afraid that the older tyres would not hold out. So I went to a bike-shop near my place and found these snake belly tyres hanging from a hook. I took them down and asked for a couple of inner tubes as well. Total damage? $20. I did not argue with the price and agreed immediately! So I fixed up my bike with these new tyres and immediately I felt better.

These tyres are nice. They offer good grip on the roads and for $20, I cannot complain at all. Cheng Shin have been making quality tyres for BMX for many, many years and so I do not doubt their quality. These tyres brought new life to my old-school BMX bike and they are well worth it. Check your tyres and make sure that they are not too old. Change them if they are older than 10 years or more. I do not ride my old-school bike that much so I am pretty sure that the old tyres had hardened. Better to be safe and not sorry.

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SingTel islandwide outage

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SingTel had a pretty big outage today, since the morning-time. many, many people were affected. People were not happy and were crying foul over this. Imagine. No broadband for the whole day, in the world of today that relies a lot on the Internet for business and such. And what does SingTel do? Offer local data waivers. This has been, so far, one of the WORST outages SingTel has had for their fibre broadband. Get ready for a fine SingTel. You bloody buggers deserve it for not having contingency plans in place.

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Nalgene Oasis canteens

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Back when I was in the army, we were given water bottles for our skeleton battle order, or SBO. Those water bottles were normally passed down from recruit to recruit and so we really needed to clean them before we used them. After my stint in the army, I used to use one of the water bottles to hold my water when I used to ride my bike. I used to put it in my backpack, marvelling the fact that my tough army water bottle could handle anything. I used it for quite a while until I came upon these Nalgene Oasis water bottles

These water bottles are the same size as my army water bottles and they can even take over the duties of my army water bottles. They are cleaner and they are also translucent so we can look through them to make sure that they are clean. I bought one of them and when I am not using it for hydration purposes while riding my bike, it serves to act like a water container in my kitchen, holding water that has been boiled. Of course, being plastic, it cannot hold hot water. I wait for the water to cool down in my electric kettle before I transfer it to this water bottle. And, I might add, it is relatively inexpensive. It only cost me about $12 for this.

I bought this at the Beach Road army market. If you want, you can still get it there. I might get another one soon because I am thinking of getting back into riding to keep fit.

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StarHub and their ridiculous data travel plan

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I saw this on StarHub’s Facebook page and I think that this is plain bullshit. According to what I read, StarHub Mobile postpaid customers will be able to use the data in a single country or across multiple destinations for 30 days, starting from the date of purchase of the DataTravel plan. These destinations are: Australia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Zealand, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and The Philippines. Customers pay S$15 for 2GB of data, and S$20 for 3GB of data. The plan is billed upon purchase and has no additional monthly subscription or activation fee.

Now for all you fellas that travel, the best thing to do will be to buy a local data SIM in the country you are visiting. Take my trip to Vietnam for example. The data SIM was so cheap to buy (about $7 for 9Gb of data) and served me so well, who needs StarHub and their rip-off prices? $15 for 2Gb of data? That is rip-off by any amount. Take my advice…screw StarHub and their so-called data travel plan. Don’t take my word for it. Do a search on the Internet. They will corroborate my story

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