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Zichuan Ong, you are one sick asshole

31/12/2015 Leave a comment

There are some people who deserve to get themselves slugged by a baseball bat and this asshole Zichuan Ong probably fits in that category. There was a horrible accident on the PIE yesterday and a man lost his life and what does this asshole say? Read this screen capture above. Zichuan Ong. Karma is a bitch. A man lost his life. By saying that, it makes you an asshole that was not brought up properly. You might want to go and re-evaluate your life.

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SAF army jack-knife

30/12/2015 Leave a comment

When I was in the army, we were given this jack-knife. I remember that it was a simple tool but it was a boon for us servicemen opening cans, while out in the field. It was, and I always say this, a cheaper version of a Swiss knife. I still have mine, still in its original box…unused. That is because I had a Swiss knife on me when I went camping and that made all the difference!

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Manchester United – 0 Chelsea – 0

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I watched the match and our lads played with fire…attacking football all the way. There were some clear chances and both sides came really close to scoring, thanks to the great saves done by the two magnificent goalkeepers. That is the spirit Manchester United. Keep forging ahead!

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Marie biscuits for tea

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I remember back in the 70s, my mother used to make us a tea-time snack of butter spread on these Marie biscuits. I thought that Marie biscuits were only available in our region. But after reading Wikipedia, I found that it is not the case. These Marie biscuits are famous throughout the world. They can be found in places like India, Africa and even in the Nordic countries like Finland. What I used to do was to dip the biscuit in tea and make it slightly soft and then eat it. My wife just bought a whole packet of them a couple of days back to make the base of a cheese-cake. Yep, there will be some left over and I am going too savour them as a tea-time snack, and remind myself of what it was like when I was growing up

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Compass Point now renamed 1 Sengkang Mall in a typical WTF incident

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I love Compass Point. I have been there many times and have even done events there. That mall with its unique name and theme had long endeared itself to many a shopper in that vicinity. Then we hear that Compass Mall is going to go through a facelift…a renovation period. So they hold a contest to find a new name and after that exercise, after a winner received $1000 for “creating” the new name, the suburban mall will be known as 1 Sengkang Mall when it reopens after renovations next year. Talk about a lack of creativity. What is wrong with Compass Point? It reminds me of the time when $400000 was spent to rename Marina Bay…Marina Bay. Pfft!

D-Link TS-BT35F08 Bluetooth receiver

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I was at a friend’s place yesterday evening for Christmas. After all had been said and done, my friend took out this D-Link Bluetooth receiver and plugged it into a pair of monitor speakers. I must say I was doubtful about this little gadget for a while especially since I had trouble pairing it with my MI Pad. But after a lot of trial and error, I finally got it connected and the sound…oh the sound…it was fabulous! All evening long, we enjoyed music from my collection of music, and brought the true meaning of Christmas home. Interesting little gadget. Must look it up.

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Merry Christmas 2015

25/12/2015 Leave a comment

A good friend of mine had this T-shirt that read:

Let’s rejoice and make good cheer

For Christmas comes but once a year

A very Merry Christmas 2015 to you all and God bless you and your families

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