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Line Array speakers

30/11/2011 1 comment

I am seriously looking at line array speakers to beef up my rental business and these babies look the part. I have been quoted a great price by a company in China (yes, China speakers again) and these ones look pretty good on the specifications, and also the price is quite competitive too. Looks like more planning is in the works. But line arrays are the wave of the future and I gotta ride that wave.


JTS US-1000D

29/11/2011 Leave a comment

I was doing a show on Friday and this was the wireless microphone supplied to me by the sound guys. It was a JTS US-1000D. Now, I was a bit sceptical, to say the least, about the quality and the sound. But I must say, the sound was absolutely crisp and clear. No worries about this brand if you want to get it. Seems like I am learning new things every day about different equipment but that is one of life’s attributes.

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Hercules DJ Console MK4

27/11/2011 11 comments

I bought this Hercules DJ Console MK4 MIDI controller today. Cost me less than $300. Pretty well-built unit for the price and performance is pretty good. You get Virtual DJ LE with this and it is more than good enough for what you may put this baby through. I hooked it up to an old Lenovo Thinkpad X61 and it was able to handle the goods. These were some issues with some MP3s but I put that down to the old computer and the dodgy USB port. I was mixing with it for a greater part of this evening. The only downside is that it does not have gain controls. But for the price, you pretty much a have a solid unit. My first foray into the digital world. Lets hope the digital world is kind to me.

More Nexo PS15 clones

26/11/2011 1 comment

In a previous post, I was talking about a Nexo clone that I came across. All I can say, since then, and after lots of research online, I have found quite a few companies in China making clones like these. I did a dinner and dance yesterday and the sound company supplied a pair of these speakers, looking exactly like Nexo. They sounded like shite at first but after some tuning with the graphic equalizer, I managed to get them sounding half decent. The problem is, the amplifier was not powerful enough to handle them. The amplifier in question was a QSC RMX2450 that puts out about 500 watts per channel. Looks like we may have to get a suitably powerful amplifier to handle these speakers if we do buy them. After the dinner and dance was over, the rental company came to pick up the sound system. I remarked about the speakers to him and he told me something, similar to what a few people have told me these part couple of weeks when asked. With the costs of rentals so low now, it made perfect sense to buy these China-made speakers because ROI (return of investment) is better with these speakers. Plus, if it was a real Nexo, and if it blows, costs of the drivers would be pretty expensive. I grudgingly had to agree with him on that. Imagine this. 2 pairs of Nexo PS15s, with their accompanying amplifier with a built-in processor, the cost can go up to more than $10,000. These speakers only cost about $900 a pair, not including shipping from China. So I have been forced to eat my own words about China-made speakers. I think Winston Churchill said it best: “Eating my own words has never given me indigestion”. How true.

So am I going to get these Nexo clones? I think I most probably going to.

Ferguson Hill horn speakers?

22/11/2011 Leave a comment

I had to do a double-take when i heard that horn speakers were invading hi-fi. Sure, there have been instances in the past like in the JBL 4430 speakers and such but must hi-fi “purists” slam horn-loaded enclosures. But here we have Ferguson Hill making such speakers for their FH009 system

According to this article here on cNET:

“The FH009 is a 2.1-channel audio system. It comes with a pair of horn speakers–that can be wall-mounted or placed on stands–and a dual-driver subwoofer unit that houses the integrated amplifier. This 2.1-channel setup is rated to deliver 128W RMS of power, with 64W split between the two horns and the other 64W dedicated to the sub”

Pretty pricey this thing is but you know hi-fi buffs. Admittedly, they do look pretty cool but you won’t see me buying anything like this for my house

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D-Link DIR-457 MyPocket router

21/11/2011 1 comment

I have had this router now for more than a year and I must say that I am pretty happy with it. It makes my 2Mb mobile broadband subscription even more flexible! I can share it with a few users and it is small and lightweight. Besides, the battery lasts a cool 3 hours before it gets flat but I am not complaining. Some of the specs are available on the webpage here. It can also be configured to work as a Wi-Fi Router or 3.5G Modem with the flip of a switch. I have had more than one person very interested in the router. There are other competing brands out there that have the same functionality but that is where the comparison ends.

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Phonic Road Gear 260 Plus

15/11/2011 Leave a comment

There are innovators and then there are those who, uh, adapt from the innovators. This time it is Phonic, a Taiwanese company that makes some pretty decent mixers. I should know…I had a mixer made by them and I used it for ten years without any problems. But I digress. The design above is a copy of the Fender Passport series, from the way in which the speakers latch on to the mixer, becoming a single entity that looks like a giant suitcase. The Phonic Road Gear comes with a 260W (130W per channel) stereo power amplifier, an 8-channel powered mixer (four Microphone/Line, two stereo) with phantom power and a speaker system with 1″ compression driver and 8″woofer. lots more info available on the link above but this is a summary. I have never heard them before but I dare say with a small speaker compliment like this, looks like it should be able to handle small road-shows with no issues. Me? I will stick to my Yamaha Stagepas!