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Changing a hard drive on a computer

18/11/2015 Leave a comment

One of my clients had a specialized computer that was required for teleconferencing. The main vendor was located in Europe. So the vendor sends over a hard drive to replace the apparent faulty one that was in the computer. That is when the fun started…NIT! Do you know how hard it was to get the old hard drive out and installing a new one? Check out this picture I took. You had to remove all of these bloody things, these wires, and only then, after taking countless pictures to ensure that the wires go back the same way that you took them out, were you able to do so. I can honestly say that I had a devil of a time trying to do that deed but finished it in the end. Now the computer works. A great challenge actually because if any of those wires are installed wrongly, you are royally screwed…and I do mean screwed. All I can say is, I learnt something new!

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Battery for BIOS of desktop computers

09/11/2015 Leave a comment

These CR2032 3V batteries are the batteries that are used for BIOS (Basic Input Output System) of most computers. The BIOS  is a type of firmware used to perform hardware initialization during the booting process (power-on startup) on IBM PC compatible computers, and to provide runtime services for operating systems and programs. The BIOS firmware is built into personal computers (PCs), and it is the first software they run when powered on. When the BIOS batteries run out, that is when your computer loses its system time, or even loses the settings like the hard drive type, model and etcetera. Try to change the BIOS battery in your computers every year at least. I know I speak like I do but I do not…but I am going to do so from now on.

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Dell Optiplex 745

19/03/2014 Leave a comment

These past few weeks I have been maintaining these computers inside many an establishment. Unfortunately, these computers only support Windows XP and I am not too sure if it supports Windows 7, let alone Windows 8. But I like these desktops because they are built solid and from what I can see they can take a lot of punishment and look very reliable. I just wish that Dell was still making these computers. They have what I am looking at as far as Dell desktops go.

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ESS 1868 soundcard

06/12/2012 Leave a comment

One of the best sound-cards I ever had in my computer. I do not know why I upgraded it to a Creative Sound Blaster when the sound-card was working perfectly then. Itchy hands syndrome I suppose. I liked it because I converted many of my vinyl singles to CD back in the day and I remember that this sound-card always did t very well. The Creative sound-card does not work that well with Windows XP unfortunately. It sounds pretty distorted but then again, I suppose that it could be my fault for making it distorted, always wanting to send a good signal down the RCA cables to do so. Strangely enough, I still have this. I do not know what prompted me to keep it but it seems that there was a little voice at the back of my head telling me that I should not get rid of a sound-card that served me so faithfully. Another little voice was telling me to keep the sound-card should the Creative one croak. But honestly? I like this sound-card. Bought it for a good price and it served me well.

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AOC computer monitor

01/07/2012 Leave a comment

You have to hand it to the Taiwanese…they have some really great-looking products and this AOC monitor is one of them. I saw this mounted in a pub, on the wall. It looks very stylish and the huge screen estate just makes it a joy to use. It is an 18.5″ LED monitor and it really looks sharp. Plus, as I said, its wall mountable. Specs-wise, this is what I have of it

  • Screen Size: 18.5″ W
  • Viewable Image Size: 47.0cm
  • Pixel Pitch: 0.3(H)×0.3 (V)mm
  • Display Area: 409.8 (H)×230.4 (V)mm
  • Brightness: 250 cd/m²
  • Contrast Ratio (typical): 50000000:1 (DCR)
  • Response Time (typical): 5ms
  • Viewing Angle: 170/160 (CR≥10)
  • Scan Frequency: H: 30K~80KHz V: 56~75Hz
  • Pixel Frequency: 85.5MHz
  • Recommended Resolution: 1366×768@60Hz
  • Display Colours: 16.7M
  • HDCP Compatible: Yes
  • Input Signal: Analog RGB and DVI-D
  • Input Connector: 15-pin D-Sub and 24-pin DVI
  • Power Supply: 12VDC,3A
  • Power Consumption: Power On: <18W(Typical), Standby: <0.5W
  • Plug & Play: DDC 2B/CI or VESA DDC2B™
  • User Control: Auto, left, right, Menu, Power
  • OSD Languages: 14 Languages
  • Wall-Mount: Yes
  • Cabinet Colour: Black & White
  • Mechanical Function: Tilt: -3°~12°
  • W×H×D (w/base)mm: 447.2×350.9×182.4
  • W×H×D (package)mm: 506×124×474
  • Weight (Net /Gross): 2.12/4.49

I wonder…how much does all this trickery cost? Looks like it is a trip down to Sim Lim Square for me!

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HP Pavillion Slimline series computer

05/03/2012 Leave a comment

I was looking at this computer just the other day. I have had a few of my friends actually use this computer for their business and I must say that it is kind of small and not bulky like some I have owned in the past. I am seriously looking for a desktop for my house and I suppose that this one will do nicely. The specs of this computer are:

Intel 2nd Gen i5 2400 3.1Ghz
6GB DDR3 Memory
1GB AMD Radeon 6450 Graphics
DVD-RW Dual Layer Lightscribe
All-In-One Card Reader
Wireless-N Built-in
Windows 7 Home Premium
USB Keyboard Mouse

Looks pretty good. But knowing HP it is gonna be damn expensive. I think I will look for a comparable unit from Dell. Their Vostro series look pretty similar for almost half the price.

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Cooler Master computer casing

23/01/2012 Leave a comment

My brother-in-law bought this new computer casing. Told me that it only cost about $60 here in Singapore. Seems that his old Lian Li casing was not his favourite anymore. What I like about this casing is the perforated holes all over. This means that the PC can breathe easier. I am quite happy with the case that I have and have no reason to change it. But when I do, I might get this one.

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