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SingTel and their unethical business partner Mobitrans

My mother called me up yesterday, feeling all anxious. Apparently, she received an SMS telling her she was subscribed to an online games service named VIP Games. Now my mum is not young. She is not tech-savvy. She does not subscribe to games and the like. Why should she subscribe online? I thought it may have been the 3G smartphone I bought for her. All telcos will stop using the 2G spectrum in Singapore on April 1st. Not exactly an April Fools joke but there you are.

In any case, when I reached back home (my mum called me during office hours) I did some research on this company VIP Games. Apparently, the parent company is named Mobitrans, operating out of Dubai. That is when the alarm bells started ringing. They also run some other subscription services like the one from the screenshot above, which I got online, named Mobile Academy

In any case, I called up the useless SingTel hotline and asked them why was my mother getting all this? They said she must have subscribed to it. I told them that there was more chance of a one-legged blind man winning an arse-kicking contest than her subscribing to online games. Finally, after much reluctance, they said that she will be reimbursed for what she was charged. I told them that if my mum gets another one of these SMSes, I will change providers immediately

Bloody SingTel idiots. You bastards had better not cause my mum, who is a heart patient, anymore anxiety. If she takes ill, there will be HELL to pay.

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