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Domestic helper carrying soldier’s knapsack

31/03/2017 Leave a comment

I was reminded about this very shameful picture, showing a foreign domestic worker carrying a soldier’s field-pack. This made the news on social media about 6 years ago but I only just was reminded of it today. Sad really. Some of our kids are really pampered and if this is the state of them now, I wonder how in the hell they are going to defend Singapore when the need arises. You can still see school kids with their school bags carried by their domestic helpers. I wonder if this kid was one of them!


The SMRT (Formerly TIBS) bendy bus

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It has been quite some time since I sat in one of those long “bendy” buses so I was very privileged to sit in one a few weeks back. I remember asking myself, whenever I sat in one, how skillful the bus-driver must be to steer and maneuver this long bus in traffic. And if you want to know what it looks like, here is a picture of it, courtesy of Public Transport SG:

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Soteco industrial vacuum cleaner

29/03/2017 Leave a comment

I have been using this industrial vacuum cleaner these past few days. I am the project manager of a project and the interior decorator cum main contractor put this vacuum cleaner there for our use. It is a good vacuum and does the job exceedingly well. It does not need S-Bags like the Philips vacuum cleaner I have at home. All it has is one conical filter under the blue “head” there which houses the motor. The greater part of the white enclosure is just that…an enclosure to trap all the rubbish.

When I started using it yesterday, the suction was very weak. So I took the blue head off, extracted the conical filter and proceeded to give it a good dusting down. I tell you, the amount of dust that fell off it was simply mind-boggling. Anyhow, after dusting off the filter, I put it back in the white housing, latched the head back on and what a difference! It was working like a charm!

I really have to see if I can get an industrial vacuum for the house. Given the high cost of those bloody S-Bags that my vacuum uses, I bet I could pay off the cost of one of these!

Water heater in coffeeshop

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Whenever we want to have a hot cup of coffee at home, we always put the kettle on to boil the water for it. That is all well and good but how about coffeeshops? Well, they use a water heater, a heater that keeps the water piping hot. I have been to some older coffeeshops, like Heap Seng Leong, where the water is kept on the boil always by a slow fire under a container of water. This coffeeshop uses a water heater which is in fact a big, rectangular kettle. You can also see the “coffee socks” that the guy that makes the coffee uses. Because of the heat of the heater, the socks are washed and put near the heater to try, making use of the heat emanating from the heater. I wonder what the electricity consumption of this heater is. Heaters consume copious amounts of electricity.

Lawrence Wong and the HDB issue

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This fellow Lawrence Wong is a real work of art. He warned people not to assume that all old HDB flats will be automatically eligible for the Selective En bloc Redevelopment Scheme, or SERS. Apparently, he said that for the vast majority of HDB flats, the leases will eventually run out, and the flats will be returned to HDB, who will in turn have to surrender the land to the State.

So much for the political party he is a member of. Didn’t they say that owning a HDB flat was to own a slice of Singapore, or something to that effect?

Never mind that. This fellow also stated that public parking charges in Singapore were lower than in other cities worldwide, and might have to be raised.

Yeah buddy. Other political figures have lower salaries. Why don’t we start by lowering your salary to match theirs?

Sometimes you have to wonder into how people like these ever get elected. To those fellas who voted for the PAP and are complaining, see below:

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How Singapore telco M1 rewards you after 16 years

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That is the reason why I have no loyalty to Singapore telcos. I do not jump from telco to telco but I will not praise them to the skies either. M1 started out by being a very good telco and then it slowly collapsed into shit. Look at what my friend shared with me after being with M1 for 16 years. $50. That is all he gets. And this goes towards offsetting the cost of a new mobile phone. Loyalty bonus my ass

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Seven Star chicken rice at Zion hawker centre

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I had a pleasant surprise the other day when I went down to Zion hawker centre. It was pretty late and I went to drop off some stuff around the area of Havelock Road. So I had almost given up hope of getting a decent dinner when I came across this chicken rice stall named Seven Star. The chicken rice was pretty affordable and very nice. They had a generous serving of vegetables too with the chicken rice. Looks like this is not the first time and last time for this stall. definitely going back again!