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Best LAN cable tester I have used

31/08/2016 Leave a comment

About 14 years ago, I started working for a semiconductor company and I remember they had one damn good cable tester. This is the one above. Till today, I have been looking for the same one but I have been unable to find it. It does not matter much to me anymore because I have a cable tester built into my cable tracer. But all the same, it would be great to have this in my arsenal of tools

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Mackie Thumps powering a block party in Haji Lane

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A few days back, I was with some friends at a block party in Haji Lane. Haji Lane is a quaint little place in Singapore with all kinds of shops and bars and this place was one of them. I had written an article about the Mackie Thumps before and I did not think that they were great speakers to get but for the money you pay for them, I suppose you get what you pay for, But these Thumps, in that Haji Lane area, were LOUD. But then again, it was an all-vinyl party so it was not the clearest of audio but still, it was loud and clear. I suppose for small block parties ike these, these will have to suffice…and suffice they did!

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Rite Pizza

29/08/2016 Leave a comment

While throwing some stuff away at a roadside bin one evening, I came across these pizza boxes next to the bin. Looks like there is another pizza brand in town named Rite Pizza. I have never heard of them before but it looks like I might give them a try one day. Interesting…the stuff you find near litter bins…

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Lagun Sari in the news because of Sunato Zaidi

28/08/2016 Leave a comment

My friend got married at Lagun Sari in 2003. I still remember that lovely restaurant that is very popular among wedding couples, especially Malay wedding couples tying the knot. But unfortunately, Lagun Sari is in the news for all the wrong reasons. Why? because of this guy above, Sunato Bin Zaidi. Apparently, Sunato had allegedly pocketed the deposits of clients such as this lady, and because of that, he was subsequently fired from Lagun Sari, and the notice above appeared in the Berita Harian. It basically says that Sunato is no longer in their employ and he is therefore not authorised to handle any transactions, monetary or otherwise, on behalf of Lagun Sari

The Straits times has a report here and another website, has another. Let us hope this fella is brought to justice


The haze is back

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This was a picture taken this morning and it looks like the bloody haze is back. Those bloody plantation owners in Indonesia are the cause for this haze period and given how corrupted the whole damn country is, no amount of talks with these recalcitrant people will end this issue that we face every year. Oh well. Time to break out the face masks again

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Straits Times made a boo-boo regarding Mr SR Nathan

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This is not the first time The Straits Times has made a boo-boo with regards to wrong information being printed. This time it was on the death of Mr SR Nathan, the 6th President of Singapore, who passed away a few days back. In the paper, the reporter Chong Zi Liang erroneously attributed the fact that Mr Nathan was the first elected president. That is simply not true. The first elected president of Singapore was in fact Mr Ong Teng Cheong

I do not blame Chong Zi Liang wholly for this mistake. People make mistakes. The proofreaders and copywriters need to be blamed as well. In any case, the Straits Times apologised for the error so all is good

ASUS RT-N12 Wireless-N router

25/08/2016 1 comment

I got just about sick and tired of my routers giving up on me. First it was my Linksys WRT54G and then it was my Linksys WRT54GC. The WRT54GC router went one small step further by having liquid, which I presumed to be electrolite, leaking out of the power adapter. So after a few days of using my trusty TP-Link WR702N, I finally bought this Asus router.

Now I am no stranger to this router. I used it once or rather, a few times when I was in charge of a project in Malaysia in 2014. This router was set up and while I had my misgivings about the router at first, it finally gained my respect. I used it a lot, secretly wishing that I had one but at that time, my router was working fine and I saw no reason to change…until now.

When I went to Sim Lim Square yesterday to buy this router, I had my sights at first on a D-Link Cloud router that I used at my workplace. But after some deliberation, I decided to go and get the router that I had my sights on two years ago, which was this router. I mean, I needed a router and I might as well get the one that I was after right? So after paying $55, the router was mine and I took it back home

Setting up the router could not have been more simpler. You hook up to it via a LAN cable, it starts up and then you can use a wizard to configure it. It does almost everything for you. In a matter of minutes, I was up and running and the router was working fine. The only thing I wish this router fad is the support for the 5GHz band that many others do. But then again, I suppose for the price I paid, it really does not matter. One thing I love about this router is the range of the signal. It really throws it far and I am very happy with it. Also the guest wi-fi mode. That means that when you have guests in your house, you can give them wi-fi access with no worries at all. Its menu is easy to use and well, I guess I realise that I made a wise choice in buying it

In case you are wondering if you should buy this router, why ever not? It is great router with great features. I am really happy with my purchase and it is a safe bet that you would be too

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