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Premier Silver taxis are a bloody rip-off

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Just yesterday we took a taxi hope after booking it through GrabCab. Now to be honest, I do not blame GrabCab, who got me my taxi pretty fast. I do not blame the taxi driver as he was nice and courteous. What I blame is the bloody Premier Silver taxi booking fees. $4.50?? Bloody hell! If you are reading this Premier Taxi, I am not going to flag one of your taxis down and I hope that people who read this will think twice about booking your overpriced taxis.

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Marcus Rashford the man of the match as Manchester United beat Arsenal

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He deserves it…every bit of it. He scored two goals last Thursday and today, he scores two goals once again! I tell you, the boy is still learning but this Manchester lad is going to go FAR! Remember the name Marcus Rashford!

USB sound-card installed in a client’s premises

28/02/2016 1 comment

I wrote an article some time back about my friend buying a sound-card for use with his controller, that did not have a sound card installed in it. When I was at a client’s place earlier this week, I saw that they had installed this very similar USB sound card in their premises. This was or rather is to facilitate their laptops to connect to the sound system in the board room. The reason is because some laptops do not have sound card outputs in the form of mini-jacks on their laptops.

But here lies the question. I have never installed one of these things on my system before so I do not know if Windows has the default drivers for this tiny USB sound card. Do they need the ASIO drivers for it? All I know is that when the client plugged in the USB cable that is connected to this little device, it worked…but how do I know if he had installed the software before hand? In any case, this looks pretty good and I might invest in one myself…

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Changing projector lamps

27/02/2016 1 comment

Just the other day, maybe a couple of weeks ago, I was called down to a client’s lace to change the projector lamp. Now most of these DLP projectors have lamps like these. They look pretty expensive and they certainly are expensive. So when I went onsite, they gave me two boxes including the lamps, which were sealed in plastic bags. The reason is that this Mitsubishi projector used two lamps. However, I had to remove the old lamps. They were stuck and after forcing them out, one of the lamps shattered inside the projector. So I had to clean the glass from the bowels of the projector. After it was done, I replaced it with the new lamps and reset the amount of lamp hours in the projector and after that, it was good to go.

Remember. Best practices. Never touch the glass of the projector lamps. Always if possible, hold it with a soft, dry cloth. Always wipe off fingerprints with the same soft, lint-free cloth. When all precautions have been taken, you will be rewarded with a lovely picture that these beautiful DLP projectors can produce

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ART Project Series USB Mix mini mixer

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I am a very big fan of mini mixers and this Applied Research & Technology (ART for short) came up with one helluva nice and cute one. It basically is a three channel Microphone, Instrument, and Line Mixer. It also comes with a Computer Interface which can be a compact versatile audio interface for your computer that converts analog signals from a variety of audio sources plugged into this mixer, to a digital signal that your computer understands. It can also be used as a standalone mixer through the main mix outputs. The USB Mix, in my opinion, provides a great starting point for personal home studio recording or for anyone wanting to do mobile location recording. I personally would use it as the go-between literally between my controller and the main house mixer. As it is, my gig bag is pretty full with my computer and controller and this will help to take up less space. These are some of its features:

  • USB powered, no external power supply needed when used with a computer
  • Microphone (balanced XLR) input or instrument (unbalanced 1/4″ TS) input with switchable impedance
  • Switchable low noise +48V phantom power for microphone
  • Balanced 1/4″ TRS inputs for stereo or mono line-level sources
  • 1/4″ TRS output jacks work with balanced or unbalanced lines
  • Stereo 1/4″ TRS headphone jack with independent level control for output monitoring
  • Independent controls for both sets of inputs, main output, and headphone monitor
  • Green/Red LED signal/clip indicator
  • Switchable assignment of USB playback to channels 2 and 3
  • USB 2.0 compliant
  • No special drivers needed with most modern versions of Windows, Mac OS, and Linux
  • USB cable, AC adapter, and Audacity recording software included
  • Rugged steel case

The plus-point for me is the sheer size of this tiny mixer. The only thing it does not have is the individual tone controls for the channels but I think it is forgivable in this case. In any case, I have always liked ART and the products that they make. In my opinion, they produce great stuff…stuff that really tempts me…like this tiny mixer.

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Dried and preserved plums and prunes

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When I was a kid, sweets were pretty expensive and most of the time, we used to buy preserved plums and prunes like these, affectionately called “buah kanah”. I remember my aunt had a stone jar filled with these and when my sisters and I used to visit her, we used to raid that stone jar, stuffing our faces with it. So when I saw this on sale in the local supermarket, my wife and I both agreed that buah kanah had made a big presence in our lives. Bought a packet of this on the spot!

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An old photo of Jalan Sultan

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Someone posted this picture on Facebook about a week ago and I was looking at it, wondering where the photographer stood when he took this picture. In the distance, I can see the flats that are next to the present V Hotel, which means that the photographer took this image, standing where The Concourse currently is. This is a slice of old Singapore which I look at and wistfully wish that I was still experiencing. I bet those makeshift houses and tents served some very appetizing food!

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