Truck front wheel with missing nut

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I was walking near my workplace and I happened to glance down while walking past a lorry. i saw that this lorry had a missing nut on its front wheel. This is not safe at all and the tendency for the wheel to come off just became more of a reality. You can see what happens below with trucks with runaway tires. They can be quite dangerous!

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Costs and taxes are going to rise says Lee Hsien Loong

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I’ll just leave this here for today

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Kopitiam near Lavender MRT station

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I swear. Sometimes I can be a glutton for punishment, in more ways than one. Yesterday, I went with my wife to get some dinner. We decided against McDonald’s and chose the Kopitiam next door to it. I remember that I had a bone of contention the last time I patronised that place and I did write a post about it. However, my wife felt like eating there and so we went there, despite my misgivings

My wife ordered a kway chap and I ordered some mixed vegetable rice. My wife complained about the blandness of the food the moment she took the first tasting of it. I listened to her complaint and then took a taste of mine. Equally bland, I felt as well. I then told her that I needed a drink and I remembered the last time I came here and how overpriced it was. So I went to get the drink and guess what…$1.70 for a can of Cole Zero!

Now some of you readers are going to say things like the rent is high and those prices are justified. I don’t agree. The cost price of those cans is only somewhere in the range of 50 cents each. Do not ask me how I know the wholesale price, but I know. So they mark up a dollar more and sell it.

So I will now say this…avoid this place. It serves bland, overpriced food and the drinks are not cheap. I should have stuck with McDonald’s or Subway!

Mackie 802VLZ4

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I am seriously thinking of getting this mixer to replace my old Yamaha MG82cx. There is nothing wrong with my Yamaha mixer but I feel that this Mackie 802VLZ4 has got more options when it comes to the number of balanced inputs that I require for some shows. I realised that when I did a show fairly recently and I found that the sound was lacking and also the lack of balanced inputs were causing me issues. This Mackie 802VLZ4 has got more options and I think that it will serve me better. I did a post some time back on the previous generation of this mixer and the specs are pretty much the same. This mixer is gonna cost me about $300 but I think it will be worth it

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Manchester United – 4 Newcastle – 1

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We met Newcastle at Old Trafford today. Our defence was not the best because we let in a goal early. I really felt pissed as I saw that Lindelof slipped at the crucial moment. However, we made up for that by a lovely header from Martial, after a brilliant assist from Paul Pogba, who still looked sharp despite having been sidelined for injuries. But it did not stop there. Just before the half-time whistle, Ashley Young fed a beautiful pass to Chris Smalling and he headed that pass in, making the score 2 – 1!

After the first half, I was telling my wife…let us have some more to make up on that goal difference. And then it happened. Juan Mata, who must have read my mind, kicked the ball to Rashford, who deftly headed it into the path of a charging Paul Pogba, who scored, making it 3 – 1! I was almost losing it by then and my wife was too! So we decided to wait and see what happened…and we were not disappointed. Romelu Lukaku caught the Newcastle defence sleeping and sent the ball to the back of the net. 4 – 1! I was ecstatic! All through the game, I had this old phrase I recall from the 1999 final: “Can Manchester United Score? They always score!” And score we did. GGMU!!!

Unethical practices in the entertainment industry in Singapore

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I was sent this by a friend of mine, who happened to come across this clipping that was published in the newspapers, a public apology of sorts. It looks like for 12 months, these two people Lynn Koh and Elaine Soh, while in the employ of an event company, diverted business to another company named The Event Experience. They were found out and I think were taken to court and as a result, were probably asked to put up this notice. This is an unethical as it is. And the thing is, this is the news that we know. Just imagine what we do not know.

Firefox Quantum

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My Firefox got updated to the new Firefox Quantum today. It was and is very exciting all the time to get new stuff and I always look forward to it. First of all, this new version of Firefox is much faster and I dare say, leaner than the older version. Unfortunately, some of my extensions cannot run in this, such as my downloader extension aka DownThemAll. I use this a lot to download my Linux ISOs and the like. Some other extensions are not compatible with this new version of Firefox Quantum and the new GUI takes some getting used to. I suppose it will improve once the feedback gets sent to them and that is what this post in this blog is for.

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