Entertainment at Johore Bahru outdoor eating places

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About a week ago, some friends and I went to Johore Bahru. We went there to get some groceries and to eat. We selected one of the many outdoor eating places to have our food. I went for a Ramly Burger that was very nicely cooked and my friends bought their own food. But the best thing had to be the entertainment. Just next to the table I was sitting at, there was this screen upon which they were screening movies from the cable network. The show being shown was Spectre. All I can say is, dinner was a very enjoyable experience. I doubt they can do the same in Singapore. The copyright police would come down hard on any eating establishment that does try to do that!

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Selamat Hari Raya Aidul Fitri 2017

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Like to wish all my friends, family and colleagues a Selamat Hari Raya Aidul Fitri.

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1983 A Taste Of Nanyang

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A couple of weeks back, while at Marina Bay Sands, my friends and I decided to drop by this place to get some food. This place was 1983, A Taste Of Nanyang. The reason I ate there is because one of my friends is Muslim and thus can only eat halal food. So we came here because there were some halal certified stalls there. Something inside me warned me not to eat there after I surveyed the stalls and I was found to be right…and that was after I ordered my food.

I ordered the nasi briyani. What they plopped on my plate was some yellow-coloured rice…which did not taste like briyani….at all. Then the stall helper poured curry all over my rice despite me telling him that I wanted it in a seperate bowl. Not wanting to waste food, I grudgingly accepted it. And the fried chicken that came with my nasi briyani? let us say that it did not even look like fried chicken. It was just like a piece of chicken lightly smeared with batter and then fried. And it was not cheap too! Let us just say that I had to eat an expensive, bland, tasteless lunch.

So would I recommend it? Nope. never again. Don’t even think of spending your money there. It is not worth it. If you are looking for something cheaper to eat, try the Livewire Sports outlet. The food there is better and cheaper too!

Belden 1813A microphone cable

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I have been using Belden cables for my microphones for years. The only other brand that I think that can match them are probably Canare cables. Both of them are equally good and I have never had any of them fail on me. I just managed to get myself some Belden cable the other day and these are going to be made into signal cables for powered speakers. I am going to terminate them to some Neutrik XLR connectors and I will be rocking!

Radio Design Labs TX-A2D balanced to unbalanced converter

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I need something like this for my arsenal of audio tools. Like some time back, I had a request from a customer to record their AGM. I have a Behringer UCA-202 USB audio device but the inputs are unbalanced. So from the sound board, I take a balanced output and send send it to the Behringer. I can also take a feed from the headphone out but what if the console is far away?. I also have at my disposal an Extron BUC 102 but that one requires a power supply. This one does not. And it is pretty small…just like what audio tools should be.

Classy BMW motorcycle

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A couple of days back, I went with a few friends to Johore Bahru. While refuelling at a petrol station, I happened to look out of the car and saw this real classy BMX motorbike. The fella that was riding it obviously knew what a good bike it was. Everyone was having a gander at it, and the eye-catching LEDs behind the BMX logo on the fuel tank. But the thing that “ruined” it was the pillows and mattresses behind. But then again, we cannot fault the rider. This might be the only ride he has and he was probably going home with these for his family. Nice bike all the same!

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Ribena Sparkling Apple and Blackcurrant

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Just the other day, I was feeling thirsty so I went to get myself a drink. I came across this drink and I thought to myself…why not. Let’s give it a try. Unfortunately, I regretted from the very first sip I tried. It is too sweet. So I abandoned it for good old mineral water and I felt much better. So bear in mind…this is a nice drink but in my opinion, it is too sweet.

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