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Washing cars in Johor Bahru

22/07/2017 Leave a comment

When my friends go to Johor Bahru, or JB as it is more affectionately known, they go at night. This is to avoid the crowds that stream into Malaysia during the daytime. When my friends go there, it is mostly to pump fuel, have dinner and to wash their cars. There are many such washing companies in JB, like the one pictured above. I went there with a friend of mine some time back and after pumping petrol and eating, he went to wash his car. The car washing took some time, to be honest. There were many Singapore cars waiting for a car-wash as well, as can be seen here. Finally after what took an hour, we came back to Singapore.

Why do we do that, you may ask. First of all, it is about the Malaysian ringgit vs the Singapore dollar. For quite some time, the exchange rate hovered at about 3 ringgit to one Singapore dollar. That means, stuff in Malaysia is much more inexpensive, if we compare it to stuff bought in Singapore. Plus, the food is good, and comes with free entertainment!

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Entertainment at Johore Bahru outdoor eating places

26/06/2017 2 comments

About a week ago, some friends and I went to Johore Bahru. We went there to get some groceries and to eat. We selected one of the many outdoor eating places to have our food. I went for a Ramly Burger that was very nicely cooked and my friends bought their own food. But the best thing had to be the entertainment. Just next to the table I was sitting at, there was this screen upon which they were screening movies from the cable network. The show being shown was Spectre. All I can say is, dinner was a very enjoyable experience. I doubt they can do the same in Singapore. The copyright police would come down hard on any eating establishment that does try to do that!

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Classy BMW motorcycle

21/06/2017 Leave a comment

A couple of days back, I went with a few friends to Johore Bahru. While refuelling at a petrol station, I happened to look out of the car and saw this real classy BMW motorbike. The fella that was riding it obviously knew what a good bike it was. Everyone was having a gander at it, and the eye-catching LEDs behind the BMW logo on the fuel tank. But the thing that “ruined” it was the pillows and mattresses behind. But then again, we cannot fault the rider. This might be the only ride he has and he was probably going home with these for his family. Nice bike all the same!

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Mr D.I.Y. in Johor Baru

17/06/2016 Leave a comment

I came across this store at Galleria Kotaraya in JB. I have been going to Galleria Kotaraya for many a time when I was in JB for business over 20 years ago. But over the years, they have changed. That has been a major make-over and some new businesses were introduced into that place. One of the new businesses is this one…Mr. D.I.Y. or Mr Do It Yourself. What these guys do is to emulate Daiso. They sell stuff for the home that they sell at wholesale prices. You buy them and then go back to your home to fix it up. Hardware, decorations…you name it. Think of it like HomeFix meets Daiso. This is where this shop is located again:

So go and check this out the next time you go to Johore Bahru. It is a very nice place and you are bound to find many bargains there. I know I did. Must bring the wife there.

Ban Thye Department Store

16/05/2016 Leave a comment

I took this picture of this department store when I went to Johore Bahru fairly recently. Back in the day, and I am talking about more than 20 years ago, I used to go to this store to get my supplies when I was involved with a company operating out of Johore Bahru. The stores around this area are interesting too. Across from this shop was an old shop selling vinyl. And across this shop, where I was taking the picture, there is an old Hindu temple with many shops selling flowers. One thing I love about JB is the fact that things do not change. I know I can get all my supplies and stuff from them anytime. Yep. I am definitely coming to JB again soon

Causeway Link bus to Johore Bahru

29/04/2016 Leave a comment

About a month back, when I went to JB, and while waiting for a bus at the Rochore Road Bus and Taxi Stand for the SBS Transit bus 170 to take me there, I decided to try this one instead. This Causeway Link bus service, to be honest, I have known about it for some time but I have never taken it before, until last month that is. The cost of my ticket was $3.30 but that is very affordable as far as I can see. I have heard that when you take the very same bus from Johore Bahru, it will cost you about RM3, and given the exchange rates nowadays, it is very affordable. So I take the bus and it brings me all the way to JB via the expressways. It was a very comfortable journey too, on a very nice air-conditioned bus. It sure beats taking Service 170!

Jalan Wong Ah Fook

17/04/2016 Leave a comment

A couple of weeks ago I was in Johore Bahru to top up my DiGi Prepaid card. It is something I so every year. All you have to do is pay RM$38 and its validity will be extended for another year. In any case, after I did that, I thought that I would take a walk around the place to see how it was. That is when I saw that Jalan Wong Ah Fook was all dug up. There was no way to cross the road and even the overhead bridge from City Plaza was demolished to make way for this road digging. Apparently there was a canal below the road and it was so clogged up that the city decided to do something about it after all. So I could not cross the road and get my favourite “mee mamak” as even the restaurant across the road had closed down due to presumably lack of business, or he just decided to relocate. Oh well. Maybe next time…