Philips 008 AM transistor radio

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I used to have this Philips AM transistor radio in the 80s. It served as my radio away from home and kept me company on long bus-rides as it was small and portable. During my National Service days, I used to listen to this radio in my bunk and it served me well. I used to tune in to Malaysian radio stations and even some Singapore radio stations with it. It was powered on two AA cell batteries and the it drew very little power. I do not know what happened  to it but I think after a while I just discarded it. Just looking at this picture brings back lots of memories for me. Thanks to Todocolleccion for this awesome photo.

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Karl Lagerfeld loved cats

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I heard the sad news that fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld loved cats. His cat, named Choupette, is now an orphan. If Karl Lagerfeld loved cats, that is good enough for me. Rest in peace Karl Lagerfeld.

Permaplug-like industrial electrical socket

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I saw this socket in use by a camera crew a week or so back and I am wondering where to get it. It is a lot like my Permaplug sockets that I have but this one has a different orientation and it will come in useful for some projects I have. If anyone knows the brand-name of this socket and where to get it from, please let me know

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Chelsea – 0 vs Manchester United – 2

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In a few hours from now, it is going to be the FA Cup Round 5 match between Chelsea and Manchester United. Chelsea just recently took a 6 – 0 drubbing from Manchester City. They will be hungry, and not to mention angry about that. They will not allow another Manchester club beat them again. I take it they will be going out to do some damage. We will be without Lingard and Martial, who picked up injuries in the game against PSG. This will be another test of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. Let us do this boys!

———- REPORT ———-

Well we won the match, just as I predicted we would. Ander Herrera scored the first goal with a lovely header in the 30th minute and Paul Pogba had a second goal in the 45th minute just before half-time. Ole is indeed at the wheel as all the fans are singing and with that, Chelsea is out of the FA Cup. Keep going lads!

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StageMaster XLR cables

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My client bought these pre-made XLR cables by a company named StageMaster. They were pretty well-made too and came with coloured collars to put on the cables for easy identification. I have never used pre-made cables and I always used to make my own cables. However, I was quite surprised at the quality of these, which were pretty good. So if you do not want to make your own cables, you can buy these. They can be pretty pricey though

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Mercedes EQ17D parking in motorcycle lot got served

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This picture was being circulated like crazy on social media these past few days. Apparently, the driver of this Mercedes with licence plate EQ17D got his just desserts when he parked in a motorcycle lot. Someone put a trashbin on his car, as can be seen in the pic above. Now…there are other ways of making sure that the driver gets penalised for such a selfish act but sometimes, when you want the inconsiderate driver to get the message loud and clear, this what some might do. I am not an advocate of this way of punishing someone but boy did I find it amusing. This fella won’t be parking indiscriminately anytime again soon!

Crown DSi 1000 power amplifier

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One of the installs I have done features this excellent Crown DSi 1000. This series of power amplifiers offers four models of 500W, 800W, 1,200W, and 2,100W per channel at 4 ohms. Onboard digital signal processing includes crossovers, EQ filters, delay and output limiting. Rear panel HD-15 connector provides input/output connectivity between DSi amplifiers and the new DSi-8M System Monitor. It was actually designed for cinemas but I think it suits our design just fine. It has two Phoenix connectors behind it so it negates the need for XLRs. The speaker outputs are screw terminals and those work out just fine. Features of these series are:

  • Includes three models of 500W, 800W, and 1200W per channel at 4 ohms
  • Automatic presets for popular JBL cinema speaker systems for quick, easy configuration
  • Intuitive front-panel LCD screen guides installers through setup
  • Onboard digital signal processing includes crossovers, EQ filters, delay, and output limiting
  • Computer connectivity via USB allows fast setup and configuration with HiQnet™ System Architect™ software
  • Rear-panel HD-15 connector provides easy input/output connectivity between DSi amplifiers and new DSi-8M System Monitor
  • Switch-mode universal power supply
  • All products fill 2U rack spaces and weigh under 19 pounds
  • Barrier strip outputs, removable Phoenix-style input

I like this amplifier. it is a small unit that only utilises 2U of rack-space. Only issue is the price. I am pretty sure that this is not the cheapest one out there. I suppose if I strike the lottery one day, I will get one of these to power my system at home

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