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Motorola Bravo pager

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Hands up, all you people that had a pager at least once in your life. Then again, hands up those of you who had THIS pager above, a Motorola Bravo 16. I still remember when I got it in 1989. It cost me $300 then, a princely sum for a pager, but was one that would be with me for almost ten years. One of the reasons why I liked it is because it was hardy and strong…and it was out before cellphones were  even available to the masses. This was the inexpensive way of keeping in touch, but one had to rely on pay-phones being handy when paged. All this disappeared when the mobile-phone appeared and I got my very first mobile phone in 1997, but that is a different story. But I still remember this pager and how it served me well.. I hope my Motorola Defy serves me as well as this Motorola Bravo did!

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Blackberry Pearl 3G

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I was hankering for the Blackberry model in the picture above, a Blackberry 3G. I have tried many of the Blackberry devices available but somehow, this model eluded Singapore.I would have happily paid for this instead of my Motorola Defy. It has everything I want in a Blackberry…size, shape, special keypad with SureType® technology…everything. I had a Blackberry Pearl 8110 but the Achilles heel was its trackball…it kept getting dirty and tracking was off as a result.

In any case, I was just sad that it was not for sale in Singapore. By the way, the picture above comes courtesy of

Windows Mango released to manufacturers

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According to this article, Microsoft has released Windows Phone OS 7, codenamed “Mango” has been released to manufacturers and looks like it will be ready in a few months time. Looks like there will be three dominant operating systems for phones in the market now, after this release, the three of course being Apple iOS, Google Android and now Windows Phone OS 7. Does this mean that Nokia will now be able to get their market dominance back, now that they said that Windows is going to be the OS of choice on their new phones? Time will tell. A three horse race. This should be interesting.

Dell Zino or Apple Mac Mini?

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That is a bit of a tough one. The prices of these mini computers…and the choices one has to make to choose which one. The Mac Mini (pictured above) is going for S$788. It is running on Mac OS X Lion and from what I hear, the box is a bitch to upgrade. Apple just does not like anyone fooling about with the innards of their Macs and this one is no different. But it is a Mac and to some fanbois, that is heaven on earth but now…

This is the Dell Zino. I did a post about it some time back so you can see what it is all about but if you can’t, no worries. I will put up the link here. In any case, this Zino is way easier to play with and upgrade. You can change the hard drive and the RAM and it is way easier to take apart too, not to mention being cheaper. You get Windows with it too but if you do not want to go down Redmond way, you can always install Ubuntu Linux, something I would do in a flash as I think it would make a very nice file-server.

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Mac OS X Lion a nightmare for beginners?

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I was reading some of the tech blogs that I subscribe to and I came across this one in ExtremeTech. Seems that there are people complaining about it. The very thing that makes people want to change from PCs to Macs (perceived ease-of-use) seems to have been negated. I am not the foremost authority on Apple Macs but the article certainly opened my eyes to what I already suspected long ago….and that is, the fallacy that Macs are easier to use than Windows in general.

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Research In Motion (RIM) to lay off 2000 employees.

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All I can say is, not good. Apple and Android, two A’s that are forcing RIM to trim their workforce. It does not help that the Blackberry is not as user friendly apps-wise like the afore-mentioned two A’s, even though I personally love my Blackberry and will be sad to part company with it when I leave. But I do have an Android-powered Motorola Defy and hopefully that will fill the incredible wake left behind by my Blackberry

Why I avoid Seagate hard drives like the plague

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That should be proof enough. I have had many hard drives from Seagate fail on me. One of the drives that came with this very laptop I am typing on lasted me all of 6 months. I switched to a Samsung hard drive and it has yet to fail on me. But the sad thing is that Samsung sold its hard drive business to Seagate so….

In any case. It seems that Apple is having a Seagate hard drive replacement program because some of the Seagate 1Tb drives that came with the Apple iMacs were faulty. It does not surprise me in the least. That is why all my hard drives in my computers, even my portable hard drives, are all Samsung hard drives. Once bitten, twice shy. Its a shame really because at one point in time, Seagate had/made fantastic and durable hard drives. Those days are apparently long gone.


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