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Jalan Besar in Singapore

28/05/2013 Leave a comment

I used to come to this place a lot when I was still studying. Besides looking for bike shops and taking buses from school to the National Library, we used to pass this stretch of road all the time. It has all changed now. You still can find some old shops dealing with all sorts of stuff and I dare say that if you look really hard, you can find some pretty good bargains there. there are lots of hotels here and more seem to be springing up, to say nothing about the hundreds of backpacker hostels springing up as well. Interesting place and well worth the walk if you are a tourist reading up about this place,


The rock outcrop off Changi Point

12/05/2013 Leave a comment

I was at a chalet at Changi Point a few days back and when I went out of the chalet to take a look at the beautiful sight in front of it, I saw this rocky outcrop and the orange beacon placed on top of it. This rocky outcrop brings back memories of my parents and I when we used to go to Changi Swimming Club, now called Changi Beach Club, when I was a very young. The club is located next to the chalet. The reason I remember it is because I used to see this out there in the distance when I used to sit by the beach in the club. At night, when we were having dinner, the reassuring blinking red right from the orange beacon warned ships that the outcrop was a danger. It just brought back memories of younger and happier days when my dad was still alive. Wonderful memories…that is what some things can bring up and this rocky outcrop, probably deemed insignificant by many, does seem to precious to me in some ways.

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The National Library Building Singapore

07/04/2013 Leave a comment

This is the National Library Board in Singapore. It is a huge building with several study rooms that I have been using to study for my upcoming exams. The study rooms on the fifth floor are nice and comfortable and I really think that the conducive environment helped me in my revision. Besides that, there are some function rooms that can be hired for seminars, talks and meetings. More can be found on their website here. I highly recommend this for the excellent facilities.

Singapore-Johore Express Terminal

20/03/2013 Leave a comment

Before all these Singapore-Johore buses were located in most of the bus exchanges like Woodlands, Yishun and Jurong East, there was this express terminal. I remember catching a bus from here every Saturday once to go into Johore Bahru, the Singapore-Johore Express. Ah, memories. There are now some other Malaysian coaches here that utilise this terminal. Also, there are many Malaysian taxis that come here, hoping to pick up passengers to go into Malaysia. This is a slice of old Singapore and sincerely hope that this does not get knocked down, like many of the other slices of old Singapore.

Fashion for funds??

15/03/2013 Leave a comment

At least, that is what I think the owner of this shop is trying to imply. I came across this shop while having breakfast one day at a wet market close to my home. Things like these capture my attention. maybe it was the rather bad English of the shop’s name on the sign or it could have been the fact that in a dim wet market like this, this shop was like a beacon with its bright lights and rather nice displays…things sorely out of place in a wet market. Whatever it is, I am placing it here to show that there are gems to be found, even if it is in a wet market

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Berseh Food Centre

01/02/2013 Leave a comment

Jalan Berseh Food Centre. The wife and I go here pretty often, and mostly after church on Sunday evenings, to have dinner. There is some very nice Western food served there, along with oyster omelette, which my wife likes very much. Not many stalls are open on Sunday night but there are enough open for one to choose their favourite meal from. I have heard that there is a very special stall that serves very good coffee and toast in the mornings. I need to check it out one day…

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The Nightmare Before Christmas…

08/01/2013 Leave a comment

I came across this hostel here in Singapore that had these two life-size dolls of Jack Skellington and Sally from Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas. I had heard so much about the film but I had never got myself around to seeing it myself. This year, it will be 20 years old. I must make an effort to see it one day. It does look cool!