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Manchester United vs Liverpool

14/12/2014 Leave a comment

I have been looking forward to this match for some time. It is going t be an epic match. When it comes to the clashes between these two, form , or lack of it, is thrown completely out of the window. the rivalry is so great that there has been known, at least here in Singapore, for friends to become former friends and even couples to break up! Let’s see how it goes at 2130 hrs this evening

Arsenal vs Manchester United

23/11/2014 Leave a comment

Good match at the Emirates today. Manchester United  won by two goals and Arsenal scored one. It would have made it three if Di Maria had scored that…being too clever as he started a long run towards goal and tried to beat replacement keeper Martinez. It was a bit strange t see Danny Welbeck in Arsenal kit though. We were 7 in the league, Arsenal are number 5. With this 3 point lead we are now at number 4. Let’s keep it that way lads. Glory Glory!

Manchester City vs Manchester United

02/11/2014 Leave a comment

In half-an-hour’s time, it will be the thrilling Manchester Derby at the Etihad Stadium. Apparently, it is going to be one helluva match. Carrick is back apparently, and so is Wayne Rooney. Well, let us see how it goes. Games like these are going to be very exciting to watch!

Manchester United – 1, Chelsea – 1

26/10/2014 Leave a comment

In a couple of hours, I am going to see my beloved Manchester United take on Chelsea. It is going to be a meeting of two juggernauts but it is also going to be a meeting of “pupil” Jose Mourinho and his “teacher” Louis Van Gaal. There have been lots of nay-says today. Just on Saturday morning, one of my friends, a Manchester United supporter no less, said that Chelsea will win. I told hom that I still believe in Manchester United and I believe that they will win. Oh well, we shall find out, and that right soon.

********** EDITOR’S NOTE **********

What a match it was. Drogba scored first, with a header into the goal from a corner. It was only in the dying minutes of the game when we had a corner and Robin Van Persie scored the equaliser. There were a few fantastic saves from both goalkeepers and for me, Man Of The Match should have been Fellaini. One point each and we live to tell the tale. Still, we kept Chelsea at arm’s length and that I am happy with

Liverpool’s new players? LOL!

09/05/2014 Leave a comment

I saw this posted in a group in Facebook and I nearly busted a gut laughing at this. I mean, its so damn hilarious! Imagine…giving away three goals in ten minutes. Well done Liverpool! LOL!

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West Bromwich Albion vs Manchester United

19/05/2013 Leave a comment

In a few hours time, West Bromwich Albion is going to take on Manchester United at The Hawthorns. It is a very sad match for me to watch because this is going to be the very final match for Sir Alex Ferguson as manager of Manchester United. It also marks the end of the Premier League Season 2012/2013. When the new premier league season starts, David Moyes will be in charge. I will update this post about the match after it happens.

Manchester United vs Swansea

13/05/2013 Leave a comment

It was a a pretty good match, a fitting end to the Premiership for Manchester United. What was even more sad was the retirement of Sir Alex Ferguson and Paul Scholes. I was telling my friends that one never writes Swansea off. They have a very good manager in Michael Laudrup and they have a hungry and winning mentality. That is precicesly what happened at Old Trafford yesterday. First Chicharito scores, only to have the score levelled at one-all by Michu. It was in the dying minutes of the game that Ferdinand scored, a shot so powerful that the goalpost rocked! And that was the final score…Manchester United – 2, Swansea -1. What followed after that was the presentation of the Premier League trophy, carried out into the field by ex-Manchester United captains Steve Bruce and Bryan Robson. Sir Alex Ferguson gave a touching speech, thanking everyone. After that, the Premier League trophy was presented to Manchester United. I am sad, knowing that next season will be without Sir Alex Ferguson and Paul Scholes but Dvaid Moyes is an excellent choice. Glory Glory Manchester United!