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Manchester United vs Leicester City

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It is going to be Manchester United vs Leicester City tonight…a couple of hours anyway, at Old Trafford. Leicester City have a very strong team and they look pretty good this season. Let us see how they go!

********** EDITOR’S Note **********

Well, the final result was Manchester United – 3, Leicester City – 1. The first goal was a beautiful one by Robin Van Persie. The second one was by Radamel Falcao and the third one, an own-goal by Leicester City captain Wes Morgan, who ironically was a Manchester United fan. 3 goals in 15 minutes…apprximately. But Leicester City pulled one back in the second-half, and that is how it stood till the end. A good game, and well-played United. Glory Glory!


Nokia micro-USB chargers

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These are the kind of chargers that come with Nokia phones nowadays. I cannot remember when but at one time, many of the phone manufacturers agreed to have one type of charger to prevent charger wastage. They were right. I have so many of the old type of Nokia charger and I seldom use all of them. At least with this one I can charge my Samsung, my Motorola, and my Nokia 130, which the charger came with. The only grievance I have against this charger is the cable. Its mighty flimsy and I do not think that it will stand up much to harsh handling. But its a darn sight better than the old Nokia chargers!

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Samson SZ480 four-channel power amplifier

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I was at a client’s place a few days back and I happened to notice for of these in their rack. Interesting, I thought. What manner of amplifier is this that I have only just heard about only today? I mean, I know about Samson’s other offerings but this is the first tome I came across this four-channel variety. This amplifier is a 2U, four-channel industrial power amplifier for distributed power applications. It is capable of delivering 120 watts RMS output per channel at 4 ohms or 80 watts per channel at 8 ohms, but can also run at 70 or 100 volts. Not too bad actually. Its a Class D amplifier too so looks like it will be pretty light but wait…this baby has a toroidal transformer so maybe it may be a slight bit heavier than most other Class D amps. This amp has been discontinued. A shame really. I know of some applications and installs where this amplifier would have come in useful

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EverGain Ecobond

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I have to buy a can of this glue to make some repairs to some multimedia kiosks my company bought from China. Ugh. Those kiosks from China. Do not remind me. They were had a very bad finishing and the formica was peeling off. Totally pissed off with the China vendor. In any case, I will probably be buying a small tin and I think it will work just fine. Now to find a vendor that sells it. Gotta be a hardware store that sells this somewhere…

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4-port USB charger

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One of my colleagues at my workplace lent me this charger to charge my mobile phone the other day. There is no name on the charger…just a model number KMS-AC09. I have read a couple of reviews of this on the Internet and some say that this charger, which is a cheap-ass charger that can be picked up from any online store selling such gadgets, does not really charge that well. Well, so far I have tried it and it seems to work nicely. I had no issues charging my mobile phone at all. As a matter of fact, it charged my two mobile phones very well. I still have my sights on a premium multiple USB port charge like this one from Anker. Until I get it, I guess this one will have to suffice

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Kettle Brand potato chips

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I have tried their potato chips before because my wife loves snacking on them. Potato chips, by and large, are not ideal snacks as they are hight in saturated and trans fats. But once in a while, I suppose its OK. I do not mind these chips, especially the salt and vinegar flavour. But these are pretty pricey…almost $6 for a bag of chips! But you do ay for quality and you can taste the quality in these chips. I saw these being sold at a sale held in the open space of a shopping centre recently. My wife did not like the flavours being offered so we passed on them. Great to have a bag or two in the house!

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Sound-system issues faced by a friend of mine yesterday

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My friend was hosting a show yesterday and he made a plea on Facebook, asking for anyone who had a spare microphone and cable to contact him. Apparently, the place where he was hosting his show, has this system pictured above. Apparently it was distorting pretty bad so what I did was to give him some advice on how to hook it up. He blamed the Line 6 wireless mic but as written in an article earlier, I have that mic and there were no issues with it whatsoever. I told him to check the gain structure which he did. In the end, he found out that the wireless mic was fine. It was the system set up wrongly. And check out the picture…nary a flight case in sight. So my friend gave his client some advice and the paramount bit of advice was…get a flight case!

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