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Being called a bigot on social media

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I have been called many names in my life. I do not really care but what hurts the most are friends of yours calling you a name like “bigot” just because you do not agree with them about the same-sex marriage thingy that is happening or rather, happened in the United States of America. All I did was post, on my Facebook page, about the Holy Sacrament of Marriage and how it has not changed and people all of a sudden get all ape-shit.  I will say it again…that is how I feel about the Sacrament of Marriage. I mean, you people have your views and I have mine. Read this message depicted above very carefully my friends. Read it and try to understand it. Because you…yes you, are just as guilty of bigotry as the others you perceive to be. Stop being a fucking hypocrite.


Jaya Grocer at KLIA2 airport

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I cannot tell you how useful this supermarket was when I was doing a project in KLIA2 about this time last year. This supermarket was like a beacon…a beacon of hope for me when I needed essentials like mineral water, bread, muffins, chewing-gum…even electrical sockets when I ran short! Remember I wrote about the Gardenia muffins? Well, I got them here. This supermarket, Jaya Grocer, really helped me…in more ways than can be said. I thank you guys for being there…I really do.

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My view on what has been going on recently with same-sex marriage

29/06/2015 1 comment

There has been a lot going on in social media these past few days since that US Supreme Court Ruling of the 26th of June. I am a Catholic, and I hold my values very strongly. What has been happening in the USA is not something that I can agree on. People have their views and I have mine and these are mine, like what Pope Francis said. And that is all I am going to say on the matter.

Owner of car with license plate number SKR6416U

28/06/2015 1 comment

This post has been going viral the whole day today. Apparently, the owner of the car with vehicle number SKR6416U has got serious anger management issues. Apparently, he got pissed when he saw that his car had been scratched. The thing is, he vandalises the car and does not seem to know that his actions were caught on camera. Well done mate. That is all the proof one needs to rake up charges against you!

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NFC “chip” on Samsung batteries

28/06/2015 1 comment

There is a hoax going round, stating that Samsung has a chip on your battery and is stealing your information. Even the guy in the video above was pranked, for the very same reason. Folks, it’s a hoax. Pure and simple. That so-called chip is in fact an antenna. The real NFC chip is in your phone. By stripping out that antenna you are in fact stripping out NFC from your phone! And in case you all are wondering what NFC is, it stands for Near Field Communication and this explanation from Wikipedia nails it:

Near field communication (NFC) is a set of ideas and technology that enables smartphones and other devices to establish radio communication with each other by touching the devices together or bringing them into proximity to a distance of typically 10 cm (3.9 in) or less.

So there you have it. Do some research in the future before you all believe any of that crap on the internet

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Ramadhan Foodfest 2015 at Muscat Street

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There is a Ramadhan Foodfest in Muscat Street at the back of the Sultan Mosque. I went there for a walk with the wife the other day. It is pretty nice and colourful with lots of food-stalls set up and many people could be seen buying food. I bought a couple of Ramly Burgers that cost about $3 each. That was value for money. What I did not find value for money was a stall selling dum briyani. I was not impressed with the portions because the price I paid for it was a bit excessive…$6.80 for a packet of mutton dum biryani. But I suppose it was a lesson learnt and one learnt well. I will avoid the seller of that dum biryani and will not recommend him for any events I do in future.

This food fair will be on till the 15th of July when it is Hari Raya Puasa. If you want to get some good food, check it out. But make sure you find out the price first before you buy any stuff there because to be honest, except for some stalls, others really jack up the price.

Bloody Gestapo manning entrance to Happy Days Bar in Bedok

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I had a bit of a rude shock when I visited Happy Days Bar at Bedok yesterday evening. I was directed to a counter and they asked me to show them my NRIC (National Registration Identity Card). I asked them what it was for? Apparently, non-NTUC members have to do that when they visit Happy Days. I heard that one non-NTUC member had to pay a dollar to enter. What in the blue blazes is Happy Days coming to? What is this? The bloody Gestapo?

Let me tell you this NTUC / Happy Days / Quebec et al. You keep doing this and people will avoid coming here. You idiots are shooting yourself on the foot. You had better have a good reason why you are doing so.

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