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Manchester United – 2 vs Liverpool -1

10/03/2018 Leave a comment

It is going to be an epic showdown tonight…in about an hour’s time. Today we take on Liverpool at Old Trafford. It is the return leg. Let us give them hell!

———- EDITOR’S Update ———-

What a game it was! Marcus Rashford started with a fantastic goal in the 14th minute. I remember screaming like crazy when he scored that fantastic goal. De Gea punts the ball from goal, it lands near Lukaku and he feeds Rashford, who humiliated Trent Alexander Arnold and shot it past Karius. But it did not end there. Te minutes later, Marcus Rashford scored another one…an almost carbon copy of the first goal! I was in hysterics already and all of a sudden (I was watching this in a pub) the Liverpool fans were very quiet. Then we nearly had a third after a failed acrobatic kick from Juan Mata (The Special Juan) missed. But I will give him props for trying.. And that is how the first half ended…2 – 0

The second half was a bit bad because Bailly scored an own-goal. So the score was 2 – 1. In the second half, Liverpool were really pressing United but United did not let them get very far. And the three attackers namely Mane, Firmino and Salah? All of them were neutralised. Salah was neautralised by Ashley Young…totally shut down. Everywhere Salah went, Ashley Young went. And that was how the score ended… 2 – 1. Glory Glory Manchester United!


Manchester United – 4 Newcastle – 1

19/11/2017 Leave a comment

We met Newcastle at Old Trafford today. Our defence was not the best because we let in a goal early. I really felt pissed as I saw that Lindelof slipped at the crucial moment. However, we made up for that by a lovely header from Martial, after a brilliant assist from Paul Pogba, who still looked sharp despite having been sidelined for injuries. But it did not stop there. Just before the half-time whistle, Ashley Young fed a beautiful pass to Chris Smalling and he headed that pass in, making the score 2 – 1!

After the first half, I was telling my wife…let us have some more to make up on that goal difference. And then it happened. Juan Mata, who must have read my mind, kicked the ball to Rashford, who deftly headed it into the path of a charging Paul Pogba, who scored, making it 3 – 1! I was almost losing it by then and my wife was too! So we decided to wait and see what happened…and we were not disappointed. Romelu Lukaku caught the Newcastle defence sleeping and sent the ball to the back of the net. 4 – 1! I was ecstatic! All through the game, I had this old phrase I recall from the 1999 final: “Can Manchester United Score? They always score!” And score we did. GGMU!!!

Manchester United – 4 Everton – 0

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In a couple of hours time, Manchester United will be facing Everton. It will be an emotional game (I think) for two players on each of the opposing teams. First of all, for Wayne Rooney, it will be a return to his old stomping ground, Old Trafford. On the other hand, Romelu Lukaku will be facing his old club, Everton. Everton got quite a shock mid last week when they lost to an Italian club in the Europa League so Ronald Koeman will be desperate to make up for that loss. Manchester United, on the other hand, will be trying to make up the goal difference that Manchester City has over them, after the six goal drubbing of Watford yesterday. So, call it what you will, but this is going to be one intense match!

********** EDITOR’S NOTE after the match **********

What a game it was! Antonio Valencia started the scoring with a thunderous volley in the opening minutes of the game. This was followed by an almost goal in the 64th minute when Juan Mata took a free kick which hit the post! Damn. We could have been two up by then but it was not mean to be. But that changed in the 82nd minute when Henrikh Mkhitaryan scored the second goal! Lovely interception by Fellaini that helped it! But that was not all. In the 89th minute, Lukaku took a free kick that bounced off the wall, got bandied around and made it’s way back to Lukaku who scored! 3 – 0! I was going crazy! But that is not all. Martial comes on and then there was a penalty for united when one of our ex-players Morgan Schneiderlin was caught with a handball. A bit unfair if you ask me because the referee pointed to the spot. Martial converted it and it was a final 4 – 0 score!

It was a bit sad when the camera panned towards Rooney a few times. he looked a bit upset to see his team being decimated at his old stomping ground. But that is football. 4 – 0 is the score. Glory glory!

Manchester United vs Liverpool

14/12/2014 Leave a comment


I have been looking forward to this match for some time. It is going t be an epic match. When it comes to the clashes between these two, form , or lack of it, is thrown completely out of the window. the rivalry is so great that there has been known, at least here in Singapore, for friends to become former friends and even couples to break up! Let’s see how it goes at 2130 hrs this evening

Arsenal vs Manchester United

23/11/2014 Leave a comment

Good match at the Emirates today. Manchester United  won by two goals and Arsenal scored one. It would have made it three if Di Maria had scored that…being too clever as he started a long run towards goal and tried to beat replacement keeper Martinez. It was a bit strange t see Danny Welbeck in Arsenal kit though. We were 7 in the league, Arsenal are number 5. With this 3 point lead we are now at number 4. Let’s keep it that way lads. Glory Glory!

Manchester City vs Manchester United

02/11/2014 Leave a comment

In half-an-hour’s time, it will be the thrilling Manchester Derby at the Etihad Stadium. Apparently, it is going to be one helluva match. Carrick is back apparently, and so is Wayne Rooney. Well, let us see how it goes. Games like these are going to be very exciting to watch!

Manchester United – 1, Chelsea – 1

26/10/2014 Leave a comment

In a couple of hours, I am going to see my beloved Manchester United take on Chelsea. It is going to be a meeting of two juggernauts but it is also going to be a meeting of “pupil” Jose Mourinho and his “teacher” Louis Van Gaal. There have been lots of nay-says today. Just on Saturday morning, one of my friends, a Manchester United supporter no less, said that Chelsea will win. I told hom that I still believe in Manchester United and I believe that they will win. Oh well, we shall find out, and that right soon.

********** EDITOR’S NOTE **********

What a match it was. Drogba scored first, with a header into the goal from a corner. It was only in the dying minutes of the game when we had a corner and Robin Van Persie scored the equaliser. There were a few fantastic saves from both goalkeepers and for me, Man Of The Match should have been Fellaini. One point each and we live to tell the tale. Still, we kept Chelsea at arm’s length and that I am happy with